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  1. alright so that just fucking happened. since my phone wasn't booting, i decided "hey you know what there can be no harm in trying to install lineageOS, worst case scenario it doesnt work and i'm back at square one." so i flashed the boot.img for lineageos from tdm's website and the phone tries to boot into it and shows the lineage loading screen, but ultimately fails and ends up in a boot loop. So i used this tool yet again to actually go back to square one. and now my phone boots. what the hell is happening i'm so confused
  2. i'm not sure what you mean, but i can enter EDL by pressing both volume buttons down and then the power button. when i flash the phone using this tool, the flash process goes correctly but i always end up in fastboot. if I had unlocked the bootloader, it becomes locked again, so I can tell that it's doing something but it doesn't appear to work.
  3. sorry to dig up an old thread, but i'm having trouble with this. i used it once to do a full factory restore because i couldn't install updates and it worked fine. then after doing an update and rooting, i couldn't install any more updates (probably my fault) so I used this tool again. now my phone can only boot to EDL or fastboot (which says it's locked, although that's not exactly a problem). if I try to flash either one of the 2 QFPs you provide, the result is the same, if I don't enter EDL the phone boots to fastboot no matter what i try. additionnal info: i'm using
  4. well that's a damn shame, i can't seem to find a boot image for 20191203. @Craig or @Ilrilan,would you happen to have it on hand?
  5. this isn't working for me. my phone is asking me to install 20191210 (from 20191203), but regardless of whether i uninstall magisk or not, it fails with the message: "intall failed, reason: 20" which is rather cryptic. the only thing i've done apart from magisk is AdAway (with systemless hosts) and some database hacks to get google pay working (read my standalone post if confused). i've seen in another thread that adaway can cause otas to fail, but i've been very careful to not install it before enabling systemless hosts. Am I screwed? do I need to flash back to stock? EDIT
  6. it worked on my phone, build number QX1000_EEA_20191203104303 after getting the boot.img from this post, patching it and flashing it. EEA doesn't seem to be the problem. i did not have to flash boot_b at all.
  7. Disclaimer: i am not responsible for any harm that may come to your device as a result of following this tutorial. as it turns out, Google pay has detection mechanisms that enable it to detect magisk even when hide is enabled and even when you pass safetynet. this is annoying because some of use like to root our devices but would also like to be able to use features that were listed as a selling point for the phone. i found this topic on XDA which details steps to fool it into thinking the checks have passed, which I will copy below for your convenience. download an
  8. as soon as i saw the title i knew i'd see Eske in the comments talking about battery life lmao
  9. just when we start expecting them to be late, they're early. mine is also coming today, but i've instructed them to give it to my mother and i'm not sure they'll actually do that. we'll see EDIT:well they won't even go inside my neighborhood because it's the bad part of town. they'll come to my office on tuesday, so that's that.
  10. hey would you look at that i also got a tracking number from fedex and it arrives on the 27th.
  11. Wow what a nice selection bias going on here 😄
  12. the discussion was the same when 4G rolled around. more speed would be great, especially considering the ever-increasing data speeds needed for video specifically. personally i don't think rushing to get on 5G as a consumer makes a lot of sense right now considering the fiddling required to make milimiter wave working correctly and the current poor coverage, but in a few years it'll make more sense. so basically the same as when 4G came out.
  13. adding mine to the pile, stock assigned order#6XXX QWERTY Europe, non-IGG, paid 2nd of August. finally, my battery only lasts 4 hours per charge.
  14. that's wierd, I'm pretty sure I paid with paypal in august.
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