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SD cards not being recognised

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On 2/15/2020 at 4:29 PM, david said:

There are apps for windows that will format larger cards as FAT32:

Alternatively, once the phone formats the card as FAT32, you can take it out of the phone and put it back into the computer and copy the files.  Windows can read larger cards that are formatted for FAT32, it just won't format them with the built in tools.

Alternatively, you can try switching the phone to "File transfer" (MTP) mode and see if it shows up over the USB connection.  If not, you can also try enabling USB Debugging in the phone.  If that still doesn't show the SD card, you can set up a WebDAV or FTP server on the phone and run clients on the PC to access the phone wirelessly, over wifi.  Or, if this is a one time thing, you can upload the files to the cloud and then download them on the phone.

When the phone formatted the card, did it give you the full 64GB of space?

I will have to try that windows app then, but weird that dismgt and diskpart didn't work.

Windows can't read the card once the phone formats it. I also tried MTP, it only shows internal storage. Even with USB debugging turned on.

I could try getting the files back over wifi I suppose, though it will be slow.

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OK I tried again today and got different behaviour (?).

Deleted all partitions on the card in Windows, and put the card into the phone. It didn't ask to format the card this time (?) it just did I guess, because it shows all 64GB.

I then hooked up to the computer with USB debugging and MTP, and the card is showing (but not internal storage, maybe because of USB debugging?).

Transferring the backed up files via USB.

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