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  1. Me too, including root, which I attribute to the sideload trick.
  2. For LOS 20, I initially installed Magisk the recommended way, but I would lose root with every OTA while watching you post "I upgraded and kept root and GApps." That was annoying! After I did the sideload trick, I no longer lost root with the OTAs. I didn't uninstall Magisk, just sideloaded it over the existing installation. So I hope that works on v.21 for me now too.
  3. I just updated to LOS 21, thank you for the instructions on the LOS wiki page. Boot time is the same or better than version 20, about 25 seconds from cold, so the 3 minute comment is not my experience. i flashed Magisk by downloading the v.27 .apk and changing the extension to .zip, and then sideloading that with adb. That is the deprecated install method, but I believe @Hook said that is what preserves root after OTA updates, so I did that, no problems, we shall see if root is preserved on the next OTA.
  4. Pretty strange outcome when the stock Android ROM did not suffer from this problem. The problem only arose after installing LOS. That would strongly suggest that it was a LOS issue introduced at that point.
  5. And my final comment on documenting this issue. It is completely solved in the current version of LineageOS, 20-20230803-NIGHTLY. Issues discussed above were in respect of a much earlier unofficial version of LOS, and version 2.1.5 GMS-less Android from Fx Tec. The current official LOS permits three codecs with these headphones, SBC, AAC and Qualcomm aptX, and they all work just fine, no sudden "suspend" disconnects. So thank you very much LOS devs, and mystery solved!
  6. Playing with this a bit more, I see when I switch to HD Audio, two codecs are permitted with this combination of HyperX headphones and Pro 1x. They are SBC and Qualcomm aptX. By default, enabling HD Audio triggers the Qualcomm aptX codec, and that kills the headphone sound and starts the "suspend" problem. But it is possible to select the SBC codec instead of Qualcomm aptX when HD Audio is enabled, and that reconnects the sound. Interesting. Some kind of failure related specifically to the Qualcomm aptX codec. Anyone else have a Bluetooth device working properly, using that
  7. Solved! I tried the solution proposed by @Tim6263 to disable HD audio within the Developer Options menu, and now these headphones connect normally. I expect if @Tim6263 had tried a Bluetooth snoop log when he was having trouble, before disabling HD audio, he probably would have seen the same "suspend" commands as I did.
  8. Can anyone post a link to the 2.1.6 beta? Are there release notes to show what was changed?
  9. Notorious problem in stock 2.1.2, then fixed in GMS-less 2.1.5, and for some reason LOS developers are not using that updated vendor blob for the current versions of LOS. Does anyone have a way to communicate this issue to the LOS devs? Seems like it should be a relatively easy fix, to just use the 2.1.5 stuff for LOS.
  10. It's the phone. Or maybe it's the firmware drivers, but it makes no difference, it won't get fixed at this point. You have a wifi tablet with a mechanical keyboard, not a phone. We have all been soaked, and LOS can't fix it.
  11. This problem existed on the initial stock Android ROM, 2.1.2, but was fixed in the 2.1.5 gms-less Android ROM that was subsequently released. For some reason, LOS devs must have been given the initial vendor blobs where the problem still existed.
  12. This analysis makes good sense. I was surprised that the gps.conf file would be read at any time other than boot. I now think I let "coincidence imply causation", and the GPS was actually using the gps.conf file as last edited for the prior boot.
  13. If I can get the previously useless GPS going this way, it makes me wonder whether there is a similar configuration file for the LTE modem, that I could force the 1x to use a SNR that would normally be below its threshhold. A sort of "perfection is the enemy of the good" configuration, that would stabilize voice calling.
