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  1. @Noir, I agree Today phones are absolutely too slim and a hardware keyboard / sliding mechanism need some space. ...but again, today almost every phone's thickness goes near or below the usability margin - harder to ensure you will not drop the phone and some of them are easily bending. There is no need to create paper-slim phones by getting closer and closer to the usability limit of the phone and technical limit of physics. I think, for a well-equipped phone with correct slider mechanism, 14 mm sounds not a really high thickness...
  2. @Vlada For this reason I used the blue modifier key on N900 for my own keyboard map to write letters which has accents (so áéíóöőúüű). That way I was able to type very fast using its hardware keyboard. I expect a similar behaviour using this device as software keyboards method of waiting / selecting another letters is really uncomfortable.
  3. The worst thing in this forum is that it doesn't show which are the new (unread) messages in a topic and the inability to track which topics have new messages.
  4. I would also like to see official Sailfish OS support.
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