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  1. I wouldn’t be surprised. I figured my time on Verizon with the pro1 would be short lived. That’s alright the s20 is looking to be a better fit for me. I shall keep the pro1 in a glass case to tell my grandkids of one day
  2. Yesterday my phone stopped sending text messages. I can still receive them but they will not go out. Tried restarting phone no luck. It says “waiting for connection”. I have full 4g service and everything else on the phone works fine. Any suggestions?
  3. New update. I’m not even getting a call screen when The screen is on and open and I’m scrolling through apps. No drop down or anything. My phone just rings and there’s no way to see who’s calling or answer the call
  4. Yes it does i just unchecked all of the options and it didn’t fix it
  5. My screen doesn’t “wake up” when I’m getting a phone call. It doesn’t light up or anything. If I push the power button to wake up to screen, it ends the phone call before I can even see who it was. I can’t find anything in the basic settings for this. Is there a way to set it up so that the screen will automatically turn on when a phone call is coming in?
  6. Wasn’t sure where else to post this My power button doesn’t click anymore, as if it is stuck down. Although it still works, but isn’t the whole purpose of this phone to have working physical clicky clack buttons?😉
  7. I did but I prefer a tempered glass style. Plus I got a million bubbles in mine when I put it on😂
  8. I’ll admit that the first day I did not use the pro1 because I was too scared😂 but I’ve had it with me for two days now and really love this phone. My biggest hinder is not having a proper screen protector or case, other than that this phone will now be with me all the time
  9. By far my favorite phone I ever had was the LG V (first picture) this phone was so fun and usable. I inherited it from my brother after he had it for atleast 1-2 years and the dang thing still worked like new for me for another 3-4 years. It had a replaceable battery which was amazing and my favorite feeling/ functioning keyboard to date. Although it was before smart phones came out I feel it was far ahead of its time. i was a huge fan of the sidekick phones but was never able to have one because we weren’t on T-Mobile. Any chance I got to play with my friends they would have to pry
  10. Same boat. Just checked and mine is now in Oakland. Getting excited. Possibly have it earlier than Wednesday
  11. Not trying to cause widespread panic, just curious If I have not received a call or email or text from fedex about this situation should I assume I don’t need to worry about it? US customer expected the 29th
  12. I have been using the mob armor magnet holder for acouple years on multiple phones in all of my vehicles and I love it. Works perfect for landscape because the phone can spin freely. Very strong magnet and all it requires on the phone or case is a very thin metal sticker(included)
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