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You obviously can only have one keyboard layout at a time, which is what that language switch is for. But you can have multiple languages for autocorrection active at the same time, for example with S

And did you try the Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard? Because both @Rob. S. and me suggested that one to you now and I'm not sure if you actually tried it. At least on LineageOS 17.1 it works well apart fr

SWIFTKEY WORKS! it opens a total new settings menu that was previously totally hidden

Same problem, Slim Saint Andrew crosses.

I guess the picture upload service you are using are somehow inaccessible


If I click one of the images I get this security message


EDIT: Seems to not be a general issue, but some over zealous Danish security thing that blocks the site....

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If you notice from our QWERTY layout, some symbols were placed on the left, to make the letters in the middle to be reachable with both thumb. Just copying a PC layout will shift the main letters too close to left and make it harder for the right thumb.



Your argument would be correct if the keys on the left side of the keyboard were more often used than the national letters.

In reality there are four keys on the left side of keyboard (Q, W, Z/Y, X) which are rarely used, so it is not a problem if they are less accessible for the left/right thumbs.

It is more important to have a keyboard layout that is similar to a usual keyboard, with national/accented characters (ä, ö...) accessible without having to press Fn or other key combination. National characters are more often used than Q, W, Z/Y, X.

The same is true for Scandinavian keyboard.

I agree with EskeRahn that the right-shift of the A-Z should only be used on the English keyboard layout.

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It would be amazing if you'd add "qwertz layout, EU plug" to the pre-order options! :) Shouldn't be too difficult to just add the option, right? Handling and processing it will be done later anyways, and as it's a pre order I don't think you're obligated to deliver nor do the customers need to actually buy. But it would be a great signal and make a bunch of ppl happy and more pre-orders :)

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It would be amazing if you’d add “qwertz layout, EU plug” to the pre-order options! :) Shouldn’t be too difficult to just add the option, right? Handling and processing it will be done later anyways, and as it’s a pre order I don’t think you’re obligated to deliver nor do the customers need to actually buy. But it would be a great signal and make a bunch of ppl happy and more pre-orders :)


Well IF the keyboard is 'fixed' and has to be factory mounted you are right. But IF the keyboard is a thing that is easy to replace for us as users, it might simplify (and thus reduce the costs) to deliver all with QWERTY, and have the QWERTZ, Scandic, AZERTY ... or whatever, be a completely separate thing following later.

The pre-order page got a FAQ that could indicate that is what they plan to do (but I do not know)

When will you support other keyboard layouts (QWERTZ, AZERTY, Scandi etc)

The Pro1 will ship with QWERTY keyboard layout, when there is sufficient demand we will create additional keyboard layouts.

My personal GUESS is that they are very busy with the device, and see the different layout-prints a bit like cherries on top of the cake, that will be handled at a later stage (remember this is a new company, and not a huge corporation with thousands of employees). I assume that we will be able to select different software layouts, no matter what is printed on the keys.

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Thanks to TeZtDevices, here are the two options: Not exactly as our layout but similar:


[attachment file=11189]


This looks good from a UX perspective, but my worry is that the letters are too close to left and as the device is big it makes right thumb quite stretching.



[attachment file=11190]


This is my current favourite. As it gives unified experience with QWERTY and the extra letters are also easily accessible.

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@Waxberry, I for one would definitely go for the first of the two. Remember that the national letters are there for a reason: Common usage.

And the idea of the QWERTY/QWERTZ/AZERTY/... is that the letters to the very left/right of the standard block is the least used ones.

The whole point of swapping Y/Z as that Y is really rarely used in German, and Z frequently used. (They got Ü for the sound where we use Y).

Thus it is NOT a big deal that the leftmost letters are the hardest to reach.


And as said earlier, it could even be used in Scandinavia, if not enough users show interest to sustain a dedicated scandinavian one.

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One problem with the umlauts being behind FN that just came to mind is writing capital letters. You'll have to thumbtype 3 keystrokes. I don't know if there's any stickykey functionality on shift or FN, but I wouldn't exactly be a fan of that either.

Ideally I'd expect every key to be reasonable well reachable on the keyboard. The kind of people who use touch keyboards don't seem to have problems reaching all edges of the screen either. I don't have a Pro1 to judge myself of course, but I imagine it can't be as bad as you make it seem.


As I said before, both will be useable as typing on the small keyboard is an experience somewhat disconnected from normal keyboard typing. Nevertheless if there are no technical issues, I'd recommend going with something that is as close to the well established layout as possible.

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I like the second version (the one with a/ä, o/ö, u/ü on the same button) slightly more. I think it would be easier to type fast on that one and it looks less cramped.

I can imagine the first version (the one with dedicated ä, ö, ü buttons) is better for people who would use this keyboard for other layouts.

But honestly both layouts look quite good.

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