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  1. Then you have to wait for it to arrive, you can't backup your phone, without the phone itselfe 😉 You may be able to start downloading all of the necessary software. However I recomment to wait with setting it up until the device arrives.
  2. I suppose you have a pro1x? so all you need is the phone, a usb cable to connect it with a computer, and a computer. But I highly recomment you read the complete threat befor starting, since I belive this is no longer a problem. check espacially the comments from @EskeRahn
  3. What type of glue did you use? I don't use it either, but I don't like it, if it does not look good ^^
  4. Hey there, I just noticed the same with mine, although it is not that bad yet, but it's just a question of time until a strand or something else will tear it completely. Do you have already a fix for it? Or a response from someone official?
  5. Okay looks like it was my fault, I used as a vpn which seems to have caused the problem. I disabled it this morning, and haven't had any wifi problems since, apart from it didn't reconnect when I came home. But that is not such of a big problem for me, I guess. I also briefly tested mobile data connection today, didn't encounter problems while normal texting via signal and telegram. Telephone call was okay, the other side said it was no good connection, but I didn't got kicked out, and was able to have a normal conversation. But this was at home, could have been over wifi.
  6. I have an additional issue, where quite often I sit directly beside the router ~1,5 meters away, and I am not able to connect to it, although the signal indicator is showing full strength. And sometime, I am connected with a wifi, and it shows strong signal and saying 'connected' but any app tells me, there is no network connection, and I should try again. when I restart the phone, connection is mostly mots of the time fine, for some time. Any ideas about that? Haven't yet tried a lot of mobile connection, so am not yet able to say anything about that. So I highly hope, this is a soo
  7. @Casey you are my hero! Thank's for the link, it contained finally a solution to the driver issue. In fact I just had to select the driver from a list on my computer manually. I could have come to this on my own, but I was obviously to blindfolded to see this solution... So thank's to all of you for your support!
  8. Another question, maybe @Casey is able to answer, is it possible to replace the "boot.img" file in the unzipped stock android with the patched one by magisk ("magisk_patched-25200_mggB1.img") in order to flash directly a rooted version of the system instead of the stock one? That way I would be able to flash from edl mode, like explained in the official guide to flash the stock rom, instead of bootloader, which still does not work for me :-/. (if I get edl to work...)
  9. No, I don't have any choices, there is only "no command" written in the center of the screen, nothing else. I was not able to access the bootloader without adb.
  10. Okay, I'm through my notebook, my wifes notebook, an old notebook from the shelf (running windows 7, at wasn't able to get any connection with the phone) and fixed my desktop. None of the available 14 usb ports worked. I'm starting to believe, that I am the problem :-(. Has someone any other suggestions? Do you think it could work from a portable linux installation? Or do I have to fully install it on one of the devices in order to try it out? And another thing: I figured out, that my pro1x doesn't enter bootloader, when holding "volume down" whil powering up, instead I see a de
  11. Yes, I've tried all possible configurations with my phone and my pc. Unfortunately none of this worked. I don't have a pi available, so that does not help either, but good to know! I just checked how to accesse the usb devices by wsl, but it looks like this only works on windows 11 (which my pc doesn't support, and to be honest, I don't want to go there anyway) or with a custom build wsl kernel, which sounds like a lot of work :-/. Anyone knows whether using the fastboot in this shown fastboot menu is save as well? Thanks for the reminder, that I can access the bootloader with
  12. Hey, thank's for the quick replay. @claude0001 I'm sorry, I was not very precise by naming it "mode" in fact, when I call: adb reboot bootloader I get an menu looking like this: image from https://www.thecustomdroid.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/Boot-Realme-6-Pro-Fastboot-Mode.jpg; but in my case it says "device state - unlocked". fastboot devices does not return anything, ant the "android" device in the device manager has an yellow exclamation mark. Attempts to install the google drivers fail. when I call: adb reboot fastboot I get a menu lookin
  13. Hey there, I tried to root my pro1x, but I am stuck at the fastboot flash boot ./magisk_patched-25200_mggB1.img part. While I do see the connected device in fastboot mode, I do not see it in bootloader mode. The trick with the installation of the google drivers didn't do the trick for me. it helped in fastboot mode, but not in bootloader mode, the driver update window just says: Driver couldn't be installed, the system did not find any drivers for the device. Although I selected the google usb drivers zip content, which did the trick in fastboot mode. Any ideas or advise
  14. Thank you a lot @mosen, for the detailed reply. So as long as I stick to android, I shouldn't need to fix a broken persist, that is good to know. If I want to be on the save side, I could fumble with the Qualcomm QPST gui to create some backups, but they should not be needed. Concerning the recovery, I was not able to get a menu in it, only for the bootloader. But I guess I will stick to the official root and flash instructions, so I may not need this, hopefully. Just for anyone's information, who may come across this post and needs some input for using edl on windows: I was not
  15. Okay, maybe I try it, on the weekend, if I can find some time for it. Python should indeed be no problem. In the backup process there shouldn't go anything deadly wrong, I guess ^^.
  16. But the EDL is a linux tool, right? Since I've no Linux this seems quite difficult to me. or is there a way to use this over WSL? I had some problems with installing programs on WSL in the past. In addition have no experience in using my USB connection from within WSL as well. However, do I need this? I don't want to switch OS only uninstall the google apps. I haven't done any changes to the device yet, so flashing the stock android would not be a problem, if I would brick the phone.
  17. Hey there, I have not so much routine in rooting, flashing and restoring. I once did this a lot with a htc desire z and a Motorola droid 4(?), but since I bought my BlackBerry Priv back in 2017 I'm out of the game. I now want to root my pro1x in order to get rid of (all) google apps and use microG instead (if this is possible). I don't want to flash another ROM, just degoogle android. Am I at risk crashing my persist partition in this process as well? As far as I understand, that should not be the case. However, being able to create a backup would be nice anyway, but I sadly could no
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