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  1. Yes, I am! See above. But it seems related to CPU load on my side...
  2. Hi all, I experienced missed/ghosted keys today when I was installing Python and pip with Termux but it seemed to work again just after. So, I'm wondering if that "CPU intensive" task was the origin of the trouble... LOS 2020-07-27 (official build) with OpenGApps
  3. Hi all, I just got a nice phone protector from MediaDevil this week (I found the link here on the forum) : https://mediadevil.com/collections/apple-iphone-7-accessories/products/artisanwallet-wallet-pouch-case?variant=38665797777 I prefer the "wallet" shape to a simple "pouch" because it provides 2 layers of leather on the screen. I don't want to try a drop test but I hope it absorbs more shocks! The black variant was the only option with "size 4" in stock. Dimensions are good but it's a bit tight to get in/out the phone easily and quickly. I hope the leather will fit better ove
  4. HI, @EskeRahn as far I know (I was a daily user of a Jolla C before I got a Pro1), SailfishOS does NOT support VoLTE at this time. It seems related to the ofono backend... https://forum.sailfishos.org/t/volte-support-in-sailfishos/1093/38 https://together.jolla.com/questions/scope:all/sort:age-desc/page:1/query:volte/
  5. Hi @info3 I may be interested. Please see PM. Thanks!
  6. Hi @MJM, I'm also interested and I live in France too. Please answer in PM if still available.
  7. Any trouble? The link only contains this error message: "The service is not available. Please try again later."
  8. Same question about the "other layouts" promised after the official launch?
  9. It seems that a "Scandinavian Qwerty" layout is on the way. We can espect that other layouts will come soon after the official launch. But again, a "QwertY-US International" layout would have been a better option than QwertZ for a first product launch as it covers in a unique layout all common languages (based on latin characters) with all the accents/characters available only on some languages). I still prefer the "QwertY-FR" variant as described on http://marin.jb.free.fr/qwerty-fr/ because it just adds the missing french characters (and some others) on a standard Qwerty-US layout. (The d
  10. Please remind you that Android is not the only OS available for the device ;) Select an accent only by software is definitely not reliable...
  11. Why did they not choose the "QWERTY US-International", a far more complete solution than the 'QWERTZ" for a second layout during the first release... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/QWERTY#US-International
  12. Hi, a "QWERTY International" version is definitely a must have. It may address several languages with one layout...! But, in my case (french software engineer), I prefer the "QWERTY-FR" variant from http://marin.jb.free.fr/qwerty-fr/
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