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  1. I see this mainly as an Android/lack of f(x)tec UI issue, because I have also ended call with my ear during the cal - it was opposite with Samsung phone and Samsung UI(and I have no previous experience with other Android phones, so I am slightly spoiled for that matter and can't understand how people could endure all of these issues). It does not help that I am trying to manually lock screen after call has been made and then for some reason it awakes after a while, when I thought that I solved that issue - and then it leads to my ear ending the call. Then there is a problem with light ma
  2. Can someone point in the right direction to a fresh and updated solution on how to get latest Sailfish OS on this phone. I feel ready to do this step - I've waited for something more official for this phone from Sailfish, but there seems to be no information for someone who is not following this everyday.
  3. When I am entering in my house(of flats) which is around other houses that are 4 floors houses, phone reception signal can be cut, while I am in corridor in the middle of the house. The house is not that big - probably 5m is where reception is struggling from the window. And that is in the center of 1mil city agglomeration(in UK), where signal is perfect for any phone. Sometimes I have to stand next to window to have conversation, because 2m away can cause conversation to get garbled and cut. Many people also were complaining that they could not hear me very well. At this point I would sa
  4. multiplayer with PC is selling point to me - will have to check that out. I have played it PC single player and it was fun on its own and thought that with other people it might be even more fun.
  5. There is so much misinformation flying around... and too much attention on this virus, like there are no other diseases to worry about. One of the solutions suggested for battling covid is about holding back immunity system, as it does a lot of damage while aggressively defending against virus. It is not always virus, that is killing organism, but reaction of organism, when it sends all the defenders, and their bodies clog the system and organism dies because of that. Hard Alcohol(not wines, beer or cider) has been part of medicine for centuries. Most probably it creates distraction
  6. To be fair, there are more than these things, that OP posted and that are annoying. I just don't have time to compile them all - clearly they are staying with Pro1. 0. Information on sticker with IMEI information very quickly went away. 1. Placement of power button - it would not be fair to call it power button, as Nokia N97(with the same hinges) had lock button, so it is power/lock button, but I would rather prefer lock/power button to be near audio jack. Placement of lock/power button is not great when using with pouch, that came with phone, as screen turns on, when inserting phone
  7. This is a surprise to see Firefox as one of the most used. It is a great Desktop browser, but on mobile I was using Brave since it was known widelly(it should have been there as option, instead of Edge), as Adblock at that time was not working on Firefox properly, but from the last year switched to DuckDuckGo.
  8. Wow, this is interesting - does it have multi-player capabilities? Anyway, do not have that much time to play with this phone properly and test things out, but I am happy that the games that I ported from previous phone, works: Creature Quest & Clash of Clans.
  9. I had exactly the same problem, that Fedex sent me sms, that they will deliver in 28th, but this morning 24th they sent message that they would deliver today, so I had to cancel my few plans I had and stay at home - also I knew that it would be only my phone, so decided to stay. They delivered to me within 2 hours(because their depot is 20min distance with car from my home), though, even if their webpage said, that they could deliver up to 18:00. So, there were no specific time slots in any of those messages or in webpage, unless we are talking time span 9:00 -18:00, which IMO is not specific
  10. When I ordered, it was pre-order and money was asked some time later and for the past 6 months there is constant promise to deliver phone in 1 month. Does the fxtec offer to take your money already? I would wait for some time, until they get their production issues solved. There seems to be some beginner issues and those can really anger customers, by giving out some unhelpful promises(that could be realistically achieved only if some magic or miracle was involved) and it doesn't really help, that customers aren't very realistic either.
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