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  1. Yes, this is fixed. You can find the firmware in the beta testing group:
  2. Long overdue post.. Apologies! Here's a guide on how to flash the Pro1-X stock OS with a script in fastbootd mode. This method works with Windows, macOS, and Linux. Please note, you will need to have your OEM/Bootloader unlocked before you proceed with this flashing process. Click the Google Drive link below for the documentation: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/18Clj6qv4jXIFGfy0S1NO1K8DoN8bJ3Ms?usp=sharing
  3. Could you provide your ticket ID please? Let me follow up on this. Apologies for the delay.
  4. We have fulfilled some of the battery purchases on IGG. We previously announced already that the battery listed on IGG is NOT compatible with Pro1, and have asked those who ordered for the Pro1 battery on IGG to contact us. We can't do anything about those who didn't contact us. It is £99 + shipping. Shipping is calculated on a case by case basis.
  5. Just to let you know, we have Pro1 spare batteries in stock at our office. If you'd like to purchase one, please get in touch with us at [email protected].
  6. I thought you said in another thread that you got a refund via chargeback?
  7. Did you order the battery on IGG for your Pro1? They're not compatible, FYI
  8. There are a lot of restrictions and regulations in order to ship a battery by itself, especially through air freight. That's why they prefer to ship the battery with the phone as it requires less documentation and procedures.
  9. Yeah, this isn't from us... Confirmed with our support team and even Liangchen, this isn't how we respond to customers, and definitely not via text message. Please ignore.
  10. Thanks for your understanding. It's been a hectic journey but we still 100% have confidence in shipping all orders/contributions to everyone. Yes, you're right. But there were some unpredicted events that really impacted this project, namely, the SoC change - where we spent nearly half the fundraised amount. If those funds were still available, all problems would be solved. We've also addressed some key questions people have been raising in the IGG comments section. If you have time, please have a read.
  11. @EskeRahn @Hook Agree with you both. It is a quid pro quo, and we also do encourage flashing different OS's, and beta firmwares from us should not void warranty. I've gone ahead and updated the Disclaimer. Please spread the word 🙂
  12. That's a fair comment. We do test these firmware internally first before we share them to our beta group. The current v2.1.6 beta firmware has been widely testing already amongst our community developers and it is stable. Our intention is not to 'deliberately' brick customers' devices. But I understand that most people are reluctant to join based on that clause.
  13. Relating to LTE connection drops, I've compiled a user manual to fetch modem logs in our beta-testing group. If you are able to reproduce any issues relating to connectivity, please join our program and give it a try!
  14. @Bob78 Good news, I just found a spare USB port from a previous RMA'd unit. If you'd like, I am able to reserve this one for you. Are you looking for replacing this module yourself or sending us the unit for repair?
  15. It is indeed sad news 😞 To my knowledge, if there is still demand for USB port repairs, I think we can order more. But there is a MOQ for it, so it just depends if our previous vendor still supplies this and if the demand is high. I'm able to provide the relevant schematics on a case by case basis. We do have a number of Pro1 parts still available to purchase/for repair: - Battery - Screen - PCBs - Camera - Connection cables - SIM trays - Fingerprint sensor/back covers Apart from these, we will need to see exactly what needs to be
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