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  1. One thing I have noticed is my banking app stops accepting finger prints meaning it ask's if it's ok to use fingerprints to login. Not sure if this happens after an update or not will ensure I check after the next one.
  2. For some reason my night light didn't turn off this morning? worked rest of week since update but though I'd post. See what happens tomorrow.
  3. Yeah that's expected @tdm says why in another post somewhere. Glad you got it sorted lineage is way better than stock 😉
  4. Sorry didn't explain properly 😄 but as @DieBruine said sometimes its using the wrong driver just ensures it's using the Google one. I noticed windows sometimes finds a driver and it's not compatible.
  5. Try different cables and ports. Also try reinstalled the ADB driver.
  6. Try reinstalling the ADB device driver I had issues initially due to this.
  7. Hardware is usually interrupt driven so has higher priority no idea on phones though. But you are correct in windows terms it should be classed as a real time process.
  8. I've done exactly the same I so happen to hold my phone in my left hand and always put it in might right pocket (no idea why!)
  9. I also find the Pro1 keyboard that bit too big so I find I use the on screen more. But anything lengthy I use the physical and always use it when SSH/RDP into a remote box. I decided to get a astro slide which is even bigger but I liked the look of the keyboard 😄 and wanted to back more keyboard devices been made 😉
  10. Been having issues with the automatic brightness. It keeps putting the brightness down to about 1/4 which I find unreadable and need it about 1/2 - 3/4 brightness. Now this is obviously at night it's doing this just so happens I use my phone most then! Now I can actually move it up an its fine but when I unlock it will always dim it again. I do recollect reading android 9 learns your preferred levels does this still happen? as its driving me nuts 🤣 (obviously this just a minor annoyance really)
  11. Its android based so the fact LineageOS is now working means it should be possible but depends if anyone is interested might be worth reaching out to them
  12. Thanks for checking that obviously just something going on with my play store . I'll try side loading it when I get chance.
  13. OTA went perfectly fine here as well Performance has definitely improved since last version things are a lot slicker in the UI. Was trying out some games I used to play and have come across one that consistently gets a package parse error. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.sevenpirates.infinitywar&hl=en_US
  14. Stock is the broken implementation. Stock should take the code from lineage.
  15. My banking apps work fine on lineage os (official nightly) not setup google pay on it so don't know on that. Sailfish I seriously doubt you will find any banking apps (they probably haven't created one) and safety net doesn't exist its an android thing.
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