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  1. For what it's worth, my focus in LineageOS is too "far". I need to focus at around 35 meters for "infinity" and if I focus further than that, everything gets blurry.
  2. Anyone know how to stop the symbols from popping up when you hold down a letter on the physical keyboard? Very annoying.
  3. I'm getting issues with basic file transfer over USB as well
  4. If you re-read my original message, I was referring to SARS and MERS which have a mortality rate of over 10%. We don't know what the mortality rate of the Wuhan coronavirus is yet.
  5. No. In the USA 20 million people were infected with influenza this recent season, and there were about 10,000 deaths. That's a mortality rate of roughly 0.05%.
  6. Isn't this a community project? Isn't this being worked on by unpaid volunteers?
  7. Coronavirusea like SARS and MERS are 100+ times more deadly than influenza, and the novel one could very well be the same once all the infections run their course. The only reason influenza has a higher absolute death toll is because it infects far more people. China is enacting a quarantine larger than any other in human history to try and stop it. Billions of dollars are being spent to prevent further spread. These diseases are not the same, and can't be compared.
  8. It seems like it only kills old people and people with poor health quickly. Those that are young and in good health just take a lot longer to die. The Chinese doctor who leaked news of the new virus to fellow medical professionals died today at only 34 years old, after being symptomatic for over 3 weeks. Again, sorry if this is offtopic so I will come back to the original point: Despite the massive quarantine efforts going on and huge amount of money being spent to contain this virus, it seems pretty bad and only getting worse. I wouldn't count on the factory re-opening within the next mo
  9. The virus outbreak is hitting China very hard. Everything is shut down for at least another week in the hope of stopping it from spreading. Somewhere between 10,000 and 100,000 are infected and it doesn't look like it's slowing down much. It's looking pretty grim... I wouldn't make any plans revolving around getting a new Pro1 within the next month or two.
  10. I never heard of them called that way!
  11. Try installing Firefox Preview. Does it have the same issue? Does it run faster?
  12. I would certainly love to believe in that, but I will remain skeptical until I have a tracking number for my order.
  13. It would be nice, but let's be honest with ourselves... Fxtec is doing the best they can but they have never met any deadline.
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