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  1. Apparently nowhere. I was about to point to Expansys site, but they pretend the Pro1x never existed. So you have to wait for it to become available somewhere.
  2. @Sean McCreary I will give it a try. BTW: any chance to have (in future) also media controls? Increase/decrease volume at least, or brightness....
  3. That would consistent with my observation earlier, LTE band 3 had issues even with very good signal levels.
  4. Yes, LTE discovery does +/- this, you have to enable overlay, so it shows you signal level over the other apps. But in free version the overlay will not show channel number, only signal level and operator name. For the channel number you will have to go to the app itself. Also another problem - this app does not work under Lineage, at least for me. It says "no active cells detected"
  5. Update to my post above. Today I "found" LTE channel B1 at 2160 MHz. At signal level -108dBm (and later even -114dBm) I had stable ping with 0% loss which is very nice. Also interesting thing (at least for me): in that area there was also channel B20 (796MHz) with much better signal (-80dBm), but Pro1x was preferring B1.
  6. Try to install Finqwerty from Play store. It will add additional keyboard layouts which you can chose in settings. See this. Btw, there is a small bug in Finqwerty for US layout (not properly showing ':' ) But it is already reported and if someone needs corrected apk before author will fix it, write me, I compiled corrected version.
  7. I don't think so, at least I've never met this problem before. There is something wrong with Pro1x and I really hope it is not the antenna or other hardware (and therefore not fixable) issue. Sure, but not necessarily a disaster.
  8. I guess it would also help to install some monitoring app like LTE Discovery and report observations. "LTE connectivity is bad" is too general statement. In my case (and I also reported it on Telegram channel): I am in area where the Pro1x mostly uses LTE channels B3, B9 and B20. B9 and B20 are quite OK to signal level around -110dBm, but B3 is a disaster, even at level -85dBm. Now the example problem is: In the area I have available B20 with -90dBm and B3 with -85dBm and of course Pro1x chooses the one with apparently stronger signal (B3). As a quick fix it would help to force modem
  9. If you connect it to a PC, does it report itself anyhow? See my two posts above what I mean.
  10. I just received this belt case from Aliexpress: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/33002799045.html I ordered size 5.1 - 5.5 inch. Pro1x in silicon case (for Huawei P20 pro) fits very well in it. Finally I feel like my phone is well protected against accidental damage 😃
  11. On Sailfish I saw that notification LED does something, at least received SMS = blue LED. I cannot test more right now, temporarily I went back to Android.
  12. Yes, I wanted to use usb-c cable with power meter, when I will be back at home. So I connected it to fast USB PD charger with this cable and notification LED started to flash red immediately, cable was showing 4W load and after a minute phone came back to life with 15W fast charging. Now it is charging also when connected to PC or any other slow USB charger. So the conclusion is that some bug in Sailfish managed to completely discharge the phone in about 8 hours, battery management allowed to deep discharge the battery and apparently the only way to bring it back to life was fast US
  13. OK, so I seem to be in similar situation. Yesterday I left phone with about 70% battery, this morning is dead. No notification light, no reaction on the charger, no reaction for long holding of power button. But the phone was configured to charge when switched off. The only sign of life is when I connect it to PC via USB, it reports itself as QUSB_BULK_SN:xxxxxx Any suggestions? It seems to me that this QUSB_BULK device on USB suggests that the phone waits for initial factory flashing? Edit: phone was running on Sailfish
  14. Is this supposed to work also on Pro1x? For me Esc, Sym, or Alt+Sym do not work. I have FinQwerty layout active.
  15. Just found this older topic when desperately tried to figure out, why after installing Finqwerty I still could not switch between two HW keyboard layouts (US English and Czech) on my Pro1x. So yes, disabling accessibility for KDE connect is still the cure
  16. Yet another way how to backup persist (or any other) partition even without PC, with rooted phone and Magisk: Install Magisk module "backup" and reboot. After that using some terminal app in phone (I use Termux), first gain root access: su and then enter backup persist it will create file persist.img in folder /backup of your phone's internal storage. The path can be changed of course. I suppose same can be achieved with dd command, but the above is easier. Instead of terminal app in the phone you can of course use adb shell from a pc.
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