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  1. Nice with a revival, the thread sort of died with my dog.
  2. Interesting question. I would expect the 8x8 grid under the 64(+2) keys is identical, but the key 'prints' are not, for one thing the Pro1X qwertY is not shifted.
  3. There are many functions where the unit or its controller could be somewhat different: Camera, speaker, proximity sensor, ambient light sensor, hall sensor (for lid closed)... The wiring in the cable could be permuted,also even if the cable looks the same....
  4. Thanks for trying this out, I expected them to be equal too. But how much did you bring over, the display&digitizer only, or the full top part?
  5. The Covid laws&rules have messed things up here, where not all shipping companies requires a signature from the recipient. I'm not sure how it will hold up in court.
  6. Well it must be the responsibility of the shipper to assure they got documentation from the sender that the recipient has requested the parcel, before accepting the parcel. Failing to do so must be their problem, not the recipient's. I mean if I knew your postal address, and sent a box with say a bag of sand, and labelled that as. "Silicium" and set a value of $1000, how could the customs and fees for that ever become your problem? If it legally can become your problem, then that is a gate to hell for people being harassed by someone....
  7. I have a related experience with UPS, that in January 2021 would deliver a gift from the UK to me, and wanted a fee for that (after Brexit). I refused that, and refused to receive the parcel (that might have been at a value less what I was supposed to pay, with their fees added) A week ago (yes 1½ years later!) I then received a letter from an inkasso-company with some further fees added!!! As I have never ordered the parcel, it can not possibly be my responsibility to pay - and I will take it to court if needed. And If I loose, I plan to have friends from abroad send high value labe
  8. A thanks! so that is not what has happened here then.....
  9. They did NOT say that.... They previously told us that Batch 1 and (most of) 2 was produced and was send to what they called "Our Warehouse" What we do not yet know is if they additionally have had some devices produced for Expansys, or if Expansys (with or without accept from FxTec) has taken the amount of devices they bought from the two batches , before allocating to us. I doubt the second, since if so it would not have prevented devices with other layouts than what Expansys bought to be sent out.
  10. It was so for me, though it had a number of air-jumps HK-UK-Leipzig-Copenhagen-Billund. and then 150Km in a Lorry. But the 'express' parcel took 12 hours just to leave HK.
  11. Me neither - or at the least I tried to turn them off.... 😂
  12. Well, though the shipping prices for the US are tolerable, they are a bit extreme for "the rest of the world", I paid HK$450, some paid $550, and well yes the did send it "express" when they finally got around to send it. It took a few hours over a week, and it was NOT due to them awaiting replies from me more than half an hour or so. I ordered it Friday morning (CET), and they handed it to FedEx Tuesday evening, And I had it Friday afternoon. AND as it is unlikely FxTec has ordered it "express", I would say two WEEKS is more realistic than two DAYS....
  13. Hmm, I do not know much on the QFIL-flashing, But my hunch is that the partitioning is wrong. Could it be that something have resized partitions, in a way the standard flashing procedure do not overwrite? It reminds me of bugs on disks or usb-sticks where the partition table is incorrect. Obviously there is also the risk of a defective storage chip. Let us hope @Casey can help....
  14. At the least it means that my nasty and rather paranoid theories can be put to rest.... The only bad thing here seems to be that the contract FxTec made with Expansys did not have a clause saying that Expansys could not put theirs up for sale, before they had packed and shipped those intended for Pre-orders and Backers. That Expansys might have lost faith in the product and is selling them cheaper than even the Super Early Bird devices, obviously just add to the frustration. And there clearly is a risk of some regretting orders, and thus draining capital from FxTec. Let us hope the Expan
  15. (lineage-19.1-20221024-nightly-pro1-signed.zip on October 5 security patch installed smoothly using adb sideload and MindTheGapps-12.1.0-arm64-20220605_174313) Still with the keyboard bug introduced that messes accessibility apps (works on AICP R/S based on Android 11/12) see e.g. this. Spontaneous boot trying to update apps!!! But happy after boot... Status bar spontaneously disappear.... ???? Happened twice within the first minutes of 'jumping around', and reappeared spontaneously too. Maybe some of all these damned gesture things I have triggered???
  16. I'm not totally sure but Settings ► About Phone ► Build Number Should say V2.1.2_20220707 There is a version without Google-apps available available (non-GMS) here, I do not know if it got the same stamp. The beta-versions available I expect will have newer stamps.
  17. Now that is weird, Maybe you need to check with support ( https://fxtec.com/contact-us ) But maybe first ask the seller if (s)he had the fingerprint-reader working? I know from the old Pro1 that some disliked the fingerprint-reader so much that they unplugged it, and who knows, the previous owner might have done so on your Pro1X?
  18. In Settings ► Security , down in the group "Device security", what options do you see? I got "Screen lock", "Fingerprint" and "Smart Lock" (...Just to be sure you are on stock Android, right?)
  19. Welcome. 🙂 It should ask you to set it up in the normal Google wizard You should be able to do from Settings ► Security ► Fingerprints If that does not work, then something is wrong.....
  20. Pretty much the same, Denmark has higher VAT than most with 25% though
  21. Even more expensive shipping and customs than mine, though in the same ball park.
  22. Both, HK$2649 for the Pro1X, HK$450 charged by expensys for shipping to other than US and China, and €102 in customs and fees collected by the shipper... At the least they did not declare the exorbitant shipping, so I was not slapped customs&tax on top of that....
  23. Well I got it from Expansys, and has added voting options here... 45% surcharges, €530 in total.
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