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  1. I have 328 and have not yet got any info concerning my device.
  2. Not a scam, just really unfortunate company. Chen who started to make dream come true is one of us: real linux and tech enthusiast and nerd/geek. Just a lot of bad luck. I am one waiting for my device still. From indiegogo crowfund.
  3. Maemo forum is. This topic was just needed.
  4. Anyone here know how to solder/glue usb ports properly to N900 boards?
  5. Still hoping if anyone knows personally member 3zet who left the forum and other forums as well.
  6. Have not got any update mails anymore. Would have liked to get news.
  7. I wrote to Chen about the problems in their detailes in early spring and he thanked and fixed some errors about dates and stuff but not everything and didn't answer my further mails or correct the other errors.
  8. Or buy Motorola Droid4 and install Maemo Leste or PostmarketOs on it.
  9. Anyone know personally member 3zet? A bit worried 'cause he hasn't been on the forum for a long time and haven't been able to reach by email either and would like to get in touch with him.
  10. Maemo forum is the best (sooorryyy). I mean the folks there. Just awesome community and still going strong (alive) for over ten years. Dedicated folk with a lot of knowledge. But I think many here have been (still are) members or visitors there over the years. When Maemo Leste get's ported to Pro maemo forum will be a place to find a lot of stuff I believe.
  11. You could be interested on this and to follow it: https://talk.maemo.org/showthread.php?p=1573761#post1573761
  12. As long as there comes a message "all deliveries cancelled" I hooray for each update.
  13. If you have ordered engraved one. Otherwise it doesn't concern you.
  14. Not from USA but I encourage you to try to make this happen. I suggest you try to find out first if there is any info about Verizon's whitelist acceptance policy. If it seems your idea could be beneficial, you set up a goal how many users you need and try to get maybe help from someone to write a good presentation for people to subscribe. Then make a plan how you get people (persistent presence here and maybe on other platforms you think you find Fxtex users) and how you can get Fxtec team to team up with you. If you get them to team up with you the plan may change to be more beneficial.
  15. Maemo Leste Os is soon ready to be used as a daily driver. Already now people use it. N900s are still valid linux opensource mini pocket pcs which you can use for lots of different things. And hopefully also as phones. Who would not love and support The Legend and keep it alive? The best part is the maemo forum and the community. Sorry off topic. Not gonna continue about N900s on this thread.
  16. I don't know but I can picture what the case could be with Fxtec. They fullfill a dream of many and make a device. They see the need to make an upgrade. They have just enough money with crowfund to start production, maybe loan included. They are a small team. They try to have support team and same time push the new device maybe to cover the loss which they may have got from the first device, maybe just to be able to pay for workers. And then happens the thing with the chip and COVID. They are in deep .... I don't know what are the daily jobs of the team, personal life situations or a
  17. How did you fix it? By soldering or with by other means? It could be good to have here on the forum a section for different fixes with pictures. Then it could become a habit that when people fix something they could report and show what they fixed and how. I am still waiting to get my first Fxtec device and have to say I am a bit alert what I have got to know on this forum about the problems with Oses or hardware. The lack of support from team is expected but maybe hard to accept. For me it is just awesome Chen had the courage to make this even possible.
  18. I have a hard time to get in contact with the community member to whom I sent 50 Nokia N900 motherboards. He has been fixing usb ports and have got help for it from other member here too. I have got no response for couple of months and I'm a bit worried if something has happened to him, with Covid here and everything. If someone knows about this subject and knows if everything is alright with my friend could you pm me? This thread can be closed so no need to answer here, just hoping to get help but not wanting to share more info of my friend.
  19. I sent a message to Chen about this problem of people not getting responses. I hope they can find a solution to this problem.
  20. Didn't find this topic which I think is a nice feature on maemo forum. So hello to everyone and happy new year 2022! I am hoping to be a new Pro1X user on february. Hoped I would have got it as a birthday present to myself on last march but didn't happen. I have been hassling with Nokia N900 devices for some years and managed to save 70 pieces of them from three crackheads who were thinking of using them as burner phones! They weren't in good condition (I mean the devices) but I am putting them together to contribute them to Maemo Leste developers. Have been sending working one
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