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  1. @agent008 I have never heard of an OTA being needed or used if the 20200825 version of stock was flashed. It should have the fix. There was a file floating around with files from BOE that could fix the margins of the new display on Lineage 16-17, but I suspect, as @Rob. S. suggested, you are dealing with a different problem. Last November, my original, factory installed screen stopped responding to any touch. I checked the connections. They seemed good. So I had a local shop that is very good replace the screen with a new AlieExpress screen. Still, no response to touch. That tends t
  2. Thanks. I wasn't asking for release date... I know better (spending a few years with Dirty Unicorns gets you well trained 😄 ), I just wasn't skillful enough to locate any indication of activity. Don't care when, just happy it's in good hands. Thank you!
  3. Sean, do you have any input for my query near the top of this thread... what is the state of LineageOS for the Pro1x? I know the Pro1X hasn't hit the street yet, but I believe it is in production.
  4. I don't know what shipping costs they use on their website. On IGG, we were given a flat shipping cost of $40, which I think is similar to what they did for the Pro1 in their store, but it has been a long time. Based only on what they did for the Pro1, they will likely ship from Hong Kong using couriers. I'm in the US and they shipped my Pro1 from HK via FedEx. But I'm only using past data, I don't know anything specific about the Pro1x, but this is what I expect.
  5. Production does indeed seem to be starting...
  6. It's always hard to know, but right now they are still within the timeline of their last update. Even if they began SMT the same day they posted (probably not), that would take them out to the 24th and thus manufacturing might be beginning this week. So possible for shipping to start in mid-May as projected.
  7. I wish we would hear something about Lineage for the Pro1x, given they are allegedly shipping soon. @tdm @npjohnson Is there any news on the Pro1X front, or are you bound by an NDA?
  8. As I recall, when I ordered my Pro1, it stayed on a status they called "processing" (iirc, been a long time) until it actually shipped, fulfilling the order. I assume you are talking about an order on their web store, not IGG.
  9. </fantasy on> I wonder how hard it would be to resurrect the keyboard mod as a back case add-on (pogo pin interfce) for the Pinephone. Would probably have to work with one or more distros like Mobian and/or ManjaroArm. </fantasy off> Pine would probably resist a third party accessory that is better than theirs. 😉
  10. Nice! Here's the US link, which does have stock. https://amazon.com/Phone-Holder-Mount-Bike-Handlebar/dp/B085DMV7XD
  11. The 20200825 update is linked in the update of first post of this thread: Here is the direct link to the download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1lEc-ummPsamKDWHpoJP6YJcH6IYS4abe/view I don't know about the OTA service in the stock Android 9 ROM, but I believe it was set up (and the updates were handled by) a contractor that is (I believe) is no longer handling things for FxTec (another reason for no further updates). They have said the Pro1x updates will be handled by Google OTA, so the Pro1x should fare better. F(x) Tec has definitely not gone out of business.
  12. The price in IGG is for a bundle that includes not only the Pro1X, but also a spare battery and a spare screen assembly (not just the screen, but the frame it is mounted in). You have to click to expand the perk box to see the list of what's included.
  13. Actually, I received the headphones also. 🙂 and no, I wasn't a moto mod backer (would have been if I had known before it was cancelled.
  14. Yes, that's been clear for quite a while, but good to have a definitive statement. Luckily, Lineage provides the updates for the Pro1.
  15. It is appreciated. Unfortunately, my Pro1 is still in the shop so I'm out of the loop right now (not suprisingly, nor unexpected—knew it would take time when I sent it in). I'm always happy to see it is still going. Looking forward to getting back and hoping, maybe, there might be an AICP for the Pro1x eventually.
  16. Very interesting. Your link does what I say in both FireFox and Edge on my laptop (which is where I've been reading this forum), but your link works perfectly in FireFox or Fulguris on my Moto phone (Pro1 is still in shop). Have no clue. But not a big deal enough to keep at it. Just puzzling. 🙂
  17. That's the url, but that's not where it takes me. Takes me to the QX1000 page. <shrug> That is, the url https://fccid.io/2AUCLQX1050 forwards me to https://fccid.io/2AUCLQX1000 If it does differently for you, I'm stumped.
  18. So, it's weird. Your interior photographs link takes me to the right place, the QX1050 interior photos under "label and label." But VaZso's link takes me to the QX1000 page, which seems to be the Pro1, If I go to the top bread crumb, FX Technology Limited, I see the QX1050 link with the 2022 date, but when I click on the QX1050 link, I am also taken to the QX1000 page, which is the Pro1. I can't find any link that takes me from the QX1000 page to the page with the interior of the QX1050 that you posted and if I click the QX1050 breadcrumb link on that page, I am back on the QX1000 page.
  19. I'm not sure, but all the dates are 2019. Seems to me this is the original Pro1?
  20. Very nice to be getting weekly updates this month. 🙂
  21. I will tell you of my solution, which may be neither possible nor acceptable for you. I am retired and spend a lot of time at home. So I have two phones, my Pro 1 and a Motorola Power (slab) The Moto is my phone phone and car phone (Android Auto) and my Pro1 is my PDA (Though I keep a T-Mobile SIM active in it). My Moto is on Verizon. It is expensive, buying two phones, but it allows me to have the best PDA out there for doing text based tasks while having a solid and reliable phone. I initially did this to solve a problem, but honestly I have come to love this deconvergence (I'm n o
  22. I suspect it won't help matters that the Pro1 is obscure, but it is no longer being produced. People who get a Pro1x may have a better shot. But probably not.
  23. I agree with @EskeRahnthat right now the Titan Pocket comes closest to meeting your want list and can be shipped now. It will probably do you well and it is currently shipping. https://www.unihertz.com/products/titan-pocket However, there are a few things to consider about the state of PKB phones at this time. As you have noticed, most big companies have done away with them and are producing slabs. That means several things: PKB phones are only made by small companies. How much you can depend on future updates to android will vary. In most cases, you won't be able to c
  24. Not sure who or where you are quoting, but this is just an outright lie. Slow, yes, but they have engineered a phone and right now stand ready for manufacture once the factory opens up and trained workers are available. I'm sorry, but as much as I want my Pro1x to show up on my doorstep, that isn't "nothing."
  25. Pestering them won't do much. In general, I rarely have to wait longer than two weeks for a reply, except this last time because I emailed them just before CNY. An occasional reminder is fine and does sometimes help. Whether this is a fair excuse or not, this is a very small group of people wearing many hats. Are you using the original answer to your trouble ticket with the "please reply above this line" indication? That is the most effective means of getting updates. I have my Pro1 in for repair, sent in much more recently (Jan), but I suspect I won't see the repair until the Pro1x
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