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  1. So you want to sometimes force portrait mode because it's difficult to open the keyboard?
  2. This should definitely be in stock. I can't think of any reason why you would ever want the keyboard open and still have the phone in portrait mode.
  3. I think a better solution to 3 would be to add an option to force landscape when keyboard is open.
  4. I haven't heard anyone that actually has the Pro1 complain about these aspects of the layout.
  5. Wow that's just quite the clack!
  6. Are you sure that's the only problem? I heard T-Mobile requires band 66 in some cities for LTE which the Pro1 doesn't support.
  7. Half the comments aren't even in English! Magic numbers are everywhere!
  8. I'm not a kernel developer, so I don't typically delve into device drivers.... but parts of that file look really badly written. The loss of commit history looks doubly amateurish. It will be a difficult road to fix up this stuff...
  9. Still no tracking number today 😞 I'm getting a little worried that I won't be getting the device before the new year.
  10. Try some more games! https://archive.org/details/softwarelibrary_msdos_games
  11. I think we're just people with large hands 😎
  12. Not sure if I've said this before, but a larger screen (taller) would be awesome. I really like my current Android's 6.4" screen.
  13. Well good thing you can change all your keybindings and fix all the open source software 🙂 I'm planning on contributing to this project if I ever get the phone in my hands
  14. I can't understand why you would want the backspace key smaller and harder to find than the delete key.
  15. I don't see Canada anywhere in this poll 🙄
  16. I'm from Canada, no stock assigned yet, and I don't think anyone else from this country has had any either. I'm not really sure what the US customs situation means for us.
  17. I asked them and haven't recieved a response yet...
  18. I live here and it's so nice that I'm not even sure it's real! 😁
  19. I'm still not convinced it exists, since I haven't received mine yet 😂
  20. Has anyone had a response from support about the Canadian shipping situation?
  21. I plan on contacting support tomorrow (for like the 10th time!) if I am not sent any info to find out what the status of my order is, now that the US shipping methods have changed.
  22. Hahah I totally mentioned the wrong Eric 😂
  23. Hurray! A great update from @eric!!
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