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  1. On the plus side, I might get my Pro1 just after the first anniversary of my pre-order. But then again, since France is about to go into full lockdown, chances are I will not be allowed to go get it from the delivery depot.
  2. I don't understand why the COVID-19 would have an impact on software development.
  3. Nice timely update about the virus affecting the factory:
  4. There's a long thread about them. Alternatively, the TL;DR is here: https://eskerahn.dk/?p=3620
  5. Consider that the phone you are using is a relic (we're talking "it belongs in a museum" here, as did/do a lot of the phones customers looking for hardware keyboard had/have), it used to fit your needs, but these grew and the phone is starting to have a lot of problems. Here comes the Pro1, pretty much a direct upgrade, you can still do all of what you are currently doing and more. Problem is, it's not cheap. You already paid for it, and there's no real replacement for your current phone on the market so you can't just buy a cheap one in the meantime (or you simply don't have the money to spare for two phones, one of which you suspect will get replaced next week/in the next two weeks/next month) and that hypothetical cheap one doesn't match your needs anyway (that is why you want the Pro1, after all). Now, you get annoyed on a regular basis by the obsolete hardware and software since you still use your old phone intensively, so you get constant reminders that a replacement is supposed to be arriving soon. Except that it keeps being delayed. Here comes an option to pay extra to get your phone within a few days, for sure. You might have problems replacing it if it turns out to have QA issues, since you didn't buy it from F(x)tec, but you might still consider it a risk worth taking if your frustration grows large enough.
  6. The speed at which we were informed is appreciated.
  7. Looks like a pre-70%-batch copy/pasted response though. What would have interesting to know is whether they'll wait to complete all of the remaining pre-orders before sending them in yet another big batch or if they intend on making another attempt at sending one batch per week. I am expecting the former, but it would be nice to have confirmation.
  8. Thanks. Considering how cheap those are, I might as well give it a try. I don't mind having some markings on the TPU part since I'll glue it fully to the leather afterwards (I don't see myself using the case as a stand, so the folding thing is not that useful to me). I bought a set of leather piercing tools (to make a hole for the camera, notification led, and mic), so hopefully that'll go better than my previous experiments.
  9. The other cases require me to detach the already glued-in TPU case to flip it (or redo a lot of holes, for which I've not found any clean solution). The detaching process hasn't worked out for me so far.
  10. That's alright, I intend to cut out the hole for the camera on the other side and then simply glue the thing in place anyway.
  11. I tried to remove the TPU part of one of the flip cases I have, so that I could turn it the other way. That... did not go well. There is now a tear in the back. It was a cheap one, so I guess that's to be expected, but I'd caution wariness for others attempting the same thing. Since that particular case was messed up anyway, I tried using a file (meant for repairing guitars/violins) to change the shape of the holes on the TPU part without it looking like a mess. That's not working so well either. Thanks. I've just bought two of those. I don't like the color, but painting leather is doable AFAIK. I'd prefer not to have to butcher the insides to remove the card holders so that the case can close with the phone in it.
  12. Didn't get either of them. I don't think they ever sent a "your order will not ship in this batch" email (unless you ask them directly), that's why there were posts saying that it would be nice of them to send one earlier in this thread.
  13. You might be blocking the mic that's on the back, though.
  14. Any new activity on a ticket puts it at the back of the queue, as far as I know. They most probably are simply overloaded with demands, considering the phones from the "70% of pre-orders" batch are still arriving.
  15. https://stackoverflow.com/a/32007151/200328 Edit: Woops, that still should get you the option on Linux (although the comment about multiple installation packages might be relevant). You might want to call up "man" on "java" instead of trying blindly, though.
  16. I know it, but isn't the point of deleting their profile that they don't want it to be known anymore?
  17. While the idea of paying the customs fee that was already included in the phone's price a second time, then having it be re-reimbursed by you is indeed a good solution, the issue here is about the amount indicated (300 instead of at least more than twice this amount, unless maybe an IGG coupon was used). From what I can tell, signing the first document (the one with the pre-filled 300.00 USD value) would be committing perjury.
  18. Definitely not a typo, just look at her previous messages. Upon closer inspection, the date she got her stock assignment message is prior to anyone else's for this batch, yet the tracking number got received around the same time. I'd guess her order was put into the batch specifically instead of through the standard sorting of orders. That's fine, I was worried we actually had an extreme example of the absurd situations the large differences in order volume from different countries can lead to with their chosen sorting strategy.
  19. Am I correct in assuming that since you already sold your previous Pro1, this is about a Pro1 you actually ordered and thus paid for in December 2019? o_0
  20. I don't think it's the first time people mistakenly read this message as someone having received a stock assigned message. I agree it's an easy mistake to make since it's formatted like, and in the middle of a flood of, one of the posts reporting a stock assigned message. It actually says no email.
  21. At a guess, the keyboard layout might have had an impact. Could you confirm that the other people you are comparing your order to also gone for a QWERTZ layout (and have no IGG coupon)?
  22. I've had an equivalent effect on Linux while reading mangas on the same website for hours. Basically, Firefox never freed the memory it used on this website, so each page ended up increasing the amount of RAM used. I just ended up solving it by copy/pasting the URL into a new Firefox session from times to times. I've not done that in a long while, so I can't tell you if the problem has been fixed through updates or not.
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