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  1. I'm glad you are happy with the script, but it sounds like you were, in fact, not successfully rooted with Magisk.
  2. On Lineage 20, it's a lot easier. Having flashed the Magisk zip in recovery to give me SU when I first set up Lineage, I open Root Explorer and grant it Superuser privileges, mount root as r/w, go to System/vendor/etc/gps.conf. Tapping the file opens it in a text editor, I added #test at the top of the file and saved. Remounted root as r/o and bob's your uncle, as far as I can tell. No reason it shouldn't work if you rooted stock, but I never tried so can't say for sure.
  3. I've been fiddling with this off and on and it is really pretty nice. Surprisingly nice. The haptics are one key to this-- they really help a touch screen keyboard, the vibration standing in for feedback, so the more a tablet has good vibration the better. It helps to go into accessibility settings on my tablet and change "touch and hold delay" from the default "short" to "long." This reduces keys being accidentally typed just because your fingers are not quite steady passing over them. I have been mostly using the US QWERTY. I looked quickly at US International, but I have to figure
  4. Lineage update 20230427 installed via OTA updater. All went smoothly, April 2023 security patch, Root maintained with no additional action on my part. Still boots when plugged in while off, but wasn't expecting that to be fixed yet. All is well!
  5. Interesting workaround while waiting for a new display. Thanks. I didn't know about that one.
  6. As you can see above, I got my quote and sent in my address so I could get an invoice (they needed the address to figure in shipping on the invoice) on April 5th and silence ever since. @Casey Come on, guys, I'm trying to give you money! 😅 Ticket #10917
  7. From @npjohnsonon XDA: Thanks to the great Lineage team we have supporting us! 👍
  8. https://www.aliexpress.us/item/3256804591988135.html
  9. It just happens. You didn't do anything. Since you are out of warranty, you can order an AlieExpress Elephone U Pro screen (Just the screen, the frame is different). If you are still running stock Android 9, you'll just have to remove the old display from the frame and attach the new one and connect the cable. Or you can have a shop do it for you.
  10. Is it on stock Android now? Or are you on some other OS and need to flash back to stock? Flashing stock will not lock the bootloader, but you have to be on stock to lock the bootloader, The instructions are here:
  11. What is the output of ADB devices? Also, try, in recovery, selecting "Advanced" and tapping the option "Enable ADB". I've had to do that rarely when doing sideloads. In general, Windows is fussy with both Fastboot and ADB, I've actually stopped using Windows for any of this (although I'm a Windows user). When I took an old outdated Thinkpad and installed Manjaro Linux on it, it worked right out of the box and every time. It came with Fastboot and ADB already installed annd you could use them from any folder because Linux knew where they were. Not saying that's your solution-- j
  12. They are fastboot commands you issue when you reboot to the bootloader. The commands are: The second one is the actual counter-command. I believe the first one is supposed to enable showing the initial battery animation showing what percentage you are starting out with.
  13. I've reported this on the Lineage Gitlab, always hoping the bot is done chastising me for using the same format as in their example. 😄
  14. I was addressing where touching the figerprint sensor (which was never set up) causes things to happen. I've never had problems with touch screen that can't be explained by old man fingers. 😄
  15. I downloaded Mixexplorer, and it does indeed happen. I started testing my most common apps and it happened with three other apps I already have, except it wasn't (or, at least, not just) a screen refresh, but it launched dialogs. This happened with DejaOffice, Total Commander and Textmaker 2021. I tested and it does NOT happen with these same apps on my Pro 1. How very bizarre. I never ran into it because I never use my Pro1x in portrait. Not that easy to set this off in landscape. Why is the fingerprint sensor sensing anything if it hasn't been set up, and what are these progr
  16. Got to 99% (was more like 40 minutes, I got distracted). So it is working on the Pro1 with LOS 20 (charging without booting), just weirdly.
  17. I'm not reading voltages, but I ran my Pro 1 down to 75%, plugged it in and, again, get initial logos, but the blank screen and no led on, checked 30 minutes or so later (not sure, forgot to time) and it was at 91% when I booted up. I've turned it back off and plugged it in again and will see where it is in another half hour. Bizarre that led doesn't light up for charging. This is, to be clear, plugged into wall with official FxTec charger (although, to be honest, I no longer know which came with the Pro 1 and which with the Pro1x, but, like the box, I don't believer there is any differ
  18. I don't use or even install Chrome and I have never seen this behavior in any apps I have on either my Pro 1 or Pro1x.
  19. You are right. I hadn't noticed since I almost never turn my phones off or charge them in that state, nor do I let my phones fall below 50% without topping off. This also means I haven't tested my Pro 1 in a long time. I get something stranger there. If I turn the Pro1 off, and plug in the charger, it doesn't boot, but doesn't do anything. I don't get the initial battery animation and no light goes on. I don't know if it is charging or not. I'll have to let it run down a bit and then leave it for a while and see what happens (it boots up fine). Maybe this has been covered in LO
  20. I haven't had this happen, but according to the instructions linked below: Not sure if it applies to your case or not. Did you try adb devices to make sure it was detecting the phone. If it doesn't, you can try adb kill-server and the try adb devices again. https://wiki.lineageos.org/devices/pro1x/install
  21. Just to clairify, is this attached to the charger it came with? Mine seems fussy about other chargers.
  22. I did "pre-order" it, so the Play Store does think it's compatible with my tablet. Then again, the Play Store seems to thing your app is a game. 😄
  23. So, let me make sure I understand this. This is an app that turns your Tab S8 Ultra into a touch screen BT keyboard for use with an Android phone. Is there any special reason why it would work only with the Tab S8 Ultra? I have an Original Tab S running a Lineage-based ROM that gives it effectively Android 11, but I admit I don't use the tablet much these days. Having this running on it's 10.5" screen might be fun but if it depends on something from Samsung, there's nothing left on there. 😄 Since it is a software keyboard running on Android, I'm just trying to understand why it is ex
  24. Lineage has it's own screen edge setting that works, as opposed to Edge Null. It works pretty well.
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