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  1. I'm running "Raspbian GNU/Linux 10 (buster)" You're correct, your sudo command above would have done it.
  2. I can attest that a Pi4 works flawlessly so far for flashing for me. Just had to do: sudo apt-get install -y android-tools-adb android-tools-fastboot to install the tools needed.
  3. FATTIRE! He got CM11 working on the Nook Color, many moons ago. The dude knew his shit.
  4. Thanks, but didn't help. Just dawned on me that I have a Pi4 sitting on my desk (running HomeAssistant and a Plex server). Works great from that! EDIT: Lineage 20 install worked perfectly! Thanks to everyone that helped.
  5. Thanks for replying! Windows sees the phone, and it shows up under device manager. Phone had USB Debugging on and USB set to FIle Transfer. Issue is that ADB doesn't see the phone. Also tried adb under the Windows Linux Subsystem. Good suggestion using a USB2 hub -- I know I have one somewhere. Thanks!
  6. The last time I used ADB, I was installing xdandroid on my HTC Touch Pro 2. So it's been a while. Anyone have any tips on getting ADB to talk to a Pro1-X on Windows 10? I tried everything here: https://www.xda-developers.com/install-adb-windows-macos-linux/ Thanks!
  7. FYI: There's a Facebook group called F(x)tec Pro1 Users and Fans, and there was a post today about another store getting a bunch of Pro1-X's: Hey guys, as you may already know, 100 unused fx tec pro 1x(SD662 6GB 128GB) arrived at a store in Japan the other day and sold out by the end of the day. The price is about $300 USD. The performance is not up to date, but other than graphics-heavy games, it's fine and comfortable for me, who used to use a blackberry. https://weekly.ascii.jp/elem/000/004/116/4116714/
  8. It just so happens that I got my moved my Verizon sim card from a Flip 3 (a 5G device) to my shiny new Pro1-X, using UNKNOWN_DEATH's instructions on page 3 of: So far data and voice are working perfectly. Tested voice using the Verizon phone#, and then via Google Voice (set to use the carrier only vs using wifi/mobile data). Tried Google Fi a few years back and it was horrendous in NYC (Lower Manhattan) -- that used Sprint and T-Mo. Both sucked.
  9. YIKES!!! Who hits you up for that? Expansys or the shipper?
  10. Fedex just dropped off my new toy a half an hour ago. Did a quick and dirty GPS comparison outside (Northern NJ). After clearing the agps data on both and waiting about 2 minutes, got the results below. Flip 3 on the left, Pro1-X on the right.
  11. Great app. I forgot that I'd purchased the Pro version at some point. https://mobiwia.com/gpsstatus/ green: satellite is used while determining the location yellow: all orbital data is available, but the satellite is not used blue: only rough orbital data (almanach) is available grey: orbital data is not available My Pro1-X is Out For Delivery, so I'll check out the GPS later today.
  12. That's true, but I should have mentioned that I was just talking about the 8/256 prices.
  13. I was poking around the Discord channel, and apparently the price bounces around between HK2198 and HK2649. And earlier this month only the blue one had the cheaper price, but when I ordered yesterday only the black one did. EDIT: Just to clarify, I'm talking about the 8/256 price.
  14. Thanks -- that's certainly good news! I was going by the Expansys email, which may have been generic. What Discord channel are you referring to? EDIT: Never mind -- found it.
  15. Yeah I saw that. I was wondering if the non-US price includes VAT or something.
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