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  1. Are you able to do this for the symbols above the number row? How? (I might be missing something obvious, but these symbols don't have keycodes, and I can't enter them in the "Key" section either. Are you using "TEXT"? Edit: "TEXT" seems to work, at least in Termux. You could probably record macros with this.
  2. Yes, the keycaps. The renders don't include a bunch of keys along the left hand side... I think I could deal with a few keys not being labeled correctly, but not with the whole layout shifted.
  3. Tab is supported pretty well by android itself. Alt-tab, for example, can be used to switch apps. Specific apps seem to vary quite a bit in how they treat Tab. I don't particularly care about generic android apps... My use cases are not "use regular android apps with a keyboard" but rather "use apps designed for a full keyboard." The latter category support Tab just fine.
  4. Is there a way to rearrange the physical keys to match the layout from finQwerty?
  5. I don't. I can only compare it to the Z2 Force, really. The Z2 had a pretty good speaker. Side-by side, the Z2 has a bit more bass and "fullness" to the sound. (not scientific at all, here, just a quick impression). Might be improved a bit by using the Equalizer, depending on the app.
  6. This seems to work really well. I think my problem before was trying to do the same thing with both hands. Holding the base with one hand, while opening with the other gives a reassuring amount of grip.
  7. Mint forums have people posting similar questions. Mint does not have the ability to enable the phone on the T-Mobile network, and T-Mobile won't talk to you if you aren't their customer. So basically T-Mobile would have to approve the device type entirely to get it to work.
  8. FYI, I really think the camera deserves more attention in a review, I just haven't used it much, yet.
  9. Maybe that will eventually trickle down to the MVNOs.
  10. I switched from Ting to Mint (Both MVNOs that use T-Mobile) this morning. Mint seems to work the same as Ting did, so far. I did need to set up the APN.
  11. An early review of the F(x)tec Pro1. Early in my experience, (about a week) and early in the release timeline, probably. 1: Background I have been a fan of phones with Keyboards since at least 2002 with the Palm Treo 755p. After that, I had the Palm Treo Po (windows mobile), Samsung Epic 4G (my first horizontal slider and first android phone), and Motorola Photon Q. In 2015, I got tired of waiting for another high-end keyboard phone, and tried a Samsung Note 4, hoping that the larger screen real estate would make up for the missing keyboard. In 2017, when the Indiegogo campaign was laun
  12. - Order date: 3/20/2019 - Order number: 10183 - IGG coupon: Yes. - Model: QWERTY - Location: US - Day of payment: 8/1/2019 - Stock assigned mail (Yes, or No): Yes, both the first batch that got sent back to HK and the second batch - Tranking number received Date: 12/5/2019 - Phone received: YES! 12/11/2019
  13. I do have my Pro 1, so these answers are for it. 1) Same as above, I don't want to remove the fingerprints, etc. I assume it's the same as the next case. 2) short press: nothing long press: opens the camera app. Does not take a picture. Does not allow access to any pictures, whether those taken in the current session or a previous session. I have not found any way to customize which app opens when you press the camera button. 3) (long press) launches the camera. No access to earlier photos. 4) it's a multi-stage button. half-press: focuses. full press: takes a pic
  14. The way it worked on the Z2 was that you could only see the pictures you took in the current "session" without unlocking. Seeing earlier pictures required unlocking the phone.
  15. Yeah, I really wish there were an option in Magisk to not allow remounting /system as RW.
  16. I did try TWRP, but it has very little functionality at the moment. It did not prompt for a password, for example. I am *not* stuck at the moment. I bit the bullet and completely wiped. I was also able to root -> use phone -> unroot -> Apply OTA -> root again without losing data, which is what I really wanted. I am not likely to experiment further while that is still true. The process of getting everything working just takes too long.
  17. Something I did managed to modify the system partition despite my being careful not to. This resulted in the OTA not being able to be applied, even after returning the boot partition to stock. I *was* able to apply the OTA in this state by applying the *just* the system image in addition. This let me apply the OTA. I was then able to re-root using this patched magisk and had root before/after applying the OTA update. Be forewarned that there are *multiple* OTA updates, and they will be applied in order, so make sure you check for new updates before re-rooting.
  18. Just to clarify, the phone has a bootloader mode, but no recovery mode. Bootloader: power phone off, hold volume down and press power. Continue to hold volume down until the bootloader screen. Or, via adb, run "adb reboot bootloader" Recovery: From the bootloader screen, use arrow keys to navigate to "Recovery mode" then press power once. Or, via adb, run "adb reboot recovery"
  19. Fully restore to stock. erase user data. (basically, should be the same as starting with a fresh phone) flash magisk (I used the image provided on the thread about magisk) fastboot flash boot magisk_patched.img boot to android install magisk manager verify root works reboot to bootloader, flash default boot.img: fastboot flash boot boot.img reboot to android apply OTA update So root alone isn't enough to prevent the OTA, or is at least reversible. When I extend step 5 to "restore everything" then the OTA doesn't work in step 8. There must be some
  20. Neither of the two options in this article work. We don't have a functional TWRP, and the phone itself doesn't seem to have any Recovery mode. (Booting to recovery says "No Command"). So Side Loading (at least via these options) does not seem to be an option. Maybe once we have a fully functional TWRP...
  21. This *did* work in a later test with no other changes.
  22. I can't list everything I've tried. It's too much. But these steps *should* erase everything on the phone, so it shouldn't matter what I did beforehand. Here's the latest test, which highlights the concern with the script and resources provided in this thread: flash all back to stock (use the provided script and resources, but uncomment the lines to flash userdata and misc. I also modified this script to run on linux.) boot fails. Prompts for password, nothing works. fastboot erase userdata boot succeeds, can use the phone normally. run the script provided in
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