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  1. I have *not* tried flashing this script -> erasing userdata -> boot up and log in -> flash using the script again. That would be the end-to-end non-rooting flow. I'll try that. Might take a bit.
  2. Correct. The first boot after running the flash all script asks for a password.
  3. I captured the update file, but I have no idea what to do with it. This seems to be the URL: http://hwfotadown.mayitek.com/ota/root_data02_2/idealte/idealte8998_9.0/QX1000/en-US/other/QX1000_EEA_05500.1| 9Q401_20191111-1505/2019112919502366681.zip Above looks like the 11/29 update. The 12/10 update is at: http://hwfotadown.mayitek.com/ota/root_data02_2/idealte/idealte8998_9.0/QX1000/en-US/other/QX1000_EEA_20191210151358_20191210-1516/2019121017300185739.zip
  4. Nope, I used a PIN the first time, and every time since then I haven't used any security. Makes no difference. (I have fully flashed back to stock about 5 times now, testing)
  5. I can try that, but every time so far that I have flashed anything other than "boot", when I reboot, I am prompted for a password. No password works.
  6. The only way I found to eventually get out of that state was to "fastboot erase userdata". I'm really at a loss, now. I really want to be able to root and then later install updates, whether OTA or otherwise. At the moment that does not seem possible. Anyone have any ideas for what else I could try?
  7. I followed these steps on my device to get back to stock so I could apply the OTA update, and it appears to have done something wonky with the boot-time pin. After running this, I get to the "To start Android, enter your PIN" prompt, but it does not accept my PIN. (says "Wrong PIN"). I suspect that I'll have to completely wipe and reinstall at this point, but would love to have another option. I would really like to have a procedure to be able to apply OTA updates after rooting.
  8. No, because the instructions say *not* to reboot the phone. If you're going to flash using fastboot, you may as well just flash the new version rather than doing an OTA, I guess. (although flashable versions of updates are always hard to find)
  9. I tried it today without luck. Followed the instructions here: https://github.com/topjohnwu/Magisk/blob/master/docs/tutorials.md (really just uninstall in Magisk, then try to install the OTA.) Same error as above. 😞
  10. I'm switching to Mint soon. I'll report on that when I do. Bigger -> Smaller SIM might be possible. SIM cards usually have punch-outs to make them smaller.
  11. It was a Ting sim from my last phone which was also on Ting.
  12. Nope, just worked. I believe I've had it done before by support when I was having difficulty configuring them on my wife's phone.
  13. I'm using Ting, which is an MVNO on T-Mobile. I put the SIM in, got a text message saying they were downloading new settings, and then shortly later everything worked. I turned WIFI off and was able to get a 4G connection. I have not done extensive testing, but everything (SMS, MMS, phone, data) seems to work.
  14. I completely agree. Am I missing something, or do these just not work? I can't find any combination of keyboard presses that actually enters / or ?.
  15. I have followed these steps, and they seem to work.
  16. Great success! I have a linux box in the basement, and it was able to fastboot flash on the first try. Must be some software or driver issue on *both* my windows machines. 😞
  17. I tried both the official version from https://developer.android.com/studio/releases/platform-tools and "Minimal ADB and Fastboot" from: https://www.thecustomdroid.com/minimal-adb-and-fastboot-tool-for-windows/ The latter had been recommended ... somewhere. Oddly, adb doesn't seem to have any issues, only fastboot.
  18. I tried the instructions in the Sailfish thread to install TWRP, but it's failing at the first step to set_active. The set_active command returns different errors every time I run it. I have tried various USB cords (mostly the one that came with the phone) and various usb ports and even two different machines, but with the same result. Any suggestions?
  19. Received mine this morning. 🙂 Order number was [Order #10183] (March 20, 2019)
  20. Got my tracking number!!! ETA 12/10 (US, IGG backer, had a stock assigned in the first batch)
  21. Eh. We have one thread that is over 30 pages long. That's far, far too long to be useful to anyone. The goal should be to have a high Signal/Noise ratio. Sometimes this means moving things together, sometimes it means keeping things separate. Sometimes it means leaving things where they are so there is less noise from people complaining. 😉
  22. The F3Q had lower specs pretty much all around. Definitely not an upgrade from the Photon 4G Q.
  23. Got my email as well... it was in my spam folder. If anyone is curious about the reason it was marked as spam: Quote
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