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  1. Well I'm pretty thrilled that there are likely to be 2 sliding keyboard phones available at some point. My Moto Z3 is getting a bit long in the tooth. I'd prefer a Pro1, but I'll take whichever one is released first. Appreciate the side-by-side keyboard pix from lawliett. UPDATE: Rob's link about the downgrade mentions that they removed band 13. Guess they don't want Verizon customers. So much for the Astro Slide.
  2. Hello! I've been following these discussions for a while, but finally signed up. I have a Z3 that's paid off in August, and the Pro1 will be my next phone. Really wanted the keyboard Mod, but I think having a full-time keyboard phone is a better solution. I miss my HTC Pro 2 running XDAndroid back in the day. As far as the SoC change, My Z3 has an 835, and my son's Z4 has a 675 (which is similar to the 662 in performance). For the way we use our phones, I've never seen any disadvantage to the Z4. The Z4 is generally faster at loading apps, such as Pokemon Go. Also, I'm hopi
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