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  1. Wauv! That was a hefty charge!! MAYBE it includes tax? I entered a Danish VAT number, so maybe (just maybe) I'm going to be charged the VAT that way, and if so I at the least will not get the extra handling fee slapped on top. So it will 'only' be around $72 in total. NOTE that I chose "Air mail" and allowed them to remove extra packing , and that have 'reduced' the weight to 600g. You CAN change the shipping method, and most likely also select that they should remove the packaging.
  2. (lineage-20.0-20231202-nightly-pro1-signed.zip on Nov 5 security patch installed smoothly (*) using adb sideload and MindTheGapps-13.0.0-arm64-20230808_213316)
  3. Just got a quote for $35½ in shipping, so that at the least is quite close to exorbitant.... So will consider it is worth it, as it does not mention tax, so most likely I will be charged 25% import tax on top, and a $30 handling fee for non declared tax... so likely to and at $100...
  4. The hardware drivers for both Pro1 and Pro1X are closed source AFAIK, so unless someone finds a clever way to use android drivers, I think it will be close to impossible to get things up completely Android-free.
  5. (lineage-20.0-20231125-nightly-pro1-signed.zip on Nov 5 security patch installed smoothly (*) using adb sideload and MindTheGapps-13.0.0-arm64-20230808_213316)
  6. Yeah a bit odd, just took the chance and ordered 5 for $22 EXCL shipping, and quite uncertain what the shipping fee will be requested later - if too exorbitant I will just consider the $22 lost...
  7. Of course we need one for sale, but the first step is to know what we are looking for.... And here @Tomatoman29's finding is interesting, as it could have lead to another device using the same battery. I mean it is a bit unlikely that this model is produced exclusively for FxTec. It could be that the plug-cable on this battery is FxTec only though.
  8. (lineage-20.0-20231118-nightly-pro1-signed.zip on Nov 5 security patch installed smoothly (*) using adb sideload and MindTheGapps-13.0.0-arm64-20230808_213316)
  9. Ah yes silly me, I'm so used to qwertZ that I did not look at the layout, so yes clearly original Pro1
  10. I'm not able to tell the difference from the images for sure. I THINK the globe on the space bar is placed a little above the centre line for the original Pro1, and is centred on the Pro1X. It is usually easier spotted from the usb-end, as the usb sits a tad further from the back on the Pro1X (the centre of the plug almost align with the bottom respectively top row of the speaker holes) But yes there are some black Pro1X too, and indeed this one looks pristine from the photos, my Pro1 certainly doesn't look like that any more after four years of wear....
  11. As you got it open, I strongly recommend to charge it, as it causes a lot of trouble if it depletes....
  12. We have not heard from Erik in here for months, so let me try to tag @Casey, and hope he and you can find a satisfying solution after this terribly long repair.
  13. I would start with a clean install, and only gradually add the apps you using. In the current installation it is close to impossible to guess what it is. * Some app not working with the Pro1X for what ever reason? * LOS has some issues on the Pro1X? * The Pro1X is faulty? If it works 'clean', then we know it is something with an app. Try to install by 'binary search', that is install half the apps, if they work repeat with half of the rest. If it does not work, uninstall, and install the other half - repeat to you got most of your apps in, in a working state.
  14. Has anyone checked if AICP is actually working again? I see a rather large changelog here a month ago https://dwnld.aicp-rom.com/device/pro1/WEEKLY/aicp_pro1_s-17.1-WEEKLY-20231011.zip.html but see no mention on a going forward on the base android version again Towards the bottom I see 149b0ef Merge "Track our own fork for CVE-2023-4863" into s12.1 So that seems to indicate that it is again on something 12.1 based?? - unless their whole s12.1 is borked and actually is an r11.x.....
  15. (lineage-20.0-20231111-nightly-pro1-signed.zip on Oct 6 security patch installed smoothly (*) using adb sideload and MindTheGapps-13.0.0-arm64-20230808_213316) (Did another one OTA, worked smooth too)
  16. You are right we should not jump to the conclusion but it certinly sounds like a reasonable explanation why it is working for some and not for others. And on this one I wonder what havoc that could make, depending on where it 'lands'?. It does not have to be a 0 to 3.8V short circuit to cause trouble, could be 'anywhere' exposed.
  17. This sounds like a very important find. I marked your post as recommended, and would love to hear some official comment on this. @Casey perhaps? At the least that could explain why some sees this issue and some not, as it thus seems to be related to specimens, and errors in assembly (and QC).
  18. (lineage-20.0-20231104-nightly-pro1-signed.zip on Oct 6 security patch installed smoothly (*) using adb sideload and MindTheGapps-13.0.0-arm64-20230808_213316)
  19. A little foot note I'm not quite sure where to put. Just noticed on a Pro1X (not Pro1), when in OFF state pressing the power/button briefly, will have the led blink briefly, green if full, I do not know if it will use other colours in a lower state. So if a Pro1X will not boot, this might be helpful in telling whether it is a depleted battery or something else....
  20. AFAIK this flag helps the Pro1 better than the Pro1X, but personally have set it on my Pro1X too - I never understood why this flag is not set by deault on ALL phones. I see the Auto-on function as a really odd function that it is hard to imagine a use case for. (Maybe auto-on could be usable for some with a handicap making it hard to use the powerswitch? But if so I guess they are unlikely to want a keyboard phone) But some things in Android are just oddly opposite to what you would expect. E.g we do not get a warning of risking privacy information when enabling location services, o
  21. I beleive they had answered that. The problem is that there needs a minimal amount of charge in the battery to have enough power to boot enough to have the charging activated. AND combined with it not turning it self off early enough it is ALSO a future issue once it gets charged. So make sure it is never allowed to run flat....
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