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  1. I found that I can reproduce it quite consistently on my device that once it warms up (say readind articles in the browser for 40 minutes) it loses the second SIM, like it is not there. The only way I could get it back is to cool down the device and reboot. Does anybody else experience something like that or should I reach out to support for a repair or exchange (if it is a manufacturing fault)?
  2. all that apk is doing is echoing 1 to /sys/module/snd_soc_wcd934x/parameters/high_performance (as the majority APKs that "enable" things. My quick glance over the state of WCD943x in Linux says that it is still in early stages of support (there are numerous patches across the board), but the chip is indeed quite powerful hardware wise.
  3. Let's try to get a list of the USSD/MMI codes our phones support. For example, I was pleasantly surprised with *#06# When you enter this in your dialer it will present most of the information from the sticker we have on the back of our phones. This code is kind of universal and works on majority of devices. I am more interested in discovering Pro1 specific ones, though :) *#*#0000#*#* - Hardware information (like platform model, IMEI, etc.) *#*#4636#*#* - Brings an extensive testing application that gives lots of info about networking and app usage *#*#2432546#*#* (*#*#check
  4. Found the setting, @VaZso - when you open the dialer, there is three vertical dots in the upper right corner, choose "Settings", and then "Calling accounts". You can even configure VoIP over there :)
  5. I noticed that there is a very limited (read - stock) support for dual SIM operation. One would expect at least a couple of functions every other manufacturer implements for dual SIM: 1. ability to assign the SIM to use for a contact (e.g. I use my personal number to communicate with my family and friends, but use my business one for everything else. 2. ability to select the SIM to make call before the call is made (stock option is to have the default SIM for calls defined and a button to switch SIM during the call, which is inconvenient and most of the time expensive. Moto Z ha
  6. Well, once you get the case the way you like it, you can use it as a mould for implementing it using hard plastic, e.g. using HDPE
  7. Yeah, the included protector is just something. I managed to apply it with just two micro bubbles outside of the working screen, took me like 30 minutes to apply it. I would suggest to wear rubber gloves if you are just about to apply yours, otherwise the fat from your fingers will ruin the edges where you are holding the protector while you are applying it.
  8. I am thinking of trying something like the following: to create the holder for the phone. Then I will use one of the real leather flip cases and glue the holder to it. :)
  9. I experienced the following yesterday: my wife called me and the phone was flickering - was showing the call screen for a second, then the lock screen and so on. It was not possible to pick it up on the screen, but since I got my smartwatch paired (finally!) I answered it over there and then everything went back to normal. JFYI.
  10. I also found that network sensitivity is quite terrible with this phone. When I am travelling to work there are a couple spots on the train line where I was usually losing network on my Moto Z. With Pro1 it was almost impossible to stay connected for the majority of the trip. 😞 Maybe, the antennas are getting some interference or something. I also found that I cannot pair my watch with Pro1, which is devastating for me 😞
  11. The only issue I found with my Pro1 so far on the hardware side which was not mentioned before, I believe, is the USB-C connector being flimsy. What I mean by that is when I plug USB-C from my LG monitor I am getting screen mirroring (which is great), but then slightest touch on the connection near the phone (like slightly push the connector right or left) and the monitor disconnects. None of my other phones have that issue, so it seems the USB-C connector on the phone is not of the highest quality :(.
  12. No updates for Australian IGG backers yet, so far. It is November here already 🙂
  13. You are kidding, right? As an early IGG backer of the Keyboard MotoMod I am waiting _years_ for this company to deliver me something I can use in my day to day routine. A year is nothing 🙂
  14. It is already Oct 30 in Australia, no shipping updates so far 😞
  15. I wish there was a better QA process since even skimming through the photos the first thing I noticed was "User Manuel" (https://fccid.io/2AUCLQX1000/Users-Manual/User-Manual-4458328). I hope that Manuel is not the only user of this device :-D .
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