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  1. Anyone have a late LineageOS 16 build for the Pro1? (Also sticking with it for now for rooting-related reasons)
  2. Went to upgrade and once again found that Lineage has dropped support for the device+OS combo I was running, and since I didn't download a build before it was purged from their site, I now can't upgrade within that configuration at all. So I'm now forced to upgrade to LineageOS 17, or the experimental 18 build. Has anyone been able to root these? Or does anyone have one of the last lineageos16 builds by any chance?
  3. I received one I ordered to be printed yesterday, but I think it came out a tiny bit too small...the front bumper doesn't quite fit and the rear cover isn't close to fitting.
  4. After a few days of struggling with this, I discovered a shockingly easy technique for opening and closing the phone smoothly, hold the keyboard section with your index fingers and pinky fingers and then grip the sides of the screen section with your thumbs, then you can easily open or close it by moving the screen section diagonally up and away or back down and toward you.
  5. Anyone know why exfat-formatted microSDs report as having an unsupported format? A kernel limitation, or this bug? https://gitlab.com/LineageOS/issues/android/-/issues/1404
  6. Now running into the problem of getting "'/dev/root' is read-only" when trying to remount / as rw, I need to do this to make /system writable so I can install busybox, anyone know if there's a way to do this? Edit: Found a solution: Through ADB on a running phone: adb root adb disable-verity adb remount Then you can remount / at the terminal, in this case I then ran the busybox installer with modified scripts and got it working!
  7. Having another problem now, even though the apps root option can be selected and I can run "su" in a terminal successfully, root access still doesn't seem to be entirely working. Busybox install fails to remount /system as rw, and the Root Verifier app says "ROOT PERMISSION NOT GRANTED OR SUPERUSER APP MISSING" and then "BUSYBOX NOT INSTALLED OR NOT SYMLINKED" (of course). It then shows the superuser app as "16cm-su", any ideas? Edit: Looks like the busybox install failure is a known issue: https://github.com/meefik/busybox/issues/78 Workaround for busybox install here: https://githu
  8. Followed the instructions, LOS is installed, but even after sideloading the addonsu arm64 .zip directly after sideloading the lineageOS .zip, I don't have root access - the only options available for root access in developer options are "ADB only" and "disabled." Edit: Installed it a 2nd time independently of any other installation and it worked, I guess you should reboot between sideloading LOS and addonsu.
  9. Thanks, yeah installing LineageOS + addonsu at the same time using adb + fastboot as specified in the wiki looks like a winner 🙂
  10. So it looks like for LOS 16, the "easy button" solution of installing LineageOS + addonsu via ADB will do what I want, but for later versions I should use Magisk? I assume I'd need to install LineageOS first, then extract a boot.img to patch?
  11. Just got my new Pro1, software is untouched, trying to find the best way to install LineageOS and root the phone. Been doing a lot of research and my head is getting sore, I'm sure my day at work didn't help...any suggestions? From what I've found so far, the unofficial TWRP 3.3.1 is a bad idea except for installing SailfishOS, and Magisk seems to be the best solution for rooting. I'd like to keep FDE or FBE capability. Edit: I should add that I also want to be able to permit or deny root permissions to individual apps.
  12. Got mine today, first one had to be sent back before it could get to me due to some shipping problem.
  13. Hey goodman_j, I'm also ready to get a case, wouldn't mind paying for a beta-quality printout in black.
  14. Just got my "stock assigned" email! Layout: QWERTY Ordered & paid in August 2019, made a change to the order in October 2019 Order #34xxx Shipping to Canada
  15. Good question, I don't know, the documentation doesn't mention that. Many phones come with an option to disable quick charging in Settings-->Battery, I don't know if the Pro1 does.
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