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  1. I am selling my Pro1 (QWERTY SN 1996) I used it as a daily for ~6months or so on TMobile. Never had any issues with the device, but ended up not using the physical keyboard as much as i thought i would and the device hasn't been getting the use it should so i am putting it up for sale. The phone has always been used with a screen protector and a carbon fiber vinyl look sticker on the back to make the device less slippery. There is some slight slight pocket wear (black paint rubbed to bare in a couple small places see images), but otherwise the device is in mint condition. I just fla
  2. The steps in the Lineage Wiki are what I followed and didn't run into any issues. I'd start here Lineage Install Wiki
  3. Ended up going the same route as @Hook and it makes the phone way less slippery and looks pretty good IMO. Ordered this skin for the Note 10. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07Z7CGZ87?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share Had to trim off a little on the right edge and connect the mic hole to the camera hole.
  4. Just flashed Lineage to my device today and a couple things i wanted to note. 1. My bootloader came from the factory unlocked, so i didn't need to unlock the device. Seems like maybe the last batch never had their bootloaders locked, which might be an issue for those that need to run apps that verify the bootloader is locked. 2. When flashing open_gapps-arm64-9.0-mini-20200808.zip i saw a message saying "Signature Verification Failed. Install Anyway?". I didn't see this mentioned anywhere in the instructions, but clicking Yes let everything continue as expected. Everything all s
  5. I tried to activate mine on Sprint the other day by swapping the sim from my Moto Z2 and it seemed to pick up the number but kept complaining the sim was locked. Tried to get Sprint support to add the IMEI to their database so I could activate it with no luck. My plan is to just switch to T-Mobile over the next few days and activate it there.
  6. I'm planning to install LOS once I receive my device in a couple days. Should I activate the phone/take all the otas and then follow the steps to install LOS? Or can I just install LOS from the start once I receive the phone without any issues?
  7. I should be getting my Pro1 here in the near future. Has anymore progress been made on this/@goodman_j are you selling 3d printed cases?
  8. Just received an email that stock has been allocated to my order and it should ship Thurs/Fri!! Layout: Qwerty Ordered & Paid: 9-21-19 Order #: 36808
  9. Sweet that's good news then at least devices are still being made and shipped. Thanks for replying back! Now back to waiting.
  10. Starting to get a little worried now it's been almost a month of radio silence not even the standard fxtec email of we promise we're working hard to get the devices made and shipped. I'm wondering now if that bit about trying to negotiate batches every 2-3 weeks means that 0 devices are getting made as their original contract was up. Has anyone on the forum actually received a device in the last month?
  11. I assume it's a typo as my order number is 36xxx (Sept) and didn't make this batch.
  12. Can you try again using these steps? https://forum.xda-developers.com/android/help/using-project-fi-supported-phone-sms-t3772051/amp/
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