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I've done a first build of AICP Q using the Lineage 17.1 sources as a base.  After it is tested for a while, I will probably try to get official support.   The boot image is used just as in

A brief update...   I've been working on a backup/restore solution for Linux (plus an Android app to drive it) that will be able to do full backup/restore, similar to TWRP.   This

The archiver is making good progress.  I got busy with "real" work the past couple weeks so it has slowed a bit.  The following is working: - backup and restore partitions and filesystems. -

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19 hours ago, marmistrz said:

what's the recommended version to flash as of now? Some December posts mention builds newer than 2020-11-02

The link in the OP is the latest.

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Just flashed the newest a few hours ago. Coming from LOS 16 test builds. AICP is awesome! And no problems so far.

Magisk-stuff works also, although I didn't manage to set up my job email account in Outlook with the Company Portal addon; somehow it manages to find out the root. But not a problem, as I already had decided to drop the Outlook app and use webmail instead. 

But anyway, thank you @tdm for your effort! Sent you a small donation 😊

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13 hours ago, shubell said:

I have a blob question. What is AICP's stand on using other blobs like those found on codeaurora? 


I don't know exactly what blobs you are talking about. Can you be more specific?  But generally AICP is pretty lenient with their policies.


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