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  1. Indeed. Or at the least that there were a simpler option than an entire flash to stock, package by package to both to a and b, as the guide describes...
  2. Is this a clean install after stock, due to the display issue? If so did you follow the guide to the letter and wiped the user partition also? If an upgrade from 18.1 your data ought to be preserved, and the setup guide thus not launched. Practically everything was preserved for me. Despite being forced to also replace OpenApps 11 with MindTheGapps 12.
  3. This is HIGHLY unlikely that it should be hardware, as we have not seen the same reported on any devices with stock Android, but multiple with Lineage/AICP. Note that there are TWO different bugs. One where it completely ignores it being connected to a charger - and that can easily be hardware. One were the battery is neither charged nor discharged, but the device is power from the charger. The second is a functionality that is GREAT to prevent over-charging a battery, the problem is that it kicks in way too soon, under seemingly random conditions. I tried the described un
  4. Does anyone know if this stuck-charging bug is seen on the Pro1 only? @Sean McCreary ? @npjohnson ? I have never seen it on stock Android, but seen it on both Lineage and AICP. I'm not absolutely sure, but feel almost certain that it was not there in Lineage 16 (do not remember for 17) so it MIGHT be an issue deeper then Lineage-changes, that have occurred after Pie.
  5. (As always a restart fixes it - for a while. So not a huge issue, just a frequent nuisance, that you have to check that it is actually charging every time you plug it in)
  6. A wish: When password is required (e.g. after a boot), it would be great if opening the keyboard also did what swipe up do, so we can start typing the password immediately. Though this in theory is a general LineageOS request, the usage is currently very much limited to the Pro1, and perhaps a few others....
  7. Bad news, the charging bug is still there on 19.1 😞 Here stuck at 30% for 3h
  8. A little more on battery. As said earlier generally as lenient as 18.1 There was an odd pull just around the April/May shift though (the timestamps in the images are CET w DST), The phone lay idle on the desk all day: So I guess it was Google or some other bad guys monthly collecting stolen data?
  9. (lineage-19.1-20220502-nightly-pro1-signed.zip on April 5 security patch installed smoothly using adb sideload and MindTheGapps-12.1.0-arm64-20220416_174313)
  10. Same here, no OTA for the major version upgrade. Though the visual difference is minor there might be substantial deeper changes. BUT the good news is that you do NOT need to wipe your data.
  11. That was my (attempted) point. That despite it is fairly easy to get the display it self, that does not in it self mean they can deliver the assembly in the perk. We have no idea what components/resources that are in shortest supply, but I would guess that they will prioritise to produce entire devices.
  12. What the sell on Igg is not just the display, but the display mounted.
  13. Idle consumption is the same as LineageOs18, and that is OK, Roughly 11 Percent points a day when idle, and with WiFi on. So roughly ½ % per hour In the below it was charged during the upgrade, and charged shortly before being laid (practically) idle for the last 1½ day. (don't get confused by the slightly curved shape around 30% on 18.1 - the percentages are estimates, not accurate measurements)
  14. Update to April 27, with March 5 security patch using OTA went smoothly. Known keyboard bug still there (see lineage thread) (The download stage is substantially faster than LineageOS, But the stage after download and install called "Finalising package installation" is surprising slow though - like it is on LineageOS)
  15. I wonder if 18.1 -> 19.1 has any positive or negative effect in this matter? Anyone tried?
  16. The charging issue we have (had?) in 18.1 seems to me to be related to overcharging protection. It simply stops charging under some unknown conditions, and keeps it at that level +/- 1 or 2% A functionality that is GREAT to not kill a battery in a phone placed in e.g. a car charger all day. But it seems to kick in at a random point, And at random conditions. The lowest I have seen was 18%... if I remember correctly. Rebooting and it charged normally every time here. I think it is at the least a month since I had it though, but not sure, as I tend to only charge it once a week before upgra
  17. The same are available directly under Settings ► Display ► Display Size as far as I can see. Or?
  18. For those on Lineage 18,1 not aware, 19.1 has been released for the Pro1. See:
  19. A big update. Unsigned drivers now allowed! On a Lenovo Yoga X1 Gen 6 I previously used an old hub to get things working, even after all the mess to work with the unsigned driver. Today fumbling with Lineage19 I found out that if I used the front port of their Thunderbolt4 'dock' and a short extension cord, flashing worked at normal speed after changing the driver (and thus twice enter the 48 digit key.....), So no need for the slow old hub. AND what is even better it STILL works after a reboot out of the no-driver-signing mode. So at some point since last fall, they have changed th
  20. PS, We are STILL not allowed to select what apps that can run in the background, and what is foreground only, and it seems even more aggressive in reloading stopped bloat than its predecessors. And this is NOT limited to Google's own bloat. Also things I maybe use once a year like Excel and Word... So they are now uninstalled...
  21. Not much to post, except the ugly clock it looks much the same, except notification area. Some Icons are changed from pure monochrome - thanks for that. That apart, I guess I would need them side by side to note the visual differences.
  22. UPDATE: Installed and working 😁 Including MindTheGapps (Unfortunately OpenGapps is not available for android 12.0 yet) My data and apps was preserved nicely 🙂 BUT two of my most used apps no longer work. 😞 Greenify and Android Assistant does not seem to be allowed to fake clicks to stop the loaded bloat any more 🤬. They DO both open the dialogues, and if I do the clicking for them, then they sort of work. But the positive side of maiming that vital functionality is that Ctrl+Space (Language swap) now works again... (but it did co-exist just fine with Greenify earlier on LineageOS
  23. No the Pro1 and Pro1X will not support 5G. It is anyone's guess if FxTec are planning some successor that do. I hope so, but will not hold my breath for it.
  24. (lineage-18.1-20220425-nightly-pro1-signed.zip on April 5 security patch installed smoothly using OTA ) ...But the reintroduced (early August 2021) Accessibility / keyboard bug is not (yet?) fixed. The stage after download and install called "Finalising package installation" is surprising slow though)
  25. I split the USB part to a new thread. Here a copy of the part of the answer relevant to this thread
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