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  1. Thank you for the quick replies and communication. I appreciate it!
  2. I did trust you! I'm being told that Adups might now be spyware though. Is it transmitting any personally identifiable information? Does it copy SMS messages from the phone? Can we remove it and update the system manually instead of over the air?
  3. I'm super disappointing if this is really being used. Installing secret spyware feels like a slap in the face to paying customers.
  4. This would be awful if true. Please tell me it's either not spyware or not enabled.
  5. Just go through US customs. They search and clone phones routinely on a random basis.
  6. I hope you're wrong, but if that's the case I'd rather be told now.
  7. N900 -> HTC Dream -> Blackberry Priv -> Pro1 (hopefully)
  8. Many more! People want updates and answers. We are past mid-November so we want a new estimate now that the old one is behind us. I don't think that's unusual or unexpected.
  9. I would if I could! Fxtec, send me my phone! 😜
  10. Try something like "adb shell wm overscan 0,20,0,20" to get rid of the overscan padding on the left and right (in portrait)
  11. You can do something like this to manage your display size and crop out the rounded corners: https://android.stackexchange.com/questions/57267/resize-screen-for-dead-touch-zone
  12. Interesting! So it's almost working! I wonder how you can add arbitrary shortcuts to the homescreen...
  13. Could you try launching the activity "com.android.systemui.recent.action.TOGGLE_RECENTS"? You can use an Activity Launcher app like this one to do so: https://f-droid.org/en/packages/de.szalkowski.activitylauncher/ EDIT: It seems like Activity Launcher can no longer launch arbitrary activities... Investigating. EDIT: Ok, try looking for any activity on the Pro1 that uses the word "Recent"... maybe you'll find it?
  14. Well the alternative would have been a smaller display, so I'm a fan of the rounded corners!
  15. Only 32-bit x86 apps. Most games nowadays are 64-bit only I believe. Please correct me if I'm wrong.
  16. Just to be clear, Android is aware of the rounded corners and lets software know about them via "display cutouts". Good developers can work around them or have their apps "shrink" to avoid them. The option to shrink your display at an OS level is something some versions of Android support, but I don't think the stock Pro1 has such a feature. You may need to install a different OS.
  17. You won't be able to do much gaming in Windows on an ARM processor. Apps mostly need to be compiled for it.
  18. The large majority of open source and community developers would prefer to use an open source and community-driven operating system.
  19. I hope that if some sort of sticky keys gets implemented, it will be optional.
  20. I didn't think any N900 devices were even still in use. The USB port issue killed the two I own.
  21. Please no. It would be too difficult and time consuming to navigate.
  22. Well that's worrying! I got the Pro1 expecting Google Pay, because it says it supports Google Pay.
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