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  1. Hey @fxtec-preorder-47xx did you finally get any of the LOS4µG roms to install? Did changing the model name work?
  2. My camera and flashlight stopped working as well while I was on Lineage. I reflashed both lineage and stock, but it made no difference. I wasn't brave enough to try to open the device though 😄 I've contacted support about having it repaired.
  3. I have experienced this too. I thought it was just my recording technique. Certainly I could hear myself very well speaking right next to the phone while holding it, but subjects further away are hard to hear. This is on Lineage. I assume, @adflau, you are on stock?
  4. So far just about everything in this OS is working well for me (many thanks to @tdm!), except that every 3-4 days either the display does not wake up on any button, or it does but the digitizer does not register touches. I would then either hold power till it restarts, or (if just the digitizer is unresponsive) I would use the keyboard to press "restart". I imagine there's probably not much that can be done about this without logs, but how would I go about getting logs for incidents like these?
  5. Huh... that's strange to hear since it seems people can use aptX on stock. Or does that mean the license is only available on stock and not in LOS (and is there anyway to bring that over if that's the case)?
  6. Hmm... well, maybe I did something wrong if only I have had issue with this. Shall reflash the phone anyway. Thanks again for all your hard work!
  7. I've just tried to install this, and was wondering, is there no default dialer/phone application, or did I do something wrong? If there is none, does anyone know one that integrates with the built-in Contacts app? I have tried a couple of them from F-Droid, but none seem to work with trying to call people from Contacts - the call would just happen in the background, with no way to hang up except to switch off the phone. Setting the dialer as the default application from settings doesn't seem to make it work.
  8. Tracking number received! Will get to me on the 29th. Can't wait!
  9. I thought this too. They (and to some extent, we) did it! People are now actively shipping to us the phone we've been looking forward to for years! Sure there was some suspense (which some obviously find unnecessary/uncomfortable), but at this point, maybe that should be feedback for and during the next product release cycle(?), rather than now, when we've just received the message that we're all actually winning! In the meantime, this calls for some kind of celebration and some champagne. I suppose some people celebrate by being critical. "Good for them", I guess? Though probably be
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