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  1. Amen to that, I've waited 3yrs to get this phone .. to find out it can't do the basic phone function πŸ˜” But I have joined a Beta testing group in the hope that I can help move this along to a workable solution...
  2. From all the numbers you are quoting you seem to be way more tech knowledgeable than me, but, would not doing this cause significant battery drain? Do other phones have to do this? And if not, why should this be necessary for the Pro 1X?
  3. Also, it looks like Fx have a really BIG problem with the X handset, see thread: "Pro1x - really poor connectivity to both wifi and cellular". Mine is so useless as a phone that I've gone back to my old Moto One Zoom until Fx can provide a solution... πŸ˜ͺ
  4. Totally agree. I've emailed FX support - heard precisely *nothing* back (other than automated acknowledgement) v.v.sad 😞
  5. I'm on O2, via Giffgaff, also in UK (Northampton). I spent a few hours of trial-&-error yesterday trying to figure out if there was anything I could do, eventually resorting to a full factory reset. Nothing helped. It was still extremely hit-&-miss; my issue being cell network connection for incoming calls (making calls & WiFi being OK). A phone that doesn't work as a phone is no use to me, so I'm back on my Moto One Zoom - reluctantly πŸ˜’ coz having waited 3-yrs to get my hands on a Pro 1, I really love the flip keyboard!
  6. So it looks like I too have an 'X' that's suffering bad cell connection issues πŸ˜ͺ I've done a full system reset and after only connecting to WiFi (to complete basic setup) & installing the Edge browser I'm now using + CX file explorer, I've tried to make & receive calls. Basically, the handset is totally unreliable. It hadn't suffered the bad call quality, or call drop outs, that I've seen others have complained of (prior to reset); it just seems to be utterly, horrendously, unreliable at holding cell connection in order to receive incoming calls. & while I initially attribut
  7. Thank U 4 yr response @VaZso I've done some more checking, now home from work so in a different WiFi zone. As U can see, WiFi calling is 'Off'. I've uninstalled a few apps, incl. MacroDroid, in case these might be interfering some how. But the only thing that seems to affect accepting in coming calls is whether WiFi is switched On or Off; not whether or not it's connected, just whether it's On or Off.
  8. Has anyone else had this issue with a Pro 1-X please? As soon as it connects to WiFi, the cell network no longer finds my phone; instead, a caller hears, "it is not possible to connect your call, please try later". I have to turn WiFi off in order to accept incoming calls. Is there anything in settings to look for maybe, hopefully...? Many thanks if anyone can help...!
  9. Thank you Rob, turns out all I had to do was disable HD audio!
  10. My just received Pro 1X says that all bluetooth codec options under developer settings are unsupported - is there something I need to change to enable this pls? I have a pair of Soundcore ear buds that seem to connect via Bluetooth but which don't play any sound. πŸ˜ͺ
  11. UR behind the times πŸ˜ͺ this was mentioned yesterday: And already given a credible response: On β€Ž1β€Ž/β€Ž10β€Ž/β€Ž2020 at 6:41 AM, Artemis-kun said: The thing with Unihertz is they are a Chinese company based in Shanghai, so of course they get automatic priority over any other companies looking to do business in China....
  12. I concur, 100% https://community.fxtec.com/topic/2596-on-the-production-status/?do=findComment&comment=38853
  13. A thoughtful, balanced response, given the often inaccurate estimates from F(x), well done! Here's hoping their latest eta holds up...
  14. "last word" - your prerogative, your opinion, ok; mine is to differ with you: https://community.fxtec.com/topic/2596-on-the-production-status/?do=findComment&comment=38853 esp. with "aggressively envious" which is also just your opinion, & for me, unnecessarily judgmental. I have more than voiced an opinion: I have withdrawn my financial support, because, for me, their business model has clearly changed. If they wish to support resellers over long suffering, till now loyal, pre order customers: fine, that's F(x) prerogative; but that was sufficient cause for me to withdraw
  15. I'd like to believe this, but I cannot any more. Too many missed hopes & promises; as per another thread I've now been refunded. The last straw, for me I'm afraid, was selling to resellers. Then seriously expecting us to believe they could massively scale up to complete ALL pre-orders in a matter of weeks, over the world's biggest holiday period, when they've taken months to produce perhaps only a few hundred so far. So I will wait to see if & when Clove are restocked, & then decide if this long over due handset is worth it anymore....
  16. From: FX Technology Limited Sent: 16 December 2019 19:57 Subject: Pro1 update December Hello! Here’s a December update from us at F(x)tec regarding the Pro1 and in particular for those who haven't received their device yet. ... This has taken a few weeks longer than expected but with the volumes ramping up again in the next week and considering our large backlog, we expect everyone who pre-ordered to receive their devices between now and end of January.
  17. My Christmas present to all the new(er) names I see posting recently, realism: 1st, by his own admission, @Erik updates are unofficial, so pls. do not think of this as a promise; either for batch shipping, or your personal order: this is only another 'expected'. 2nd, no matter how useful we customers might think they would be, F(x) never tell us the size of batches. So don't expect a reply, or anything helpful like that. And for the record, I have so completely lost faith in anything F(x) say, official or otherwise, that, sadly, I have formally requested a refund 😞. Selling t
  18. I missed it by minutes - he updated the website right while I was ordering πŸ˜ͺ
  19. Trouble is, they ran out of stock mid-day, yesterday πŸ˜ͺ
  20. "we expect everyone who pre-ordered to receive their devices between now and end of January." TBH, for me, I think Fx are still over promising. Given time so far, nearly 4 months; the very limit quantity they've delivered so far, not even all IGG backers; that Christmas, western NY, then Chinese NY all come between now & end of Jan.: it has to be seriously unrealistic to expect ALL pre orders to be fulfilled in a few weeks? Should we really expect a tripling, or even quadrupling, of production, in such a short space of time, over such an extended holiday period? Not with their record to
  21. Sorry, but, as per a quote from F(x) support I made on the main thread, No, there's no way for us to know, because they don't πŸ˜ͺ
  22. What it comes down to - for perhaps the other half of us - is: Having absolutely no idea of how 'little' the longer might be? So, @eric posted a couple of interesting pictures; sorry, but that doesn't tell us anything definite or realistic about shipping time. I, too, have been in email contact directly with support. The only genuinely believable thing they replied with was, "We don't know the exact shipping date for each order as batches are coming in varying sizes" So after weeks upon months of production, & multiple different excuses for delay after delay - it's getting to the point,
  23. you've had it 24hours & not even taken it out of the box??! My only waiting is for the delivery emails...
  24. I am neither in US, nor have special knowledge of US customs. But my take on Y the change in shipping is coz when F(x) shipped a batch lot US customs impounded it, & as of @Erik latest update are STILL holding it. So they have to ship in a different way to US.
  25. @damion re. "all the world changing goodness" - that's altogether suggestive, and sounds to a non-Googleite like a very inside influenced viewpoint. "goodness" for Google & shareholders maybe one thing, but it unlikely to apply universally outside of Google, or to all varying aspects of the Google empire....
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