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  1. Another update appeared on Indiegogo site here:
  2. This one may not be the best option (unless the unavailability of pure screen) because it includes the metal frame for Elephone what means you should detach the screen prior installing it in Pro1. Anyway, it is possible but you should be gentle and some heat will be needed - the best is a heat gun running at low temperature (around 100-150 Celsius degree applying from distance) and relatively low air flow. The Elephone U Pro screen what I had was glued to a metal frame using a big surface so it is harder to remove uninjured than a Pro1 screen which was (at least initially) only glued
  3. I don't think, F(x)tec is not open about such information and I am unsure if they even have that code... However, the process is not complicated. I have tried to reach the hardware from Linux environment on Pro1 but direct access did not work that way (or I have not fond out how to completely release touch device under Android). That would be possible but an appropriate connector of the display would be needed and the exact location of VCC, GND and I2C (SDA and SCL) lines should be wired out... then a microcontroller or microcomputer could also be used to do the configuration.
  4. Right, it was the preorder of original Pro1 (so when Pro1 was in development stage and not even existed yet).
  5. Because it does not have the specific code in the boot proess which checks that setting. Originally Pro1's firmware also did not have this check, it came through an update.
  6. Right - I have tested those displays (with Pro1) but had no time publishing the results yet. However, smaller or bigger black corners were there, they clearly seem to be part of former Pro1 replaced bits as part of qality assurance.
  7. On that page, they also mention LinxDot, Clicks and DeckHD which seem to be intended for being links but they also point nowhere although those pages exist.
  8. ...and it also looks better from this viewpoint... So if they want to have a more general opening page where they can show their different products and smartphones are only one category of them, then it may be a good sign... 🙂 (So they may not want to shut down their smartphone business but extend (incorporate) their other product lines...)
  9. Another difference is (at least for the very first hundreds of Pro1) is the gluing strength of the display. (F(x)tec covered almost its entire back of the display leaving only edges for fixing display to frame - they apparently modified this solution to fully use display's original sticky part without covering.) By mistake, once I have ordered an Elephone U Pro display together with its frame. It was a metal frame (so very rigid) and display was fully glued to the surface (whole sticky area was used) - it was not easy to remove it to be used in Pro1. Definitively there is a reas
  10. Strange... I hope for original pages to be officially available later, for example, phone specs... I don't know if this change is a good or bad sign... at least they mention their other projects there... I hope it is a temporary page before coming back... or at least they keep this forum running... I don't know what to think about it.
  11. Pro1 uses a display originally manufactured for Elephone U Pro. Here is an original display (my handwriting of the amount of black spot problem was blured) made for Elephone U Pro: Here are the displays arrived today: No, the original display I had in my hands was the original display of my Pro1 (early version). It looked like the top/bottom displays in the photo above. However, looking deeper of the most right one which is installed in frame, I suspect its sticky part was not covered with black tape (like the display in the middle). I think it may be a repl
  12. I have received my order from this seller today. I have ordered both displays with and without frame. The frame looks original part and display was declared to have small dots at the bottom. Also, these displays look like if they were prepared or more probably installed earlier in Pro1s. Original display has a blue foil to cover sticky copper part at a big area of its bottom as it arrives from manufacturer. Pro1's display originally has a black tape to cover most area of sticky part (after blue foil removed) and also a conductive tape for shielding display controller area.
  13. It seems they try to get money from other projects. Also, as shipping company has started to sell phones may result in the lack of enough phones left to be sent. Although they told shipping company does not sell client's phones, it may not necessarily completely true - they may not had the actual number of phones sold this way and they may counted with additional stock manufactured (over the necessary amount) will cover this kind of loss but final number of sold Pro1X this way was also continued after they told it does not affect client's phones. So in their last message, start of shi
  14. Security and comfort are always in race. I think users have not requested this as a feature from Google and normally there is no benefit of it. However, if phone has been stolen, this can be a real benefit... Otherwise it creates trouble accessing data outside the phone and I don't know if there is a way to extract key from a working system to be used later in case of a decryption will be necessary. (That is not really important for Google...)
  15. Unfortunately it does not help because decryption needs the key which is unique for the device (installation) what does not boot.
  16. Unfortunately, it does not help if OS handles the card "securely" which practically means data is encrypted and encryption key is inside phone's flash which (currently) is inaccessible for the owner... So that is the problem@wrc08has with the card.
  17. Somewhere in this forum there was a thread abot flashing softwares, related to @tdm. Once my friend used his Pro1 for calling, placed it on a table, then the next time he wanted to use it it was off and did not start again. It was replaced by F(x)tec in warranty, but I have tried a few things before sending it back. The phone seemed to be completely dead but under Linux, I could see it is in EDL mode. When I pressed power button for around 10 seconds, it has rebooted, then entered to EDL mode again after a while. So it was constantly on waiting in EDL mode depleting the battery
  18. Right, especially if OS manufacturer wants to make it more complicated and wants to earn money on this area. Right, that makes developing an accessory much easier. However, although I hate Android, I will never buy an iPhone to have an even more restricted environment. Maybe... it was a special area even when Moto Mod has appeared and still there is demand but very small compared to the phone market. However, there are tablets which may also have lower demand today, but current hype of foldable phones also contain a not always portrait use scenario.
  19. Without having closed-source parts of Pro1's kernel, I doubt it is possible... I think it is hard-wired close to SoC part which are not accessible as far as I saw.
  20. As far as I remember well, there were a lot of complains also the very beginning of Pro1 release about green tint issues while some of the users are hardly noticed the issue. Maybe that was the case also with pre-production devices used for main development. Anyway, I had one but only one screen which had blueish tint issue. What I think (but I am unsure because the way of brightness control is unknown for me) is the display has a very large deviation what would mean it should has been replaced by another manufacturer, but late in time if it would mean a redesign then it would mean
  21. VaZso

    Spare Parts

    May I ask you the price you had to pay and the problem it had? It would be good to get some hardware...
  22. My Pro1 has also started doing this - not too bad but problem exists. However, if I remember well, later keyboard driver has tried to address this issue to reduce the effect what comes to this result. It is because of reduced connection quality at buttons which causes different bouncing just like how older mechanical rotary encoders develops the same problem what can be addressed in hardware using a small capacitor and also in software tricks - these are mostly used together, none of them are perfect without the other. Pro1's keyboard hardware is as simple as possible, there are n
  23. Right, some of them had more or less keyboard rattling issues which is a QA issue. About design flaws, one of them was the interchanged wiring of its speakers which was "corrected" in kernel but it has also resulted handsfree problems (system use the original what results to be the opposite speaker for handsfree mode), also it aggressively applies noise reduction every time the microphone is in use, so it is impossible to record videos with correct sound. This flaw could be corrected if they had the actual source of Pro1-related kernel code but apparently not even F(x)tec had it and the
  24. Right. I have just found my earlier message in this forum. There is a long thread about this issue, here I have attached the technical description of touch controller in 2022. In this document, there are registers at 0x805B and 0x805C addresses. Former has 4 bits for setting up blank area of top part and 4 bits for bottom part, latter has 4 bits for left and 4 bits for right parts. Most probably these two registers what are checked in stock OS and written if not equal to a specific value... that is maybe 0 or a relatively low number between 0 and 15 and our screen bought at
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