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  1. Unable to enable "Shutter Sound" within Stock Camera App
  2. Don't panic πŸ˜ƒ Currently it's only one sample size, might be anything. Maybe I'm holding it wrong.
  3. Anyone was able to test screen mirroring, tried both DisplayPort and HDMI over type C - no result, or more like phone responds with lagging when it’s connected to external display
  4. Not sure about this one, but I think it need to be checked - AptX HD is not working with wh1000xm3, got no other headphones to confirm it that it’s a software issue
  5. Another notification here. No Idea if it's EU or Asia fulfillment center, I'm right in the middle(Israel)
  6. On other side, video shows you that it's not some faceless corporation, and that co-founders are super passionate about the product and heavily involved in the whole manufacturing/testing/shipping process.
  7. I’ve been thinking how thin the side layer can be? Because Pro1 is a wide phone, and additional game-gripper(at least one like on N900) can make it too wide for convenient use.
  8. Doubt it, there are different blacklists for HTTP/S. Probably part of the Russia's war against Telegram
  9. In my case It's just a real name, not related to email address πŸ€”
  10. Nice design, love the new look. BUG: In my case "display name" wasn't synced (ddark-il)
  11. I’ll just leave it here.
  12. I wonder if the 29th shipping date applies to pre-orders or general availability.
  13. There’s no trouble with reaching the keys in the center, it’s a little bit uncomfortable. On other side my last qwertys are N900 and Passport, both are much narrower. My guess that after I’ll get used to keyboard width, I may reconsider this part of my wishlist.
  14. My wishlist. 1) Landscape keyboard slider (of course) 2) Dual Sim 3) Smaller screen (around 5") 3b) narrower body, Pro1 keyboard is a little bit wide for my taste 4) Different Fingerprint sensor placement (under the screen?) 5) Wider angle for camera lens - similar to Xperia X 5b) Single camera module with large sensor. 5c) built-in mount for external lenses - there are third-party cases that are compatible with Moment lenses, maybe it is possible to incorporate the mount directly to phone backpanel. This one may also apply for Pro1 with next major software update. x) Desktop mode on external screen, not something fancy like DEX, just usable state for what's been already found at Android Q.
  15. One of the newsletters specified second week of September..
  16. I thought it's normal state. Pre-order is marked as completed, and order is marked as processing..
  17. $40 to Israel :( And it would be more than $100 taxes..
  18. #15XXX Got the mail at ~6.00 UTC No issues with payment. Still show as "Processing" in Orders, but already got a notification from credit card company about the payment.
  19. It might be not possible to post here that you're involved in beta testing, There is an NDA(obviously), and it may(or may not) require you to keep the participation in beta testing as part of confidential information.
  20. Not sure if it will be helpful(at least it was interesting), but I did some post processing on the first pic. Original Nokia Pic https://ddark.ws/fxtec/nokia1.jpg Original F(x)tec Pic https://ddark.ws/fxtec/fxtec1-orig.jpg Edited F(x)tec Pic https://ddark.ws/fxtec/fxtec1-edit.jpg Darkroom Settings https://ddark.ws/fxtec/darkroom1-settings.png
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