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  1. YES! My life would be in a shambles without Floating events.
  2. I love so much of what the Pro1 will be. It's really depressing to see all the nay-sayers that seem unhappy. *So* many people want the horizontal slider form factor. I know from my experience, there are quite a few people who are excited about this concept, but are going to "wait and see" the actual device before making a decision to buy, or are just going to wait until they need a phone. But it's *this* form factor that they are excited about.
  3. I've heard it described (by my bank) that most root users are not running up-to-date software with security fixes. Since OTA updates don't generally work after rooting, this is a real issue, and also the original question in this thread! Root users would probably be happy to be up-to-date if they could.
  4. Two more data points: This Reddit post has a great breakdown of the bands on several carriers and what they are used for. TL;DR: band 66 is high frequency, so doesn't travel far or penetrate buildings well. Band 71 is low frequency, which does travel far and penetrate buildings. The Moto Z2 Force (which I'm assuming a bunch of the indiegogo backers have) has band 66 but not 71.
  5. CellMapper has maps with coverage by specific bands and carriers. Not sure exactly where the data comes from. (Hint: if you don't provide a location to the site, start by zooming out. You start at lat/lon 0/0) This seems to show that band 66 and 71 have far less coverage than the other bands, especially 12. Some posts by T-Mobile (e.g. this support question) imply that band 66 is only deployed alongside other bands, not alone. This may mean that most of the time, coverage should be available on other bands. Band 66 and 71 both are "new" (started in 2016/2017) so lacking them might mea
  6. Back in the Photon Q days (or possibly earlier) VX ConnectBot was a good fork that had more support for phones with hardware keyboards. It looks like it hasn't been updated in a while, though.
  7. I don't want to move any of the existing conversation, but I do hope that once the device lands, there will be a presence on xda-developers for custom rom development.
  8. You can definitely do that with Tasker: shake-flashlight recipe
  9. For a V1, this price point is spectacular. The biggest spec people keep pointing out is the chipset, and CPUs have really been plateauing recently. Battery life is far more important, and it's great that they are focusing on that.
  10. I've used phones with slide-out keyboards before. It's not an all-or-nothing thing. A lot of the time, I will use it more or less the same way I use a portrait form-factor phone. I will even still use the on-screen keyboard for stuff that is mostly english prose. I will switch to the keyboard for: Complex text like time, dates, figures, or anything where a spell-checker won't help. ssh using VX ConnectBot games, specifically roguelikes, specifically Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup, Cataclysm: DDA, and possibly nethack as native android apps Similar games and terminal-based applicatio
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