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  1. Facepalm. I've moved TWICE since ordering this phone and still no end in sight. 😂
  2. Has anyone run into any issues with Windows (in my case, 10) not being able to properly detect the Pro1X and can't find the right drivers to install? Mainly because it's needed for the "fastboot" part of the instructions. Sadly, I tried the recommended Google USB Driver but it was unable to detect it as something that would work with this device.
  3. Really sorry that this is happening for you, and appreciate you posting a timeline for others to see. My Pro1 also experienced a similar fate (went black one day, wouldn't turn on, wouldn't charge, etc). I opted not to send it in because I worried I'd never see it again. I gotta hand it to Fxtec, though. Before this phone, I was a die-hard hardware keyboard user, and the merely okay experience of the Pro1 followed by its early demise cured my need for that. Turns out a basic keyboardless smart phone is juuuuuuuuust fine.
  4. Yeah, this also happened to me, same exact thing. Went to bed, phone was working. Woke up, phone was off (it had enough battery to survive the night). Wouldn't turn back on, wouldn't react in any way to plugging in to original charger, different chargers, different cables, etc. I'm in the process of mailing it to fxtec for repair right now. When emailing support, my experience was it took about 7 days to get a response. You might be able to expedite by sending them pictures with your first email, as they asked me for a total of 10 pictures: top and bottom of each corner, the USB port
  5. Also got stock assigned email: Order: #29XXX Placed: Early August 2019 QWERTY United States
  6. Ironically, it was a different phone, running Puffin OS. It completely slipped my mind because it was ultra cheap (like US$60) and I was more interested in the cloud based tech than using it as a daily driver. I also confused when I backed this project with others (PC games I backed that are still in development) -- this Puffin phone went from Kickstarter in July to shipping now, which I 100% wasn't expecting... and yet still forgot I backed the phone! This isn't a slight against fxtec at all, as this Puffin phone is intentionally as basic and generic as a phone could possibly be, whereas
  7. edit: Unfortunately it turns out this info wasn't for this phone. It turned out to coincidentially be for a Kickstarter I backed from YEARS ago and had not been tracking and coincidentially lined up. Sorry for the false alarm. Just got my tracking info. Shipping via DHL, to arrive on Jan 2 Not an IGG backer Pre-ordered/paid early August I'm United States-based Order number is in the 29XXX range Officially on my account, it's still reading "Processing" and I have not yet gotten an email from Fxtec. Which... I guess this could be something else, bu
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