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  1. shani


    Just to conclude the previous discussion, to all those who argue that keyboard shortcuts should not be a system setting: I just got a Blackberry Key2 (for a third of what the fxtec pro1 costs, though to be fari I bought a used one) and voilà, the shortcuts are part of the system settings. Yes, the long-press shortcuts (holding down a letter) only work with BB's launcher. But the short-press shortcuts (pressing the convenience key + a letter) work globally. That's what I was talking about all the time and that's what the functionality the pro1 should provide. Press the fx key + a letter to perform a certain action, no matter which launcher you're using or which app you've currently got opened. This should be a no-brainer. Here are a few screenshots.
  2. I didn't say the software needs to be polished (actually I don't care about misspellings, for example), but the basic functionality should work flawlessly, yeah. That's why you have QA in any tech company, and it doesn't depend on its size either. Just to name a big company as an example, Samsung constantly throw shitty products on the market. So size doesn't matter at all, even one competent QA expert should be enough to make sure the device fulfills a certain minimum standard when it ships to customers. It doesn't have to be perfect right after release and I never said that. But your argument makes no sense, pre-ordering and not expecting a certain amount of QA to be done? They literally mentioned doing internal QA themselves in various of their email updates. I would understand if less obvious bugs slipped through their internal QA process, but people in this forum have been finding pretty obvious stuff which fxtec's QA could've easily discovered and reported in the past 6 months or so. And @PC_ I don't know where you see any moaning, it was just a very neutral list of spelling errors.
  3. shani


    If you regard Android (the system) as an app, I guess. I'm not talking about any specific app but a behaviour that works globally, independent of any apps or launchers. Pressing the hardware keys triggers character or modifier events, no matter which app or launcher I'm using. That's the level I'm talking about. App shortcuts should work on the same level. And I don't see how it would've violated Andoird's work flow. Android allows apps (e.g. launchers) do launch other apps, so a little app that runs in the background and lets you configure shortcuts would've been suffice. Then I guess you've never used any of the old QWERTY sliders before? If I long pressed a character on those devices, it would give me pop-up with all the different variations of the character (like á, á, ä, ê, ñ, ß etc.).
  4. The second question is missing some crucial answer options. I'm simply not using it as a daily driver because of all the bugs and design flaws.
  5. And that's a major design flaw. It should slide open easily, without applying much force. Just like all the other QWERTY sliders did back in the days. Otherwise you can't even walk and type. I've tried/found the various ways to open it described here and while, yes it gets a bit easier after a while, none of them is really practical for daily use. It requires way too much force, it takes too long (which makes writing a quick message impossible), it's completely counterintuitive for a device that's supposed to bring back the keyboard slider. If you open it the way it's apparently supposed to be opened, you're always in danger of throwing the device out of your hands. If you lift it up from the front side - which is super difficult because of the edged screen, another design flaw - it's not really a slider anymore. And why would you even open it `while still holding it in portrait mode? I ended up having to lift it up from the other side of the screen like Eske mentioned, but that's really slow and also not a sliding motion at all. The mere fact that you have to explain such a simple thing to your customers is proof that this is badly designed. And frankly, this should've come up during the early planning/production phase. Don't you have a QA department that points these things out? Accessing the keyboard should be an intuitive and subconscious process. Instead it's something you have to completely shift your focus to so that you can actually pry the device open without it landing on the ground. I'm completely baffled how this design made it into the final product. There were so many QWERTY smartphones in the past that got it right, how could get it so wrong?
  6. It actually contains 7 errors. "you need to indicate" "will periodically provide software updates" "Wi-Fi(if Wi-Fi available)" "Wi-Fi (if Wi-Fi available)" "unique identifier (IMEI)" "or in the system settings", "or in the settings menu" or if you'd wanna stick with the original wording (though it'd still sound wrong), "or in the menu of settings" "read the [...] or in the menu of Setting" is not a correct sentence. It should probably say something like "read the [...] which you can also find in the system settings" Sadly, this doesn't surprise me. The device is full of design flaws, software bugs and badly designed hardware, which indicates they either have no QA at all or their QA is dramatically incompetent (or their QA is alright but the product team didn't listen to their QA).
  7. shani


    That's the user's problem, not Fxtec's. If there were such collisions, the user can decide to turn off those shortcuts or to not use those apps.
  8. shani


