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Any updates on desktop OS's?

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I have been playing with chroot on the Pro¹ lately, extremely happy with it, even though it is still rough around the edges. Even my N900 never felt so close to an actual pocketable computer. Therefor

this is my mobile "desktop" solution. i want to make it with my pro1.

Ubu chroot on Pro¹ running SFOS: Thanks Preflex and TheKit!  

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I did achieve my "desktop experience" using a Debian Chroot on top of a rooted LineageOS 16.0 (the same result could probably be obtained using Stock Android 9, if rooted).

I installed a customised Debian on a dedicated partition of my SD-card, basically following the receipes found here:


Using Run Userinit from F-Droid, I mount the Chroot at /data/DEBIAN and start its SSH server on boot of the Pro1 (I attach my Chroot script to this post for reference). Doing this gives CLI access to Debian from any Lineage/Android SSH client. I mount the Android filesystems (read only) in the Chroot. There is a second, common partition on the SD-card writable from both systems for data exchange. The Chroot script also starts a background process ('aid_dns_syncd') that keeps Debian's DNS in-sync with that of LineageOS, so that internet access just works (tm) in Linux.

A CLI Debian is already a very powerful tool in itself, especially as it is accessible via SSH: it allows e.g. to automate backup tasks or transfer files to and from the device via SFTP. Still, this does not yet qualify as a "desktop" experience, of course.

So my Chroot script also starts an XRDP-server. The latter is ready to spawn a KDE/Plasma 5 desktop on request by any RDP client (although I specifically restrict this server to listen to localhost only). I found (paradoxically for a Linux enthusiast) that Microsoft's Remote Desktop 8 App provides -- by far --  the best support of the Pro1's keyboard because it is able to forward scancodes. VNC -- the usually recommended way of accessing a Chroot desktop -- did not work for me, as Android VNC clients (at least all that I tested) are unable to send the Pro1's level-3 keys (essentially the yellow symbols), which are important for programming. That said, my XRDP does use a (Tiger)VNC frontend that I found to provide the most stable X11 server, although more performant solutions (xorgxrdp) do exist.

Using Remote Desktop 8 to connect to Debian's XRDP service allows to use the Pro1 like a miniature laptop. Remote Desktop 8 can emulate a touchpad-driven cursor, which allows to operate conventional desktop software much more conveniently than when using the touchscreen directly (trying to hit minuscule buttons or icons by fingertip is just frustrating and IMHO not suited for a working environment). A nice side effect of using XRDP and the Microsoft App is that they are able to forward sound from the Debian chroot to the Android sound system transparently. This does not work out-of-the-box though, one needs to manually compile and install the respective PulseAudio drivers in Debian, as described here:


That audio set-up works well enough for listening to local music players or Youtube music. The video frame rate of the latter is bad due to the lack of hardware acceleration and (probably) because of the additional overhead introduced by XRDP. But as I have Newpipe and VLC on LineageOS, I do not really care about that: Debian is for work, Lineage for fun. 🙂  




Since writing this post, I migrated my set-up from Debian 10 to Devuan 3 as explained in this post. Because of its traditional server init scripts, I found the latter to be more suited for a chroot environment.

Updated the chroot startup script accordingly.


Edited by claude0001
Added screenshot. Fixed typos. Updated chroot script. Updated script to Devuan.
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