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  1. was running mine as a pocket linux PC with Droidian until my daily android phone developed issues. Currently using the Pro1X with stock android as a phone, using termux for doing some light coding (Helix/Rust/Go/Git are all I need), and occasional SSHing.
  2. Hi all. After running Droidian on my Pro1-X for a while and using it as a pocket Linux PC, I've decided to give it a shot as a daily with the stock Android. One of the biggest limitations so far, has been the Snapdragon camera app. It's just... not good. I've been trying both Open Camera and Camera FV-5, and they both considerably improve the camera experience. When pushing the camera button, the phone launches the Snapdragon Camera app, even when in another camera app already. This was easy enough to fix, simply disabling the SD camera app entirely makes the hardware camera button w
  3. No, I always made a copy and modified that copy. One of the originals was only ever copied, while the other was mounted read only at some point to copy from the backup into the stock image in an attempt to put the keys on the stock image. Regardless, I will try restorecon and see what happens 🤞
  4. This is my situation, I have two backups of my persist partition, from when the phone had broken sensors but working attestation keys. They contain a data folder (with files similar to yours) and have only been copied (so I could modify the copy) or mounted read-only (to copy files from). restoring any of my persist backups with the data folder does not restore the attestation. I'm not at my PC until tomorrow night, but I will try out the restorecon method on the data folder when I get back.
  5. I read this shortly after asking here. I'll continue the discussion there.
  6. I'm sure there is, but I've only seen it once so it's hard to figure out a pattern from that. I believe it was "unique" for my personal flashing attempts in that it was one of the only times I rebooted into EDL mode through adb rather than using the volume keys at startup method. So basically a reboot and not a cold boot. But most people use `adb reboot edl` all the time without issue so I doubt that's the reason?
  7. I've had this happen once as well. Boot back into EDL mode (turn of the phone, then hold both volume keys and turn on the phone, it should show a logo very briefly, then go to a black screen) and run the flashing procedure again. This resolved my issue. It might take a few times to get into EDL mode correctly (I've had it boot into EDL but only memory dump mode and no firehose a couple of times first).
  8. I'm sorry for your loss. But it seems like there is more going on than we currently understand with the attestation keys. Thank you for confirming this.
  9. Before you do, can you try flashing it back (it will break the sensors again), and try if device attestation still works for you? I backed up my persist partition when device attestation still worked (but rotation etc did not), and reflashing the original backup did not restore attestation. I'm just curious if this is just me having messed up somewhere, or if there is more going on here.
  10. The persist partition is locked in fastboot mode. Rebooting into EDL mode and flashing it with the EDL python scripts does work (at least on Mac and Linux) I see some of these errors while flashing as well, does not seem to affect the process at all - I've checked a couple of those partitions and I can read them back and the checksums match those of the images I've flashed. I've restored to stock a couple of times over the past week and I've had these error messages from the start.
  11. I'm not very skilled, just been around long enough 🙂 No harm in trying to explain things, I don't mind or take offense to things like that pretending to be above learning things. There is no way for you to know what I understand or know or not, and you're trying to help. I still have my Nokia N810 and there is no modern kernel that supports its LCD or graphics chip, unfortunately. I used to have a ton of Sharp Zaurus (these used to be the gold standard) and a couple of HP Jornada & NEC MobilePro handheld PCs where we used Windows CE as a sort of bootloader for Linux/BSD.
  12. There is one that's been for sale forever locally. They were willing to sell for cheap. Maybe I'll try lowballing them...
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