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  1. Pretty much the same, Denmark has higher VAT than most with 25% though
  2. Even more expensive shipping and customs than mine, though in the same ball park.
  3. Both, HK$2649 for the Pro1X, HK$450 charged by expensys for shipping to other than US and China, and €102 in customs and fees collected by the shipper... At the least they did not declare the exorbitant shipping, so I was not slapped customs&tax on top of that....
  4. Well I got it from Expansys, and has added voting options here... 45% surcharges, €530 in total.
  5. Have a look here https://community.fxtec.com/topic/3513-time-to-take-action-us-carrier-whitelisting-verizon-and-att/?do=findComment&comment=60544 I guess T-Mobile is doing the same thing....
  6. (got it, €102 in customs, on top of the €428 incl shipping, so €530 in total)
  7. I agree in principle, though it is seldom that you do not have a rough idea of the direction. (cloudy night with no moon e.g., or no idea of the time of day). And just checked here, the Pro1 got similar problems, though it seems to more often have portrait not landscape correct.... 🤬
  8. Look at the compass, 90 degree off. I had the same issue initially. Related to the slider, but it solved itself (when in portrait) Just tried again, and it is off again.... Add: Sorry, remembered wrong. It is an autorotate-bug. IF you open it, with an app supporting landscape THEN the orientation is shown correctly.
  9. Mine is supposed to be delivered tomorrow
  10. I think the "finds" here indicates that it by its rough position and agps data knows where the satellite it is supposed to see should be (and show them in white), but can not 'see' them ("fix"), that would have been in green.
  11. Or: @brunoais is so broad minded that he imagine that your postings could be excused by alcohol.
  12. ...And the opening seems pretty complex compared to e.g. this: https://community.fxtec.com/topic/2681-how-to-openshut-the-pro1pro1x/?do=findComment&comment=42061
  13. Indeed a very interesting device. As you can see prior in this long thread, many - including me - are exited about it. There are pros and cons of the larger but fewer keys though, so depends on the usage pattern if one is more suitable than the other. And it seems that opening will only work with two hands. Tolerable, but not ideal (either).
  14. Do you ever bother about facts? The Astroslide project started over two years ago, as they also were hit by some of the issues that hit The Pro1X project. And yes, according to their update the devices has not reached their warehouse yet, but is expected to in a few days. (Like the Pro1X a small portion HAS been delivered, and that portion is likely larger for the Astro)
  15. Well if you pulled out the violin from your ear, you might be able to hear what @mv and others told you already: Yes, the company is far from perfect. Yes, the device is far from perfect. Investments in a project involves risks, potentially loosing the invested money. Yes, we understand that you, among others, are unhappy with your investments. Yet we are some that ARE positive to the project and hope to get the Pro1X (and a few already got it) Whether you are able to comprehend that others feels different than you is another question. If you are not, it is a
  16. Interesting. I got something not that different with the original Pro1. Normally steady as a rock, but travel around, and it gives spontaneous reboots. Especially if WiFi is on. It is not every time, but often. And does not always happen on the same route. The only pattern is that the spontaneous reboots are extremely rare when at my desk.
  17. Interesting theory. But it is both (most of) batch 1 and 2 that have been sent to "our warehouse", and never any further, so it would have to be both batches they sold for your theory to explain what is going on. But sure your theory could be correct if the first batches were fundamentally flawed, and they sold them of cheap and are producing new ones. I doubt it very much though, since if so it would be hard to honestly label the cause as "contractual issues with our partner in Hong Kong". - note by the way that they state issues in plural... It is a bit mysterious how they as early
  18. (lineage-19.1-20221017-nightly-pro1-signed.zip on October 5 security patch installed smoothly using adb sideload and MindTheGapps-12.1.0-arm64-20220605_174313) Still with the keyboard bug introduced that messes accessibility apps (works on AICP R/S based on Android 11/12) see e.g. this.
  19. Interesting theory. Could be that the lips lift the screenpart just enough so applying pressure in the centre area of the screen part in a pocket just might add enough some to cause the issue over time. I use flip cases, but the flip is not super stiff (fake leather and some cardboard in between). so not really any pressure protection there. The bottom part also has a lip gripping the keyboard half, BUT it is really thin, You can slip a piece of paper in over it almost all the way round. And I have not had the display issues (yet?)
  20. I fear that is exactly what is going on. BUT if Expansys have erhm appropriated the devices that was allocated to us, I doubt very much that we or FxTec would get them back from them no matter what. But yes there certainly is a risk that we are buying erhm appropriated goods here.... So I would love to hear an official statement from FxTec on how they see things.
  21. (I did the same: initially made and paid an order selecting the wrong shipping option, and shortly after cancelled it and made the correct one, and within say a quarter got a surcharge request, a few hours later a refund for the first order, and I then cancelled their surcharge request on PayPal)
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