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  1. A cheaper (and I think still usable) alternative would be a touchscreen (e-ink ot not) and a real 3d screen protector with the grid between the virtual keys: you can feel the position of the keys and get the feedback through vibration. One could try this with the LG G8X (If there is enough space between the screen for a "relief rubber mat").
  2. Hi, about those dead zones: I would just need one on the bottom when the keyboard is open: Then my thumbs sometimes touch the screen when using the top row of keys. But it is not a big deal, so if it is easy to implement together with the usual dead zones it would be nice, but if not it is probably at the bottom of the list (or not even on it, if too complicated of if I am the only one with this problem).
  3. Niederrhein, Germany (next "big" town is Venlo, Netherlands)
  4. Does your "Pro1 shipping update January" not start with
  5. I cannot imagine, that probably devices for all IGG backers are already produced and now waiting for us another two weeks in China. Why? To save shipping of one package? To make as many backers as possible lose their temper (and their voucher)?
  6. Of course ist helps: What Bank gives free Loans to a Ltd. without any safety, even without a complete product? (At the Time of the first payments even the FCC approvement was not applied for) Any Investor is looking at the demand of the product. I think it is hard to find better measure for demand than completely paid preorders.
  7. No, in the end he has bought the phone and given a 6 month interest-less loan. If he gets the phone now, is happy with it and shows it in many different places, that would be even better for fxtec. Just imagine, the first publicly available phones going to "casual" buyers, that buy it like any phone online and shout everywhere "too thick, too slow, typing on a big touchscreen ist still faster"
  8. My first username was nspfxtec :) I do not want to post screenshots here. I just remember, that I read my payment e-mail in the morning and there was no paypal option. In the evening the paypal option was there and I immediately paid.
  9. Hi, #11XXX, IGG backer, QWERTZ, paid 1 August 2019 still not even "stock assigned"... I remember having posted something similar, but I expect to receive my device before Brexit end of next month. Or, more precisely, before 180 days of buyer protection are over. I dont know, if it makes a difference, but I paid with paypal (it was only available for a short time). Does this influence the shipment order?
  10. Hi, I think smaller will be unrealistic (you need some size for Battery/cooling), so I hope, they will offer in perhaps two years a pro1 Mark II: Similar design (if time-proven, they can even use the same keyboard components) and more recent hardware with a modern mid-range processor, 5G and "enough" storage. But my wish would be a semi-rugged and waterproof 5" model. Same Hardware, same Keyboard, same size, but no fear of damaging it too bad.
  11. Please give me 1$ discount and ship one "scrapped" light bleeding device immedialy. (quertz, #11xxx, IGG Backer, no "stock assigned" e-Mail)
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