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  1. Must be nice to make successful phone calls.
  2. Planet Computer jacks up to similar prices for batt replacement in the Gemini and Cosmo. AND you have to send the phones to London; they won't mail just the battery. My Gem and Cos molder in a drawer.
  3. @sequestris I hadn't known that the original Pro also has call issues. After a minute of experimenting, I stopped using the Pro1x as a phone, but I knew the problems before buying. I admire you for hanging in there; it sounds as if it's still your daily. Would that be right?
  4. No. And for test purposes, I just installed Google Pay (which I don't normally use) w/o complaint. My Store error for netflix is "This app won't work on your device" If so, I don't know why Prime installs w/o problem.
  5. I found the same issue: stock, unrooted Android; default unlocked boot; and the one app unavailable on PlayStore was netflix
  6. @sequestris 's originally posted case has finally arrived and the verdict is mixed. Pros: 1) genuine leather, if that does not offend 2) camera and second mic holes match the Pro1x (perhaps original Pro also, though I don't own one) 3) sturdy stitching 4) strong magnetized hasp 5) not as noisy as @sequestris 's paisley seizure 🙂 Cons: 1) Apparently a deliberate construction, the case's bottom has two separate pieces of interior backing under the leather. My guess it was to make the camera/mic holes easier to fabricate, perhaps because the factory could w
  7. Much appreciate your follow-up. Original case still hasn't left China. 12 dollars isn't what it used to be :)
  8. You and I share the same geography, and you have already kindly bequeathed me the store's vitals, so they'll be the go-to, I guess. Braver man than I, Gunga Din. 🙂
  9. After looking at the tear-down, I myself do not think I can pull off the replacement. But perhaps an expert at a repair shop can run through the video and make it happen. There's the rub: where's the expert? Whenever I bring hardware to my local shops, the guys says oh, no, they can't do that.
  10. Hmm. I was not aware that pulling a fxtec battery could be so tricky. I have replaced laptop batteries with varied success--from fully replacing to fully frying the charging system. If a reputable cell phone repair shop had the spare but no experience with a fxtec, would they be able to figure it out, do you think? Is there still such thing as a reputable cell phone repair shop (everything seems so throw-away these days)? MS's Surface Pro is legendary for the difficulty of its battery replacement.
  11. Would you mind posting a link to the same case, less noisy, and another for the correct tray? BTW, I was looking back at the case's pix and saw your home screen. Can I assume you're a fellow insomniac? 2AM, my least favorite time, and yet I greet it every night 🙂
  12. So I understand correctly: the original tray with the case wouldn't fit the Pro1x, but the rest of the case was fine, size-wise. So you pulled the tray, knew of one that would fit, fastened the new tray with fabric tape, and that is where your phone sits? (amazing luck with the camera hole) Do I have your process right? If so, it's kinda worth a seizure. Well done.
  13. I'm trying to, but I keep having a seizure every time I look at it. 🙂
  14. Looks good but not subtle enough for me 🙂 Still waiting for the first case you cited.
  15. Thanks for the follow-up. I may wait for the distribution smoke to clear before ordering the spare. fxtec appears to have their hands very full.
  16. Thanks for the heads-up about devices first, accessories second. And it would make sense that fxtec's batteries are the only game in town. Did you at least get a receipt/response from fxtec that your order had been successfully placed?
  17. I have a Planet Computer Gemini and Cosmo that are languishing in a desk drawer due to the unavailability of third-party replacement batteries. Though I bought my Pro1x from expansys.hk, I see that fxtec is selling spare batteries on IGG. What are the opinions of forum veterans about spares? It seems that a spare could lose its potency if stored until the present battery warrants replacing. So buying a fresher battery later might be key. OTH, there may not be spares in the future. On the third hand, expansys.hk (and perhaps aliexpress) may stock them since expansys.hkk at least seems
  18. I was a late backer of both the Gemini and the Cosmo. Both turned out to be pdas that might make phonecalls, much like the current state of the Pro1x. It was hard to depend on either the G or the C for reliable communication and their GPS was problematic as well. Now replacement batteries, which I need, can only be found if you send the device to London. Their hkbs were their strong point, along with acceptable screens, but from there, the experience fell into buggy software and beta hardware. Nor was it possible to buy the G and C in third-party stores such as expansys.hk, so fewer
  19. I'm band stable, too, in Washington DC area, USA, T-Mobile. LTE doesn't appear to drop but other end can't hear me on phone and calls take significant time to place.
  20. Oh, I'm sorry to hear that. I had high hopes. Will post my news about the original case you cited as soon as it arrives from overseas.
  21. Haven't yet moved to Lineage, still waiting for a beta/OTA that will turn the Pro1x into a phone, and if Lineage can follow suit... Re: reverse portrait. I've found, but not tried, apps that will force the reverse, but nothing so far that will auto rotate it. For now, case-wise, I'm using a Huawei 20 clear case, using @EskeRahn's fine instructions for hole-making. Even so, my case looks like Chucky went at it with a razor blade. Glad you've mastered rotate on the Kindle, at least.
  22. I wonder if a s shoe cobbler, someone versed in leather cutting, could do the job. Dying art, though, given our throw-away world.
  23. @sequestris Can you get reverse portrait in auto-rotate?
  24. Apropos of custom cases, but not for the fxtex, this arrived today. Through a comedy of mailing errors, a fellow user on a handheld site received two and bequeathed one to me. It's custom-made for the HP 200LX. It must've cost a pretty penny. Wonder what price Aldona would charge for something custom for the phones here.
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