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  1. With infinity remounting yes. I couldn't get partitions to work as expected though. I gave up, I returned to Andronix Modded OS in ~/Andronix of Termux (i.e. /data/data/somewhere).
  2. Okay. I created selinux_init at /data/local/userinit.d with following content: #!/system/bin/sh /vendor/bin/setenforce 0 And hit the button in Run Userinit app. But it doesn't seem to be launched at boot, because Android after reboot starts that party with partitions again, unless I run "/vendor/bin/setenforce 0" as root in Termux, manually. I forgot to chmod +x 🤭
  3. Hello! After running /vendor/bin/setenforce 0 Remounting problem is gone! Can I run it at boot as an other init script? I assume your script does it, so I guess that yes. I will try to run Andronix Modded OS from SD Card now.
  4. Oh. Sorry then. Is it new thing? Once I locked bootloader on Nexus 5 with Lineage OS. But it's much older device.
  5. If you didn't root the device, then it's not rooted. Unless you use some prerooted ROM. Probably those apps report that bootloader is unlocked. Maybe you can try to lock bootloader again Ooops, bad idea, sorry
  6. So basically, something changed in some Android / Lineage version. You were using 16.0 for that purpose, ext3 was mounted automatically. In 20.0 it is mounted too (!) in /mnt/media_rw - but Android, for some reason, keeps unmoutning and mounting internal storage and both partitions of SD (first is FAT32, second ext3). And if SD has only one partition with ext3, the same happens. Just internal storage and first and only partition of SD in this case. It's sad. I even wanted to give up with your solution, and use Andronix Modded OS (which I bought for $2) instead. It works in Termux ~/ (in i
  7. I receive similar output, ext3 is here. But: if SD with ext3 partition is in device, then Lineage keeps remounting internal storage, even if I manually mount that ext3 partition on SD with Termux (via su of course). I see folders of partition in mountpoint - but eMMC keeps being remounted. What can I do?
  8. Hello @claude0001 After inserting partitioned SD Card (59 GB - FAT32, 59 GB - ext3), my F(x)tec Pro1 keeps saying "Memory card not supported" and keeps remounting internal eMMC storage, what is weird and annoying. I'm running official latest Lineage 20, Magisk v26.1, MicroG, LSPosed. Do you have any ideas? Seems like Android doesn't support mounting ext3. Thank you
  9. This method works just nice. I'm happy with this setup and your Ubuntu fixes. Thanks again
  10. Hello @Zahkc!!! I have Pro1. Thank you for your great hard work with all fixes! I was able to use my non-shifted QWERTY with remounting / rw, adding the line to rc.local and rebooting. Your LTE, backlight and Bluetooth fixes seem to work too. Thank you again, Wunder
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