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  1. hi all, sorry I had to disappear for more than a week, I will get back after this weekend and set up the data gathering process from the community, in such a way that this won't depend on me. sorry once again and see you next week
  2. Some members of our community are quite active on the following chats: Discord: F(xc)tec [Unofficial] - server with channels for different topics (as discussed in this thread; and just in case here's a newer invite) Telegram: F(x)tec community - unofficial general user chat QX1050 Beta-testing - official chat for people want to beta test Android stock (as explained in this thread, however not much going on in the beta program)
  3. Hi all! As you might experienced, there are so many different issues with comments and reports spread across so many forums and chats, that community members decided to gather them in one place. This is an attempt to create such a list, first we try using Github. <PATIENCE PLEASE UNTIL THE WEEKEND, THIS IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION, THANK YOU FOR UNDERSTANDING> The updated status tracking page is located on this GitHub wiki: https://github.com/ColdCamel/fxtec-pro1x-status/wiki Procedure for reporting updated status: If you wish to let us know that some feature or a problem s
  4. I tested this 2.1.7 and the connectivity problems seem to be the same, I am going back to testing LineageOS for now and later I will be also testing DivestOS I know the radios are weak but I just experienced that LineageOS definitely has less calling&audio problems than stock Android
  5. This is a placeholder for info that I will put about DivestOS which is based on LineageOS. The goal of the OS: DivestOS takes LineageOS and hardens security and throws away a lot of propriatary stuff & blobs to enhance both security and privacy. IMPORTANT: Please read what is dropped by design before choosing to use this OS: faq functionality_tables To ask questions and get help see community (mainly XMPP chat, also available via Matrix bridge) To file problem reports see bug_reporting Current status for pro1: Unknown: Build ex
  6. Small update and good news!: fortunately it doesn't seem to be /persist related, because I reinstalled LineageOS 20, stock Android 2.1.12, 2.1.15 and 2.1.17 beta, and there everything works, except LineageOS 20 latest build (20230622?) where there are errors with fingerprint. DivestOS is based on LineageOS, and it was also latest build. So this just seems to be LineageOS-related and my sensors keep working. That's why I reported this on the official XDA forum thread for Pro1x LineageOS, so if anyone is interested you can follow it there: https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/official-li
  7. hey have you seen that in the Beta folder there is a 2.1.7 build put there on June 15th? Oh, this build has "20230417" in the filename so I don't know if it is something new.
  8. hey in step 2. you shold also add: fastboot flash boot boot.img at least with a comment, that this is needed to restore stock OS after using some other android like LineageOS :)
  9. Hello all, on my Pro1x I installed DivestOS (which is based on LineageOS - well it takes Lineage and drops a bunch of blobs and adds security patches). The problem is that fingerprint scanner generates error immediately when I try to add a finger, and GPS doesn't seem to work. Another problem is that I cannot connect USB debugging (for adb logcat) because the phone is in a reconnecting USB loop (not the cable, rebooted PC, etc - on stock OS it worked, now it doesn't) Status I didn't backup /persist because I thought it is not Ubuntu Touch nor Sailfish but LineageOS based Android.
  10. That was actually a great idea, now I got the movement! Thanks:) Thank you all, it was all very helpful! And now finally I am glad to have a working keyboard:) So I will proceed to the rest in the following days:)
  11. Does "yup" mean you also have the same effect? :) Thanks for instructions, I will try to "free my mind" in the sofa later on today :)
  12. Oh.. thank you for this extra explanation and your animation is awesome - thanks to that now I think I understand what is going on: Then it seems that everything is OK. Keeping the force pushed down will not go into opening, and I checked your concept that if after that I change direction to horizontal it will continue opening. But it should mean that for you also if you only keep pushing down on your Pro1x you will have the same effect - you would lock the thing right after around 2 mm, like from 0:47 on my video. Could you please confirm that? (no video or drawings expected;) )
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