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FCC Approval - Manual and Photos Available

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Anyone who has experience with fcc approvals, etc, know what this exactly means? For example assuming fxtec’s ducks are all lined up, how long until FCC typically approves, can they ship them to US customers before approval, etc.


If you look at this alternative source link, you can see it was already completely approved. The photos seem to suggest that the FCC ID will be present on the back of the devices, but can't be seen on the photo, which makes me unsure if that had already happened or they were waiting until the approval. Might just be very hard to see though.


The FCC certification itself seems to have been requested on September 4th... which is very late to be honest. This could've been done in a much earlier stage of development.

Not a lawyer or in the US, but I believe you cannot legally sell consumer hardware like this in the US without FCC certification, so it's something that could've held up the phone.


FCC aside... they were thinking of CE as well, right? ...right? No public database for those though.

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FCC aside… they were thinking of CE as well, right? …right?

Heh... I sure hope so. Since they're based in Europe they should have thought of all the necessary documents for CE certification. I don't expect they're going to repeat this customs disaster that happened with the first batch of Pebble watches.



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How close exactly?


No ship date or updates since the newsletter from two weeks ago. Would like an official update


I wish I could tell you. But the FCC authorization brings us one step closer to release, seeing as the cost associated with getting an approval lies around the $5.000,-. However, I also noticed that usually the procedure could take up to 12 weeks. I'm not entirely sure if the "grant" part of that link means it's fully accepted and ready for production (minus the EC grant, that is)...

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I wish there was a better QA process since even skimming through the photos the first thing I noticed was “User Manuel” (https://fccid.io/2AUCLQX1000/Users-Manual/User-Manual-4458328). I hope that Manuel is not the only user of this device :-D .


He he. Had the same thought. I guess they are obliged to post a manual, and then made this one really quickly.

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