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  1. I've installed the 20230120 image on my device, and so far everything is going nicely. No (new) problems to report. However, as anticipated, early indications are that this build does not improve the LTE situation, so I will continue to keep my device locked at 3G.
  2. Before anyone gets too excited, do note that in all the screenshots, there are no cell signal strength indicators, so I would hazard a guess that hardware isn't working yet. Looks like wifi is working though.
  3. I am running GMS-less 2.1.5 and I see all wifi networks in the quicksettings panel.
  4. Plenty of people to have their devices, and plenty of photos of them have been posted, including in many of the threads you're spamming with your complaints.
  5. After flashing stock, it'll show 8 GB until a factory reset is done through Settings -> System -> Reset options -> Delete all data (factory reset). Maybe they just failed to do this step, so you might want to try that first.
  6. Since I'm sure I'll end up dropping my device if it's not in a case, I bought a ZRANTU Case Huawei P20 Mobile Phone Case with RFID Protection from Amazon to try out. I thought that with its phone holder portion being rubber, I might be able to get it to stretch in the right ways to hold the Pro1-X, but that was not to be. I ended up tearing the whole rubber portion out, retaining only the wraparound cover, and then stuck the Pro1-X in using some thin double-stick mirror mounting foam tape. So far it seems fairly good. It's a little tight when closed, but the magnetic clasp does hol
  7. Same. I've been planning to poke around at that a bit, but haven't had the chance yet.
  8. "Preferred" seems to be the key term there. Even when I set the device to "prefer" only bands not even available in my area, it still ends up on those that are. I don't think this menu is a means to actually blacklist bands, just to tell the device which ones to use if available. I got a SMS from a friend this morning telling me he was unable to call me last night. This despite everything seeming okay on the phone this morning. He was trying to call me after midnight, though, so missing the call isn't all bad. 😉
  9. My situation is much improved after forcing VoLTE on, but not entirely fixed. I've had no more known incidents of the "the service has not been implemented" error, and I no longer lose connectivity when I receive incoming calls, but I did see once today where cell connection vanished on my primary SIM, and when it returned, data connection did not return. I was in a bit of a hurry at the time, so didn't take the time to attempt to cajole it into working again, and simply rebooted to fix. So, there is clearly still some work to be done on the connectivity issues, even after the currently
  10. Yes those commands require root. I've modified my post to note that. The LTE connection stayed up all night long. However, when I just called the phone, I got a "the service has not been implemented" recording, which I've never heard before. Second attempt at a call worked fine. So something is still not quite right.
  11. I got a tip on the Telegram beta channel to force the toggles to show in SIM setup via the following commands (requiring root): setprop persist.dbg.volte_avail_ovr 1 setprop persist.dbg.wfc_avail_ovr 1 After entering those commands, and then enabling VoLTE on my primary SIM, it does appear to have registered properly to use VoLTE, and when I called into the phone, it did ring, did not change to "3G" on the network indicator, and did not lose connectivity. I'll let the phone sit overnight and we'll see in the morning if the problem is solved.
  12. Certainly agree VoLTE should be turned on. Curiously, I don't even get a toggle for that in the SIM settings for my primary SIM. I do see that toggle for my secondary SIM (which is a different provider), no matter which SIM slot that secondary SIM is installed in. I don't know whether the absence of the toggle means "always on, you have no choice", "VoLTE not available from this provider", or something entirely different.
  13. I don't think the problem is that simple, as I'll lose connectivity whether or not calls are placed or received. When the phone is first booted up, or the SIM is otherwise reset, everything is generally fine for a while, and then I lose connectivity and the ability to make or receive calls, without moving the phone at all. I was earlier thinking that this issue was only related to phone calls, but now that I've disabled wifi, I see that I'm actually losing all mobile connectivity.
  14. Sadly the current beta seems no better. Even though the phone shows connected (actually even "LTE" now), with good signal strength, incoming calls are not arriving. This device is essentially unusable as a phone at present. Calls are clearly almost getting there, because when I dial in from another phone, "LTE" switches to "3G" on the Pro1-X, but nothing else happens, and the calling phone eventually gets "number not available".
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