    How is this a launcher feature though? It has nothing to do with the launcher since you actually bypass it by using keyboard shortcuts. Lol why would any launcher implement that for a niche device like the pro1 that most people on this planet have never heard about? And again, a system setting or app would not overrule any launcher since it has nothing to do with the launcher. It is only specific to the keyboard of the pro1. You press some physical buttons on the keyboard, you don't open your launcher first to do that. If anything, it's more a driver thing than a launcher thing. Pressing set keyboard combinations should work system-wide regardless of which launcher or browser or music app or whatever app you're currently using. Making such a basic feature launcher-specific is just a terrible design choice.
  9. shani


    Wait what?! Why the hell would they hide this away in the launcher? This means anyone using a different launcher can't access this feature, which is a really bad and user-unfriendly decision. This should either be in system settings or a separate app, not part of the launcher. Wow.
  10. I think it's astonishing that the QWERTY layout is so inferior to the QWERTZ layout, which obviously lead to QWERTY users buying the QWERTZ version. That alone should tell you something. I don't really understand why they put those symbols there and shifted the entire keyboard to the right in an unintuitive way. That was a really bad idea and simply unnecessary. I've used so many Android QWERTY slider phones in the past (because they still made phones like that for US markets after they stopped everywhere else) and never seen such a weird layout. It's a baffling decision and a real headscratcher.
  11. @Swond IFTTT and Tasker are probably the most common/popular automation apps.
  12. Oh ok, thanks! I had just set it to that but didn't think there were shortcuts like those. Pretty counterintuitive to map them to arbitrary keys like q and y and p though. 😆 But it works, nice! Arrow button + s = ß
  13. How/where you can you assign that? Thanks in advance. 🙂
  14. Just downloaded the app, but it's missing exactly what I needed (German for QWERTY). 😕 I'm just looking for a way to enter German special characters (ä ö ü ß) by long-pressing the respective button (a o u s). Every QWERTY phone I bought from the US in the past supported this out of the box. I would've thought fxtec would've at least provided an app or system setting to customize the keyboard's functionality to your liking.
  15. You do realize people's situations can change over time? When I pre-ordered in early 2019, my financial situation was different from when they asked us to pay in August. And I would've cancelled my order if my friend hadn't offered to lend me the money. And even now my situation is different from back in August. That said: I'd rather cut back on other things than not have a slider keyboard phone. I've been waiting for this for a decade. I imported and used outdated US phones in the past because touchscreen keyboards are a nightmare (for any kind of purpose). I used the Galaxy S4 with a BT keyboard case until the case fell apart. Bought another case, same thing happened (cheap accessory). Now they don't even sell those cases no more. I went back to the Droid 4 and the Photon Q. I tried the Blackberry Priv (nope). I even tried the Cosmo Gemini PDA in 2018 but that thing is simply not usable like a keyboard slider would. About a year ago I was so desperate that I even made a DIY project by buying a BT qwerty case for iphones, then cutting off the plastic to stick a Samsung S7 (the most recent phone that would roughly fit the size) onto it. But even that wasn't a viable long-term solution for multiple reasons. And don't be ridiculous. An external BT keyboard is not remotely the same. Where in your pants would you stash that keyboard? And how would you possibly type on it blindly while out on the go? Humans have only two arms. With 4 hands it would maybe be possible, but still be inconvenient. But it's not even really about convenience. It's simply not viable as a device you rely on daily (otherwise I wouldn't have gave in and replaced it with a keyboardless phone, which is still a nightmare to me). You can't just quickly pull out a phone and BT keyboard out of your pockets to write a text. You obviously haven't tried all kinds of "solutions" like I did, otherwise you'd know that your suggestion is nonsense. And here lies the problem. People don't need perfection. People just need a device they can use daily. No smartphone in the world is perfect. Perfection isn't even achievable, it's an ideal to strive for, not something you can actually accomplish. So delaying production out of perfectionism like this is pointless. And the light leak isn't even noticeable. So far I can't even find it (and mine is supposed to have the issue). What's a 'premium' phone? 😂 Even the most expensive phones often have flaws that make them not 'premium'. That said, I just got my pro1 and build quality is great. Certainly of a higher quality than top phones from Samsung & co. Yes, you're right, the keyboard is not the best I've ever experienced, that is true. But it's still a hardware keyboard, which makes it better than any other phone out there without one. What I'm noticing though is that the touchscreen is unresponsive in the outer areas (e.g. the send button in Telegram isn't clickable at all). And FYI: I specifically got one of the allegedly 'faulty' devices to give feedback to fxtec and I don't even see any light leaks. That's what I was talking about. It's not a real problem.
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