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  1. Coming from the N900 I would love a Sticky Keys function and a function to make Shift actually usable to enter special characters on the number keys, the yellow arrow button is somewhat unergonomic.
  2. Pro1 came in the mail, man what a device! Really need to get used to it. Guess i'll keep using my N900 for writing stuff though. EDIT: Why would I keep using my N900 for writing stuff? osso-notes is perfect, plus I don't want Google to know about the weird (and wonderful) shit I write.
  3. hey does anyone know if Rockbox for Android is still a thing?
  4. Waiting for my Pro1 to come in the mail makes me wish for a nuclear winter.
  5. N900 till the day I die baby! Still using one as of today.
  6. wat. Comparing a 6700K to a 8700K (which has 2c/4t more and overclocks like hell because 14nm++) is comparing Wittgenstein in my avatar to a Cray-1: they're miles apart in performance!
  7. Pic broke again.. EDIT: In the quote it shows up. wtf?
  8. Even pics uploaded after that date? Huh, ok then. Lemme test that real quick:
  9. This speculating is worse than AdoredTV's Ryzen 3000 hitting 5 GHz (and 16 cores for less than €750) bullshit leak.
  10. "How will you use the Pro1?" Shitposting on TMO/here, writing stuff and hopefully finding a working version of Rockbox for Android!
  11. €20 says this is the same dude who kept going on TMO that fxtec is one big scam and all that bullshit.
  12. Aw hell yeah, looks like i'll be getting my phone the end of the week or next week then.
  13. Damn that's quick, I got my payment request on 31-07 and paid ~ten minutes later.
  14. I really wish the newsletter we were supposed to get will be a shipping confirmation instead.
  15. Wow, am I on HWBOT or the Fxtec forum? /s @topic: images are broken.
  16. Someone recommend me a screen protector for my Pro1 pl0x
  17. MediaMarkt had a good deal on a open box Galaxy Watch for €211 and I jumped on it, getting it tomorrow. Now, if only my Pro1 would hurry up already!
  18. I've been thinking of getting a Galaxy Watch to go with my Pro1, anything I should look out for?
  19. I just wish Fxtec would get a (better) PR dude before this goes even more out of hand.
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