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  1. I assume you mean that it is stupid that it does not apply to dhl. Not that the requirement is stupid? If the shipping company could collect, without a proof that the recipient agreed to it, then anyone could send anything valued at any price, to anyone, and thus hit an harassment target with an arbitrarily high bill. This would be absurd to allow IMHO....
  2. I think the culprit can be identified by the difference here versus I have never heard of "boota" without an underscore. The big question is how it got in that weird state, but not most likely it was fixed by you changing: to Overwriting the weird value it had as read by "boot"....
  3. Ah! It seems something is/was odd at @Name_not_avail's device as the quote said 'boota' and not 'boot_a' in his first attempt - I have no idea how that could be.
  4. Are you sure your new device it is not a Pro1X. They look much the same, but the chipset is different, so the code is incompatible. Look here for various available downloads for the two models.
  5. Unfortunately we have not seen @tdm active in here for quite a while, so I guess you should look for other sources (with a little luck someone saved a copy)
  6. Ah Indeed, One could make a new hole. The case I'm using is only glued to half the shell, so by the rotation I get protection of the camera, at the price of needing to push the flap away, to get it free of the camera. But I much prefer that the camera is protected (as is the button side)
  7. Allow me to suggest you to make the flip the other way round. Feels odd for westerners with a 'Japanese' book at first, but it works really well with the flap under the display, rather than dangling in front of the keyboard. See e.g. this. If you find a way to integrate the magnet in the shell, it would become even better.
  8. Thanks. let us tag @Casey, so FxTec can check if there is something inaccurate in the guide. (See below comments) Made me a bit nervous, because Casey's instructions of the PDF suggest that the file flashes to boot_b automatically.
  9. Nope! I accidentally chose the wrong option at first, and Expansys sent me a mail that I had done so AND a request to pay the rest, before the would process the order. So the surcharge is NOT handled by the shipper. The CUSTOMS part is what is handled by the shipper. And the custom part is what this thread is about FedEx (And other shippers) try to get paid for double. Whether this is merely due to incompetence, or fraud, we obviously do not know, but when it happens repeatedly the second seems most likely. We do not know if it the individuals that deliver the parcels that has found a way
  10. This would indeed be welcome if there was a simple way of doing what ever is needed to program the display, isolated, and not as a part of a whole full flash.
  11. Just for info, 2.0mm higher:
  12. It might be slightly worse than that, that is one might need to reflash, not 'only' factory reset,
  13. Totally agree on the last half. You misunderstood what I meant in the first part. If they knew/know when a court order is to be expected, they know that nothing is going to happen before that. Obviously there is still a risk that a court might rule in favour of the other party / assuming my guess is right that it is a court ruling we are awaiting...
  14. That they knew back then that things is going to happen in December could have more explanations than your suggestion. My guess for the specifics in this delay is that the case has been put to court, and they got a court date in December. But obviously this is just a guess, too. Have you any suggestions for a rationale behind your theory? If it is 'ordinary' negotiations, a known time frame from the start seems unlikely, and if they even expected the negotiations to fail, as you suggests, what could they possibly gain by a delay? I have not kept an eye on the igg numbers, but
  15. AH! That explains it! I made several cases for the org. Pro1, in various colours, and they did not fit the Pro1X well around the USB, and I thought I had cut it wrong... *LOL* But a good thing they raised it slightly, as not all plugs fitted well on the org. Pro1, especially round magnetic charging plugs were slightly too big. I will have too see if I gave them away or have them around somewhere, to check if they fit the Pro1X
  16. Same in DK (And on the UPS parcel above I refused it when I got that mail....)
  17. Nice with a revival, the thread sort of died with my dog.
  18. Interesting question. I would expect the 8x8 grid under the 64(+2) keys is identical, but the key 'prints' are not, for one thing the Pro1X qwertY is not shifted.
  19. There are many functions where the unit or its controller could be somewhat different: Camera, speaker, proximity sensor, ambient light sensor, hall sensor (for lid closed)... The wiring in the cable could be permuted,also even if the cable looks the same....
  20. Thanks for trying this out, I expected them to be equal too. But how much did you bring over, the display&digitizer only, or the full top part?
  21. The Covid laws&rules have messed things up here, where not all shipping companies requires a signature from the recipient. I'm not sure how it will hold up in court.
  22. Well it must be the responsibility of the shipper to assure they got documentation from the sender that the recipient has requested the parcel, before accepting the parcel. Failing to do so must be their problem, not the recipient's. I mean if I knew your postal address, and sent a box with say a bag of sand, and labelled that as. "Silicium" and set a value of $1000, how could the customs and fees for that ever become your problem? If it legally can become your problem, then that is a gate to hell for people being harassed by someone....
  23. I have a related experience with UPS, that in January 2021 would deliver a gift from the UK to me, and wanted a fee for that (after Brexit). I refused that, and refused to receive the parcel (that might have been at a value less what I was supposed to pay, with their fees added) A week ago (yes 1½ years later!) I then received a letter from an inkasso-company with some further fees added!!! As I have never ordered the parcel, it can not possibly be my responsibility to pay - and I will take it to court if needed. And If I loose, I plan to have friends from abroad send high value labe
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