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  1. Good question, I don't know, the documentation doesn't mention that. Many phones come with an option to disable quick charging in Settings-->Battery, I don't know if the Pro1 does.
  2. With this app, root may be required: https://f-droid.org/en/packages/com.slash.batterychargelimit/
  3. Impressive, with this kind of run time I may limit the maximum charge level to 80%~90% to extend the battery's useful lifespan.
  4. I'll root the stock OS, probably won't switch to LineageOS as long as a rootable stock OS is a workable option.
  5. I had a Motorola cheapo phone, then my first "smartphone" and keyboard phone, a Treo 180, then a Treo 650, then an N900, and now a Droid 4 running LineageOS 14.1 - within just the last few weeks the flex cable has started to fail so I've lost the hardware keyboard function
  6. Interesting, I'll look into this, I assume you just disassembled the main body of the phone to get under keys and clean it?
  7. I'm rooting for you too, F(x)tec! And I hope you'll root for me. As in rooting instructions available on shipping day :D
  8. I also plan to root my Pro1 as soon as I get it, I'll try rooting the stock OS first and if that isn't an option I'll try flashing it to LineageOS.
  9. I figured more delays were possible, if there are any more beyond this it's going to cause a problem for me though.
  10. I've had 2 landscape slider phones and no failed flex cables yet...I had an N900 that died from internal flash failure, and now my Droid 4 has failing keyboard switches. I did once have to replace the wires that went through the hinge of my Treo 180, that was a tough job!
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