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  1. Have you tried the normal fastboot flashing method? In most cases you don't need to use such an advanced and "low-level" mode like EDL. In most cases.
  2. You will need an actual aarch64 device (Xperia 10 II / 10 III) + Sailfish X license, an older device won't work and only license isn't enough too 🙂
  3. I have a Xperia XA2 license and I got AlienDalvik from it. I don't use XA2 because I think it's faulty and constant Sailfish OS freezes make it unusable.
  4. Hello again. Great news - I was able to fully customize my hardware keyboard layout in AlienDalvik without 3rd-party apps, just natively! Here's how I did it. AlienDalvik, for some reason, accepts only the default keylayout and keychar files, which are Generic.kl (keycodes) and Generic.kcm (the keyboard layout). They can be found in system/usr/keylayout and system/usr/keychars. I attach them here so you don't need to unsquashfs the big image (what I did). If you have the Pro1 with shifted QWERTY keyboard, you don't need to touch Generic.kl file (it's already correct). If yo
  5. Try Andronix app, I think it does the same. Usually works for me.
  6. Also with HERE API you can have HERE In it.
  7. It should work if you use AlienDalvik and not Waydroid (I think that GPS doesn't work in Waydroid, but actually I haven't tried yet 😄 ).
  8. It's quite simple, download Containers app from Chum GUI, run it, create an arm64 Debian-based / Arch-based container and tick "Setup xsession". And wait for setup to complete (Terminal will run, follow instructions in it). Container must be arm64 and its name shouldn't have spaces. And container... just works.
  9. I use my F(x)tec Pro1 non-shifted QWERTZ running latest Sailfish OS as second phone. Side-by-side with Nokia N9, being my main phone (yes, Nokia N9, 2011? but MeeGo is still awesome). Sailfish itself is a great OS for me, I like gestures, UI, UX, apps and I feel freer than if I used any Android ROM 😄 I have Waydroid set up and running in case I want to play games or do something, which really requires Android. I have also Arch Linux container as well, themed to be prettier and with some programs like Firefox, VS Code, GIMP. I can do any PC-dependent things on Pro1, just like on PC. I
  10. Cool! I might try it. Looks great.
  11. Oh hi again. Yes, I am on Sailfish. I did what I wanted in the end. I manually configured XKB layout (US), having Unicode codes, QWERTY shifted, QWERTZ non-shifted and QWERTY non-shifted on eyes. I enjoy Polish Programmers layout now. For AlienDalvik I was able to make standard US only, attaching a ZIP file for Key Mapper (requires Shizuku) Sailfish Pro1 Android US Layout.zip
  12. Hi. I have FxTec Pro1, QWERTZ variant. Layout is like this: Of course default layout is "shifted", i.e. typing "w" gives "q", "e" gives "w" etc. These commands: dconf write /desktop/lipstick-jolla-home/model \"fxtecpro1\" dconf write /desktop/lipstick-jolla-home/layout \"de\" Make the layout "working". I.e non-shifted again. But I would like to have Polish (Programmers) layout on QWERTZ. I.e. "y" instead of "z". Sym + L = Ł. Is that possible?
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