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  1. BTW...i am not sure if all of these functions are on android 10 based AEX...i was on android 9 AEX version 6.5 i mean
  2. i mean that that can be something edited inside los (with full root via notepad)
  3. wau...you are best 🙂 Maybe will be possible to made only recovery installable zip...it will be goooooood 🙂
  4. Hello, i have little problem. On my brand new two days unpacked fx i have some dead pixels on bottom left edge. My problem is when i spot it first time then i will problem with it always 😞 ...it is like on old trinitron crt monitor...when you see two horizontal lines 🙂 I mean that fx wont post me new display...or maybe can post it? It is approx 6-8 pixels on round edge. My question is...will be possible to tell to LOS to cut some of bottom of display? I mean approx made more rounded bottom edges?
  5. i dont know if is it los compatible 😞 Navigation bar is "Smartbar" madded by dirty unicorns devs i mean. Here is how it looks on my second phone now
  6. I have special question. Can anyone take a look and made AospExtended rom? Lineage Os is not bad, but have missing some for me important functions. For example is not possible to fully edit and add navigation keys. What i need is menu-home(recents)-back-search...as on my old phones. This modification was possible on older LOS versions...but from 16 isnt 😞 Another what will be good to change is recents menu layout back to oreo style. This all can be changed in AEX rom. OR...will be possible to put these extensions into LOS? thx 🙂
  7. priv will be soo cool device with side slide keyboard...but with slide down it is unusable 😞 BTW on my fx is soo soft (and sensitive) power on key. Is it on all devices? When i will farting with fx in pocket then phone will make onoffonoffonoff 😄
  8. yessss 🙂 it is good but extra giant device 😄
  9. sooo problems with fedex customs resolved and phone is now by me :)
  10. ...i have message from fedex too...and customs problem :(
  11. I have maybe idea about fix amoled colors/brightness. How about find stock firmware for elephone with same display, unpack/decompile it and find display settings? Maybe have elephone same problem with colors but i mean that on elefone will be all ok. Here must be settings something like : when is brightness set to 50% then colors will be red 70%, green 60%, blue 50 and white 50...approx. good or bad idea? here is: http://www.mediafire.com/file/8hg1rl60o0bef1y/Elephone_U_Pro_20180227_QFIL.zip/file
  12. but this is not problem about fx delivery because fx will be delivered by "normal" company like dhl/fedex etc
  13. ...yess...thats normal on "untracked/uninsured" packages from china (wish/ali/ebay etc.). I have record 11 days delivery time and another record 5 months 😄
  14. ...is it official? please provide link to japan store/s
  15. ..i have last official message from fxtec from 30.6. "...I can now confirm that we have now allocated stock to your order, so you should receive your shipping details within the next week." Next week is over 😄 ...maybe next week after next and next week 😄
  16. orders and preorders = same = waiting and waiting 😄
  17. @Dany303 , @npatel1050 ... thank you guys 🙂
  18. 😞...i got reply now...again nothing tellig "few weeks & update soon" message 😞
  19. I mean , that any usbc port replicator must works and external display too 🙂
  20. yesss but this info is more than one week old...so where is info about posting of small number of devices?
  21. ...yess i need info too...what is missing now - usb connectors ? 😄
  22. CornholioGSM

    Screen Burn

    ...soo maybe 30% i dont know. i am service technician for cell phones and i see burned screen every week
  23. CornholioGSM

    Screen Burn

    then you ca be happy because you are one of the 5-10% without problems 🙂 Here is today picture
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