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Experience so far with Pro1X

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Hi All,

Thought I'd post my experience so far with the Pro1X on stock firmware. Want to see if others are finding it similar, and also give people an idea of what to expect when they get theirs.

The Good

  • GPS signal
  • Stock ROM relatively clean and vanilla
  • Camera is pretty good
  • Keyboad (obviously, that's why we all got one) love having a hard keyboard again. On screen keyboard is good too
  • Screen is bright
  • Glass screen feels really nice. Very smooth and scratch resistant
  • Performace is fine, I don't push my phone very hard, but haven't had any issues
  • WiFi is fine. Some have reported issues, I seem to be OK. I do notice it switches (according to the indicator) from WiFi 5 to 6 and back again. I have version 6 at home so not sure if this is accurate or not
  • Boot times are quick
  • Build quality feels very good

The Bad

  • Battery life not great, a shame
  • Abismal mobile data connection, the phone is effectively a PDA with WiFi (hopefully will get fixed though)
  • Speakers crackal sometimes and sound stops/starts intermittently from one speaker. When it works properly through sound is not too bad
  • Phone can get a bit warm at times, maybe because of the metal chassis
  • Fingerprint reader stops working after half a day. Needs a reboot to fix

That's been my experience so far. How's everyone else finding it?

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