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  1. I had exactly the same problem, that Fedex sent me sms, that they will deliver in 28th, but this morning 24th they sent message that they would deliver today, so I had to cancel my few plans I had and stay at home - also I knew that it would be only my phone, so decided to stay. They delivered to me within 2 hours(because their depot is 20min distance with car from my home), though, even if their webpage said, that they could deliver up to 18:00. So, there were no specific time slots in any of those messages or in webpage, unless we are talking time span 9:00 -18:00, which IMO is not specific at all! Both of texts had different numbers, so I presume, that it might be possible to call them back and reschedule different time or at least ask about other options. Hey, congrats on getting your phone! 🙂
  2. When I ordered, it was pre-order and money was asked some time later and for the past 6 months there is constant promise to deliver phone in 1 month. Does the fxtec offer to take your money already? I would wait for some time, until they get their production issues solved. There seems to be some beginner issues and those can really anger customers, by giving out some unhelpful promises(that could be realistically achieved only if some magic or miracle was involved) and it doesn't really help, that customers aren't very realistic either.
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