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  1. ...correct...if you have invoice for puchase before brexit then all is logically ok. ...with shipping to authorised service is it tested by me many times (from czech to motorola in us)...only one time-when delivery company was fedex was needed to show communication with service
  2. ...i mean that it will be maybe harder cooperation 😞 @DieBruine You will not pay any add fees if is phone sent and returned from authorised service 🙂
  3. @tdm ....and will be new AEX too? 🙂
  4. ...I dont know what happens (and why) with los. Cyanogenmod and then Lineage was full of customisations to which I was accustomed. I dont know from which version - my last daily used version was 14.1. Now is los more clean...for new users it is good...because they don't know nothing about old functions 🙂 For me personally are custom settings really needed. I have on fx aosp extended for two months...it have all from lineage deleted functions + some more 🙂 ...soo thanks to @tdm for another rom for fx 🙂
  5. soo where is it? where is info about new misterious and secret new device with 256GB? 😄
  6. it is vacuum wrapped like on this video but with "homemade machine" 😄 I have used semi semitransparent matte black foil for car lights...color is good, but glue on it is bad....it was too cheap.
  7. ...today playing with back cover wrapping 😄
  8. on SA you was on stock or on custom firmware? ...Because on custom is keyboard not working. When you press any hw key screen starts rotating...same problem as was with SA on xt897 with custom fw.
  9. ...i have this same on two corners...fxtec have posted me display replacement, but "new" display was in worse condition than mine ( was not new - pulled from phone ) 😞 Good is that you can make more curved edges with application
  10. ... i have today ended vice city gta - all missions and small missions...after one month on fx phone. now i am start of playing san andreas 🙂 ....BTW on retrogames.cz you can play old dos games in web browser 🙂 edit...gta sa is littlebit laggy...i dont know why...but playable
  11. you can remove frp for approx 95% of phones without any firmware flashing...is just needed to find sw hole...i am able to remove frp on approx all phones. is just needed to know where to find it. Maybe you can start with samsung frp method...test what happens with pin locked sim card. Bootup phone , put inside locked sim, wait for enter pin but dont enter it, quickly press onoff in same time remove sim and press again onoff...now you will see lockscreen? if yess...test to pulldown top bar (dont unlock it!)...let me know what happens. Another way...test to go through setup up to select wif
  12. problems with capslock was on moto photon too....very similar
  13. questions for los users...how is it by you with keyboard backlight? Are you able to set backlight brightness? ....and how about backlight when phone is closed? i have forgot to test it because i was on los for only few days and now i am on aex. By me is keyboard backlight on with display on. EDIT EDIT...i see now, sometime is capslock button stuck or works like vice versa...if this happens then i have problem with kb on/off backlight
  14. ...for me it looks like my phone have problem with multipress after wakeup from standby. Maybe will be good to test it with usb connected keyboard
  15. ...yess...information about this new planet smartphone is approx 3 months old. For me it looks on pics really good BUT i have two or maybe three problems with it. 1...size...it will be larger than FX...and fx is for me large 2...mediatek...as on all planet phones 3...all planet phones looks cheap...it is like really (really) good madded keyboard glued together with cheap phone like from lenovo 😞 ...soo all good on planet is keyboard....psion keyboard :)...but maybe this new phone will be better i dont know EDIT....this new sliding mechanism will be really good...y
  16. I have to disagree. I am service technician for more than 15 years...and i have seen in my work many molten covers or burned leds. Now it's not so frequent, but it's happening.
  17. I am now in contact with lawnchair developer. Maybe will be possible to add function for set different layout for portrait/landscape or rotating screen as "two halves" 🙂
  18. ...my phone holds good...opened and closed too...no rattling clicking etc thats fine. BUT when is closed i have it like askew - not good closed on top side 😞
  19. ...using flash led as lamp for long time is not good idea. You can simple smash led or meltdown led mounting....if is led not good cooled
  20. ...i mean that it is now world cheapest fx on market 🙂 BTW about camera i dont have too much problem with quality... Of course is camera not good as on samsung, but is not too bad with app like CameraMX or Footej. *...ahoj z cech do cech 🙂
  21. So i am now 10 days on AEX....stable as los, no reboots, no freezing...all fine i must say 🙂 Only missing is root....and i am missing TWRP 😞
  22. ...so i have contacted fx support now 🙂 On photon i was util june this year... and then for short time on nokia 6.1. ...sooo on photon i was approx 7 long years 😄 Yess i have modded approx 800-1000 photons. For you was it on 2013 - i still have emails from you 🙂
  23. ...i have this small display error on my phone too...on bottom left corner 😞
  24. This skin is nothing else than piece of car vinyl wrap. Soo you can go to any car wrap company and ask for small piece in any color (transparent too) 🙂 ...and good is that car wrap is good formable after preheating . Best are from 3M or Oracal i mean
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