  14. Here is the full text of the gps.conf file that unlocked the ability of my 1x to get a GPS fix. Thank you, @claude0001 [quote] XTRA_SERVER_1=http://xtra1.gpsonextra.net/xtra.bin XTRA_SERVER_2=http://xtra2.gpsonextra.net/xtra.bin XTRA_SERVER_3=http://xtra3.gpsonextra.net/xtra.bin XTRA_VERSION_CHECK=1 # Error Estimate # _SET = 1 # _CLEAR = 0 ERR_ESTIMATE=0 #NTP server NTP_SERVER=north-america.pool.ntp.org #XTRA CA path XTRA_CA_PATH=/usr/lib/ssl-1.1/certs # DEBUG LEVELS: 0 - none, 1 - Error, 2 - Warning, 3 - Info # 4 - Debug,
  15. I can't speak to that, as every other app that required root seemed to behave normally. But I have had a Eureka! moment in editing the gps.conf file! Until now both 1xs could do no better than 0 to a max of 3 satellites ever seen by the device, and neither could ever get a fix. I had all but given up until trying to play with gps.conf. Initially, the mods proposed by @claude0001 did not help, but then I "unremarked" the line # ACCURACY_THRES=5000 That didn't help either initially, but then I changed the 5000 to 3000, and BANG, the 1x instantly saw the whole constellation of
  16. Interesting about LOS! As I have said before, I have two of these boat anchors, one with official LOS and one with 2.1.5 gms-less stock Android. I was only fooling with this on the latter device. I can say with certainty that in 2.1.5 gms-less, rooted with Magisk, it was not possible to edit and save, or to copy and paste, into that folder. I tried with MixPlorer and various adb efforts as SU. After running this "lebigmac" tool, there are no obstructions now. Still rubbish GPS reception, but I can play with gps.conf now, and maybe come up with something that is an improveme
  17. So although some people have reported their 1x to have decent gps fix performance, it's been rubbish for me. Pretty small issue relative to the rubbish voice calling bug, but annoying nonetheless. Then I read a recent comment by @claude0001 that it was possible on the old Pro 1 to modify the gps.conf file for improved performance: He pointed out that changing those settings on LOS 20 would require Magisk scripting, which he had no experience with. So down the rabbit hole I went. What I found was a script package that will convert the /system files and folders to be writable. Wi
  18. God I hope I never have to do this job. If the LOS devs re-establish the ability of the 1x to charge offline, then hopefully I never will.
  19. @claude0001That is terrible news. Maybe there is a thin hope, since there is enough power to illuminate the LED still. Hold the power button for 60 seconds, and see if it tries to boot. Keep a charging cable handy, and jam it in there if you see the boot starting to happen. LOS beta has only been around for a couple of months, so as long as you stored it while powered off, that seems like a short time for the battery to die. If it was stored while powered on though, that is probably the end of the story.
  20. @jakfishFWIW, when I did this on stock Android 2.1.2, I only did "fastboot oem off-mode-charge 1", and it worked fine with the battery animation present on the screen by default. YMMV, I guess. I use a Windows PC for this kind of work, and download and install "Minimal adb and fastboot". Forgive me if the following "how to" is too basic, but it seemed you might want some foundational info. I just did all this a couple of days ago, so it's still top of mind. Once Minimal adb and fastboot is up and running on the PC, it will open a terminal or "cmd" window in PC speak, and you can ente
  21. Answer: sending your prints back to the People's Liberation Army... half kidding here. Yes, it would be great to have a toggle off for the sensor, if the LOS devs could do such a thin.
  22. This comment indicates that you don't understand the danger here. The phone was shipped with the setting "fastboot oem off-mode-charge 0". The problem with that setting is that the phone *cannot* charge if the battery is allowed to run down to the point that it can't boot at the moment when you plug the 1x into a charging source. That means you have a brick on your hands at that point, unless you return the phone to Fx Tec, or you are capable of dismantling the 1x and charging the battery with a direct mechanical connection. Therefore, changing the stock setting is highly, highl
  23. I don't use the fingerprint sensor either, which makes the bug much more annoying. It's just that in certain apps, like MixPlorer and Chrome, if you so much as pass a finger along the sensor, it "refreshes" the screen. That does not happen with gms-less 2.1.5, but it definitely does again with my 1x using official LOS now. Last Summer, the "fix" with stock 2.1.2 Android was to use Firefox instead of Chrome, which for some reason was immune from stray fingerprint sensor input. But MixPlorer remained a problem for me until I installed gms-less 2.1.5. Probably other apps were susceptibl
  24. I just installed LOS official to replace the last unofficial LOS build from March (IIRC). A couple of issues. First, my 1x now seems to have lost the ability to charge while switched off. Plugging it into a charger always boots it to LOS, I don't get the image of a battery charging any more. I went back and did a "fastboot oem off-mode-charge 1", and received the reply "OKAY", but it still boots directly to LOS when I plug it in and it's turned off. That is worrying. Second, the fingerprint sensor screen refresh bug is back: I have not installed Chrome or gapps on this 1x,
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