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  1. I hope that as many people as possible sign up for a Pro1. The better the sales, the greater likelihood we are to get a company that stays in business and provides us service and updates. I just don't want a year to go by, fxtec, be out of business, and my carrier won't provide me updates because my device is not supported.
  2. If my husband says to me, "You're my girl.", it's cute and sweet. He refers to me and my cat as "his girls" and I love it. If he were to say, "You're my woman.", it would take on a WHOLE different connotation. I think that you were trying to be pithy or amusing and it just failed abysmally for you. Thanks @AnnieC and @kaythe for understanding.
  3. I had that problem too. I thought it was a defect of the device. When I wiped it and the person I sold it to used it, it worked just fine and the onscreen did what it was supposed to.
  4. My new one is 45*** (ordered 12/16) My first one was 108** (ordered 03/26)
  5. Yes, but I will be happy to share my design work when I am finished and people can get one made if they want.
  6. First I have to design it. I need proper measurements of the phone, then I will throw it into AutoCad to make sure it renders properly. I'm going to see if the Note10 Case that someone suggested will truly fit the Pro1 and then work from there. I have a friend who makes leather goods and I'm going to have him make me a case, have it embossed with the Hello Kitty design and then have the pattern inked.
  7. I am a HUGE HK fan. I am even a member of a Facebook page devoted to it. Send me a PM with a link to your products.
  8. Whatevs. Gives me more time to get a Hello Kitty case made :D
  9. When I was typing on the one I had, I was able to set it down and do the 10-finger thing. It was very nice. I think also, I had a lot of practice on my Sidekick and when the Pro1 was announced, I booted that puppy up (lord knows why it still works) and practiced using the keyboard every day.
  10. Hi @AnnieC and @kaythe @PC_ I don't have the insecurities that some do in being called a girl at my or any age. I feel bad for you that you have those kind of hangups. @agent008 had... I am on the waiting list for a new one.
  11. I still have my Nexus 5. It's running KitKat 4.4.2. That's the device I am replacing because sometimes it keeps rebooting itself and the camera sucks in low light. I have had this little guy since 2012 😄
  12. That would be me. I have been with T-Mobile since 1998. I don't know what specifically to ask for because when I called, they just said hold on a sec and then enabled my friend's (who is on my account) Pro1 and he got wifi calling. When I get mine I will let you know what specifically they do to enable it, but I have no clue when I will receive it. I'm betting on April-June.
  13. So do I. I don't expect soon, but soonISH would be nice.
  14. Remains to be seen. I feel so much better now that I ordered another one. I don't care what the wait its. Today I went into a T-Mobile store with my husband's okay to get whatever I wanted with no regards to cost. I left the store almost in tears because nothing would do. I guess maybe I needed to learn this lesson to know what I really wanted. And I missed all you guys ❤️
  15. No, please be amused. Please laugh your ass off - my husband is. I definitely want this little puppy to grow. I learned my lesson. Now if my Nexus 5 KitKat can just nag on a little bit longer... hopefully this time it won't take a year to receive.
  16. The bluetooth that had to pair it, remove it, and repair it. Stupidest thing ever. And the wi-fi calling was a custom T-Mobile push that they turned on the feature - apparently it needs to be done for the phone, not just the number.
  17. So I guess this is my official "I'm and Idiot" post. I talked to a friend of mine who got the Pro1 and he was able to address almost all of my issues. Talk about Seller's remorse. I know you all told me, and I have to live with the fact that I had it in hand and didn't give it a chance. So it's back on the list I go, along with 7 other people I got to sign up for one. Please forgive me.
  18. Hi All, I am no longer the proud owner of a Pro1; Chris is. The LTE issue seems to be resolved. Although the indicator does not show "LTE" the benchmarks show that it is receiving the proper signal. Bluetooth Non-issue for Chris. I apparently just have the wrong car. Keyboard Works just fine. The virtual keyboard is no longer appearing when the physical one is deployed. Wifi Calling Still a no-go, but a non-issue for the new owner. Camera Amazing! I am going to miss that. Thank you to all who reached out to me to purchase it, but
  19. This was inside, outside, in a store, by my house, sitting by a window... If a flip phone that isn't even smart can get LTE...
  20. No LTE at all. I'm in the burbs here, but tons of towers and all of our other phones (Nexus 5, ZTE Max Pro, Samsung 4S, LG G4, and an anceint flip phone) all get GTE. It's not the area; it's the phone :(
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