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  1. This is my puppy. She even fetches for me. She's the nicest puppy ever - never eats my shoes or socks...
  2. I'd say that is pretty specific :D Illinois. I'm not a backer of any sort. I placed my order on 04/08/19, made payment on 08/01/19. I am mostly happy to report that my cute, sad, little Nexus 5 from 2012 running KitKat 4.4.2 kept up the good fight and made it to today!
  3. Got a tracking # for 12/10 This is the most progress I have had so far. I'm in the US, It's moving.
  4. I still have my Sidekick 4G, but it stopped getting updated with Froyo. Still works just fine.
  5. I received the following email on the 11th. I have not received a tracking number yet. "You should be getting the tracking details for your device this week, and potentially the phone should be at your door this week as well. According to the latest update, stock for your device is still being transported to the US warehouse." I received this on the 4th: "Good news! We have now assigned the stock for your Pro1 order. The product is on its way from the factory to the regional fulfilment warehouse with customs clearance to follow. We will notify you once tracking details are available."
  6. T-Mobile did it just fine with the Sidekick. I had about 13 different cases: 4-part (outer casex2, inner screen protector x2). It was lovely.
  7. "As we are a startup trying to launch our product for the first time, several things delayed our launch such as the Google certification, Chinese holidays and delays to perfect the Pro1 before launch. The other option for startups is, of course, crowdfunding platforms such as Indiegogo, but those would typically come with a 1 year shipping time which should be pre-paid and zero guarantees. In our scenario, you can request a refund any minute, and for 14 days after delivery, for any reason. And if this is not assuring enough, please give your bank a call to confirm you have until around the
  8. Thank you for the clarification, Erik, I wouldn't have shared without asking to do so. I received a reply that I should make certain that there is no ambiguity. Hence the screenshot rather than a copy and paste. I, personally, am happy to wait until things are right, as long as I do not lose the chance to execute a return before I even receive the device. That is my number one concern. It's just not fair that the return window for a phone that was pre-ordered would expire before delivery. As long as you can ensure (us) that will not happen, I think that goes a long way. Cancelling now
  9. So anyone thinking that they still might get the phone in October, I would say that it is a safe bed that you will not. Stranger things have happened though. I have no idea what the schematic is for issuance of the devices, but this is what I have been told. They are pretty good about responding to all of my emails within about 12 hours or so, and I will post back what I find. [attachment file=37923]
  10. I was told that I could request a refund until November 1st. If that is the case, I am (hopeful) that we should have our phones prior to that.
  11. SO helpful and informative...NOT! I wrote this: 20 Sep, 16:07 BST Hi. I am wondering if October is for real. First July, then September, now October.You have taken all our money, what assurance do I have that this isn't some giant scam and that you are going to keep saying "next month" forever? I got this in response: Support Team (FX Technology Limited) 23 Sep, 10:43 BST Thanks for your message. I can see that your order has only been paid on the 1st of August. While our policies should be enough to reassure you, from your aspect, you can always dispute a transaction wi
  12. I just want to say hats off to the CS team. I had read so many posts in other threads about the inattention or delayed responses from the team. In my case, that is SO not the case. Every time I have written them (whether it be through the form or via external email client) they have responded within a few hours and answered all my questions. I guess, for the people who got no responses, how are you trying to get hold of them?
  13. Just as an FYI, I got this email back from them this morning: Support Team (FX Technology Limited) 19 Aug, 06:54 EDT Dear <name>, Thanks for your message. "Processing" is the default status for all orders which are paid, and they're pending to be shipped by us. No further action is required from your side. Feel free to let us know if there's anything else we can help you with. Kind regards, F(x)tec Support So at least they are getting back to people if they send messages from the "Contact" page form.
  14. I paid for the phone within 4 hours of receiving my email (which I got at 4:00AM). That was on August 1st. Over 2 weeks later and it's still "processing" and not marked as "completed". What does that mean?
  15. My payment was accepted, but it still shoes as "pending". Is that a good or a bad sign?
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